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(Gabriel Arkantos)

Whispers echoed in the swirling darkness of his mind. Visions of fire, slaughter, and evil from his past tormented his dreams and he found himself unable to wake up. "What is it you would have of me?" Gabriel shouted to the infinite abyss, desperate for an answer; even if it was an undesirable one. A shape in the darkness stirred, formless yet perceptible as it approached. "You already know, Gabriel" it replied in a voice as cold and lifeless as the Void from which it came. It reached out and grasped Gabriel's shoulder in an icy grip and its two glowing eyes were mere inches from his. "You!" Gabriel gasped as he tried in vain to break free of its familiar grip. "You were banished only a few hours ago!" This was the Voidwalker that had grabbed him and attempted to drag him to a dark fate in Duskwood earlier that night.

A sound emitted from the aberration that sounded like a stone sliding on ice--was that laughter? "You already know that the Void is endless, fool. You gave yourself to us, after all. My master sent me." It released Gabriel knowing that the man couldn't escape even if he wanted to--his branded tattoos bound him to the Void. Gabriel's teeth clenched together as he tried to suppress tears of rage and hopelessness. "The Void did nothing to stop the butchery of Stratholme. You all did nothing to uphold your end of the deal, yet you still saw fit to give me this!" he said as he tore his shirt to reveal dark chain tattoos running across his torso and arms.

The Voidwalker laughed again. "You judged the Light to be unworthy and reached out to the Void, not the other way around." It extended a finger towards Gabriel. "As you were bound to the Light by your oath, you are now bound to the Void." A tear of rage escaped down Gabriel's cheek, but he said nothing. "The task my master gave you before is the task that you still need to complete, lest I pay you a visit again--without your comrades around to save you." Gabriel's tattoos began to tighten around his chest and constrict his breathing as a demonstration of the Voidwalker's threat. Gabriel was brought to his knees gasping for air as the Voidwalker laughed once more. "Go now. Your time is short."

Gabriel's eyes shot open and he sat up gasping for air in the infirmary of Westbrook Garrison. As his vision came into focus while fervently scanning the room for any signs of the Voidwalker (or worse), he noticed that it was nearly dawn. A slight sigh of relief escaped his lips, as it appeared that the only other occupants were additional wounded soldiers, but was soon replaced by a wince of pain. He was heavily bandaged around his torso and forehead and he swore that he could feel a lingering effect of Light magic. He leaned back into the bed, eyes open, and mentally replayed the night's events in his mind. Three questions immediately bubbled to the surface.

Why was I unable to land a strike any of my opponents?
Why was I unable to defend myself?
How did the Voidwalker find me?

Gabriel's brow furrowed as he racked his brain for answers. My faith hasn't been fully restored yet...the Void's grip continues to be merciless. He sighed again. Or I now being forsaken by the Light? Perhaps my latest brush with the Void sealed my fate into that abyss. Or maybe..." he thought with a slight chuckle my skills aren't as honed as I thought they were and I have to have a date with a training dummy. He gingerly placed a hand behind his shaved head as his deep-green eyes stared at the ceiling in the attempt to read it for answers. Of course, none presented themselves at that source.

Gabriel remembered that the patrol had been led by the regiment's priestess, but her name escaped him at the moment. He had intended on approaching her to humbly offer his service to the priory and to the Light, but the night's events sent him to the infirmary bed instead. Is that truly the right thing to do, though? He wondered. Does the Light want me in the priory as much as the Void does? Would the potential good from me being in the priory outweigh the potential evil? Is this the best path for redemption? His other hand grasped a portion of the blanket into a tight ball in frustration. Light help me. If you would have me try to atone for my sins, I beg you to illuminate my path. He waited for an answer, a sign, or anything that would indicate a divine reply.

Nothing. Nothing but silence that was occasionally broken by a bird's morning song or the stirring of soldiers in other parts of the garrison. Gabriel released his grasp on the blanket with a sigh of resignation. A servant of the Void spoke to me, yet the Light does not. To damnation it is, then.

As dark thoughts of doubt and despair began to envelop his mind, there was a faint glimmer of hope buried deep within. That wasn't there before... Gabriel focused on it and a comforting warmth spread across his battered body and gave him a measure of hope. A smile, for the first time in what seemed to be ages, spread across his face.

Thank you.
Alexandros Daemios, Hunter, Recon Corps
Rodrigo de los Santos, Druid, Recon Corps
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