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To His Grace, Lord Marshal and Duke Maxen Montclair of Westridge, and First Guard and Knight-Captain, Sir Markus Stonewall, greetings and King's honor upon ye'.

I, Edrington Wilhelm Grunwald, Sergeant Major in Westridge's First Regiment of the Royal Army of Stormwind, hereby declare my intent and desire to join the Ducal Guard so as to fully devote body, mind, and soul in service to His Majesty, the King of Stormwind, His Grace and family, the Duke of Westridge, and the peoples of this fair land we call our own.

I was born in Southern Lordaeron into a landowning family, who toiled away under the sweltering sun to secure their livelihood. Through their sacrifice, I was afforded the blessing of extensive schooling and apprenticeships both in Lordaeron and, after the coming of the Scourge, Stormwind. In my formative years, I enlisted in the merchant-marine of the Stormwind Trading Company, a fair and honorable corporate enterprise dedicated to maintaining the mercantile superiority of the homeland and securing a prosperous future for its markets and people. While in the marine, I learned navigation, soldiering, and honed by skills in the economic trade.

However, I shall not hold back my past sins in this letter either. For greed, as with most youthful merchants, got the best of me. In my haste, a series of unfortunate events, brought about only through my negligence, brought me before a court of my peers to be judged by the King's law. It was through these events that I first enlisted in the service of the King's Royal Army and His Grace's regiment, the Westridge First. This was two years ago. From my campaigns in Kalimdor to Draenor, from the jungles of Stranglethorn to the northern hinterland of the eastern continent, I hardened my body and steeled my nerves through the fires of war. I was given the rank of sergeant before Providence, as it usually does, steered me in a different path.

For on that fateful summer now a year ago, my fate would be intertwined with that of the King's newest venture into the southlands -- the royal colony of Kingsland. After having fought alongside the militias and Westridge's finest against savage trolls and other foul beasts, I found myself involved in the process that would make Kingsland into the bulwark of the Kingdom's borders in the Vale. My appointment to Lord Governor, achieved through personal maneuvering and struggle, awarded me a great deal of experience in administration, leadership, and further emboldened my devotion to King and Country. Having led the colony through bouts of civil strife and countless heathen incursions, I finally left my position voluntarily upon meeting the standards first outlined in the colony's original charter. Kingsland is now a self-sustaining royal settlement, and I now feel it can be left in the hands of a future generation of brave and industrious pioneers.

Thus, I have arrived at the current day. I return north to my family, Wilhelm and Ingrid Grunwald, my dearest sister Ainsley Reichert, and I am joined by my loving partner, Malcolm Webb, to begin a new chapter in my life. One where I, with the greatest degree of confidence, declare my wish to serve my country as a soldier in the King's service once again. My want to attain the rank of Guardsman is not one driven by greed -- I do not pursue this challenge for the sake of gaining accolades. I fervently, in my heart of hearts, strive to encourage my fellows, inspire them to achieve great things through the power of faith and trust in their King, Country, and the Light Above. I have grown to respect the House of Montclair, for it has bestowed upon me many a great opportunity and led the Westridge First into battle honorably and capably. For all this and more, I wish to strengthen my own devotion and serve in the highest capacity I can think of: both as a leader and fellow soldier in the Ducal Guard of Westridge.

For King and Country,

Edrington W. Grunwald
Sergeant Major, 7th Battalion, Westridge First Regiment
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