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Written on a separate piece of parchment.

9/30 2342 to 10/02 2215
Length of observation: 47 hours, 27 minutes.

Pfc. Daemios

As noted on the map, it is not drawn to scale.


Number: Up to 46.

Patrols: 19 in camp. 14 patrolling along the western bank from Jerod’s Landing. 13 patrolling along the eastern bank from the Three Corners bridge and along the eastern tributary.

Arms: Crudely-forged or scavenged scimitars and daggers. One or the other.

Armor: None visible.

Condition: Appear to be well-fed from the adjacent river and healthy. Morale seemed normal to elevated potentially due to them scavenging a seemingly-fresh boat wreck. Their supplies appeared to be adequate for their population.

Non-combatants: None noted. All appeared to be of proper age and armed for combat.

Non-affiliated forces or civilians: None in the immediate area. Bandits, however, were spotted in the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch.

Location: From the small bridge located on the road between the Tower of Azora and Eastvale Logging Camp, follow the river south until it splits into two tributaries. The camp is a triangular mini island located between the tributaries.

Size: Medium—can sustain a few dozen Murlocs.

Terrain: Besides the river and tributaries, large and medium sized stones sparsely dot the tributary source and banks. In addition, there are four massive trees that I purposely shrank on the map to prevent the foliage from occupying the entire island as well as two smaller trees. The island has a slight downward slope towards the main river and tall grass grows abundantly on it.

Buildings: 18 short watchtowers made of wood with grass roofs are mostly found along the edges of the riverbank and around the large trees. The southwestern part of camp has the highest concentration of watchtowers. The watchtowers are essentially covered platforms and would offer little protection to any occupant, particularly since there were no walls. Skulls were occasionally affixed to a spike protruding from the watchtowers. There are also 5 raised and uncovered platforms mostly found alongside the watchtowers. The watchtowers are roughly 2.5X the height of the Murlocs and the raised platforms are roughly 2X the height of Murlocs. I did not see any Murlocs in the watchtowers or raised platforms. Lastly, there was a boat wreck on the southern bank of the camp.

Defenses: None besides potentially the watchtowers and raised platforms. Most of the Murlocs defend the central, southwestern, and southeastern parts of their camp. The rocks, large trees, and the river to the south can provide natural choke points and escape cutoffs.

Wildlife: Frogs along the riverbank. Boars, wolves, and bears in the surrounding forest.

Ambush routes: The least-defended area is the northwestern part of camp, particularly since there are no Murloc patrols on the other side of that tributary. The other least-defended area is the northeastern part of camp, but there are patrols on the other side of that tributary.

Enemy escape routes: The Murlocs would likely jump into the tributaries or the main river to escape. Any who run into the forest risk being attacked by the aforementioned wildlife.

End of report.
Alexandros Daemios, Hunter, Recon Corps
Rodrigo de los Santos, Druid, Recon Corps
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