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Tis the season to dress up as your favorite ghouls and heroes. The Costume Contest is all about having the best costume out there. Could be over the top or simply simplistic. The idea of the contest is to create and provide the visual appeal of the theme you choose. The following themes are up for the contest:

Cute and Spoopy - Adorable ideas in the Hallow Tide spirit.

Dark and Dangerous - Creatures of the Fel and Night. Or people of the dark.

Gore of Lore - Gorey lore folks!

Super Heroes of Azeroth - Who do you find heroic?

The Real OG’s of the Gaming World - Out of this world, literally. People and characters that are not of the Warcraft Lore.

Tacky and Cheap -Simple, easy, and cheap!

The rules of the contest are simple. All entries must fit the following criteria;

All entries must be compiled items that are still in the game and obtainable.

All entries will include and in-game screenshot of your character in this outfit, along with a wowhead model viewer of the attire as well. To prevent cheating and to prevent plagiarism of others work.

Helpful links for all entries are as followed; WoW Head and Icy-Veins

All submissions must be in by October 24th at 12 am server to be considered a valid entry. One entry per member of the guild.

Winners will be picked as an over all of the contest, with some honorable mentions. All judging will be done through Poll Votes via website. Along with such, you will NOT be able to vote for yourself. You must vote for other people. If you are caught voting for yourself you will be disqualified from ALL forum events of the Hallow Tide this year.

First place
50,000 gold

Second place

25,000 gold

Third place
15,000 gold

Honorable mentions

5,000 - 8,000 gold

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