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“When all else fail, when your motivation has been struck down and you are stranded, only then when discipline be the fuel to drive yourself forward beyond the horizon.”

To Lieutenant Stonewall,

As I awoke my first morning, I only felt the excitement that this was finally the first day I was an aspirant. A soldier aspiring to become one of Lord-Marshal’s guardsmen, to be known for willing to set him and his bloodline above all else and never accepting failure. Once I arose from my bed, I had moved from it to gather my gear, making sure it was polish and ready for the duration of my first day of duty.

After I had left the garrison I marched onto my assigned post, my eyes scanned across the land before slowly setting themselves narrow and forward; ready to keep watch for all who passed by indiscriminately. The Code of Honor constantly reviewed inside my mind, not to occupy myself but so I may keep memorized for the future. The hours seemed like days, but I kept myself at attention and ready for any threat that may introduce itself on His Grace’s land. As the sun lowered itself upon the horizon, and 22:00 was approaching, and so was taps. The cool Summer air was a welcoming presence I felt, though, strange civilians had been running around the garrison but did not show any threats. You even encounter one of them attempting to fraternize with me, Lieutenant Stonewall, but I kept my silence and readiness for the true threats that may be approaching. As time reached 22:00, and we heard the grace of taps in the distance, Private Whitepaw and myself made our ways to supper, afterwards to welcome our armor and weaponry into the armory, and then slumber.

The next morning I woke up much earlier than usual, waking up at 0:500. Having 3 hours before reveille would be played, I decided to make use of the time to polish and sharpen my sword before my duty. This only took an half-hour, in which I put on my uniform and headed out for my post, having to start a early guard duty. This day was uneventful, but would have been shown my mistake once Sergeant Sebale had made his presence. Sergeant Sebale had came to the garrison to oversee Private Whitepaw and my guard duty, asking us a question if we were ready for our future trials and rites. I paused for a moment, unsure if I should answer but did so we determination, my only detriment was referring Sergeant Sebale as ‘Sir’ instead of his rank and last name, in which you assigned me Milk & Honey for the final day of duty. The rest of my second day was uneventful.

When I woke up the last day of Endurance, I reported to Sergeant Sebale to receive my punishment, without no complaining or distraught on the manner. As I marched onto the post, I did not expect my young fellow aspirant, Private Whitepaw, to take testament for the third tenant: responsibility for self & team. As we both stood there, together in the scorching heat as the flies and bees grew in numbers upon on ourselves, we held our true to keeping attention and keeping watch of Stormwind’s people and land. The sun beat on stronger and stronger, but our discipline too strong to fail us. Being swarmed by the numbers, I felt my inside tremble from the bees stings and horse flies bites, but my body not giving in. As the day grew out as slow as it grew in, we had been called from our post to present ourselves at the promotion ceremony, afterwards being relieved from our duties but still returning to our post afterwards to be relieved by the sounds of Taps. I never felt more pride and discipline as the sweet sounds of Taps welcomed us. In which we returned to the Garrison for the night.

This is all for my report, Sir, and look forward to my Rite of Stamina tonight. Long live the King, may he forever Reign.

Cashen Bailey
Recruit of the Elwynn Brigade
8/5/37 LC

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