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#13468429 Oct 04, 2017 at 10:14 AM
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Day 1 with the 1st Regiment

I promised a friend I'd write about this, so here goes. I consider it fortunate that I know how to write, so I'm going to use it. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. By the Light that sounds pretentious. I've been here one day and already I'm sounding pretentious. Great.

I'm in over my head.

I told Roland - oh, sorry, I should practice, Sir Stirlington - I would apply to the regiment he recommended. As a stable hand. The Marshal Montclair (I had to reference the recruitment paper for his last name), has made me a recruit among the foot soldiers. He must be related to the family,
we serve under. Maybe a nephew or something. Same last name. House of Wyrmm I think? I had better learn that too.

I'm pretty sure this was all a dirty trick and somehow Roland made this happen. Sure, I can swing a sword and a hammer (the latter, mostly for crafting horseshoes), but somehow, I've been handed a spear (thank the Light I have some training in that too), and armor worth more than most of the farms I've worked on. And a book, (field manual) with more rules than Mrs. Crowley ever had. And I forgot to ask if there was somewhere I could stable my horse. I suppose I will take care of that in town. Do soldiers stay in town? I should have asked if there was... rent money provided. Roland talked about the army providing. I didn't realize how much. The chain mail alone is the finest thing I've ever worn, and I can tell you, I'm surrounded by even fancier folks.

I don't know anything about being a soldier. Although I guess I am one now. No, no guessing. I took an oath. Yep, a real oath. In front of a real Marshal. That part didn't alarm me, strangely. I'm not sure if this is the right path to end up studying under a knight, but I'm going to trust Ro a little on that one. I always wanted to serve the Kingdom, sort of felt I was, but it is nice to be part of something... bigger.

But Argus. We are deploying to Argus. Sure. I read the books. Smiting demons sounds very heroic, right? I've run a couple of bandits through, and was miserable for a month after. Now, I'm going to head out to kill demons. Demons. With a spear - the weapon I am least familiar with. In chain mail that makes me feel like I'm being pressed into the earth. 1 day. 1 day in the army.

It has to be better than rotting away in some alley, or trying to find another farm that will give me work, with times so tough, it doesn't go well. And too many ladies of the house have a thing against female farm hands younger than them. So this is the alternative - this is closer to what I want. You know, if I live. I feel that instead of cantering down the path I've been shot out of a cannon down it. And that cannon is aimed at Argus.

Roland talked about getting a mentor first. Getting to know my comrades in arms. Well nevermind that, just prep for departure to Argus. At least I met a few last night. Made a fool of myself too. Well, not next time.

I had better start reading this tome of a manual.
#13475953 Oct 09, 2017 at 06:01 PM
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Day 5 with the First Regiment

Where to start. How about the feral worgans or maybe the sickening (heavy pen mark scratches)

Probably should keep quiet until I figure out what is classified and what isn't. There are So. Many. Procedures. Been reading the manual like mad. It all makes sense, but keeping it all straight is a sight harder than it sounds. Honestly? Not sure I'm cut out for army life. Not sure I'm in the right place. I'm no coward, it's not about not serving, it's about being here, in the First Regiment. They are... immaculate.

Ran into another recruit, (if you can rightly call him that), Valens I should call him, ('cause that's his name you idgit). Saw his tabard first, right outside the Cathedral while trying to win a bet with Quinlin. Ah, Quinlin. Mage who LITERALLY popped out of the sky on me while I was riding through Westridge to get my bearings, and maybe see some of the old sites, see who's still on who's farm. Really good guy, Quinlin, fresh perspective. Says a lot of what I'm thinking, but outloud. And because he's saying it, doesn't count as insubordinate. Interesting take on exploration and magic. Open minded. I like that.

Anyways, someone was watching over me (it ain't Roland, he's laughing his arse off for doing as he asked), because Valens happens to be an experienced recruit, and not one of those folks that thinks their shi Fancy folk now, Ciri. Well, I hope I don't get too fancy myself. (Lace, after all, is for ladies who don't use their hands for anything other than...) Ha, I'm making inside jokes to my journal. Probably should find a friend, Ciri. Horses don't talk back though. That's why you like 'em so much. Nope, this counts as talking to oneself. Great. Now add crazy to the list of things that don't make a good solider.

Well, at least I've got my first glimmer of hope in all this. Valens is a blessing because he's going to teach me army talk and ranks and such in return for some blacksmithing. Back up plan he says. I probably should get one of those too. How does one get discharged honourable from the army?

I suppose shipping to Argus is going to help the folk here, just, honestly, not sure if that's true. I'm sure that's named as coward talk around here. A spear... they gave me a spear, the only melee weapon I -don't- have much experience with. Well, I will get that up to speed faster than you can say boo. I'm not going to find myself on Argus in the same way I was in Duskwood. That's for sure. And it's a shame about Valens, I mean, he shouldn't be a recruit when he's obviously got way more experience and knows the ropes. He's fought at Northrend for goodness sakes. I guess the Lord Marshal - WHO BY THE WAY IS THE DUKE - (idiot, Ciri), says the same to everyone, when you join the First, you start from the bottom and make your own legend. What about us folk who just want to make ends meat and help out our fellows?

Light guide me, I'm a bloody fool.
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I've learned the histories... the kind of faith people have around here. The belief and tenacity. The skill and just everything... I've read the requirements for knight. I can barely keep the rank names memorized.

I'm sorry, Ro, this isn't me. Not yet.

I will see if they will release me from my Oath. I won't go if they don't. Now I just have to figure out if this was cowardice or knowing myself. Probably a bit of both.

I wish my fellow soldiers all the best. Hope they all return from Argus. I'm not stupid - they might not - but may Light be with them.

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