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Lieutenant Markus Stonewall

I write this report to you on the matters, thoughts, and affairs of the Rite of Endurance. Recruit Bailey and I stood guard at the designated area in front of the Garrison. From first taps to last taps from the date of August 2 to August 4. We remained stationary and unmoving as ordered. Not speaking to anyone unless spoken to by a superior. We did have quite a few civilians on both days come over trying to hinder us or fail us. We remained resilient and unmoving in our Duty. We had one incident where Recruit Bailey called Sergeant Sebale sir. This might have been due to a confusion. But was handled with milk and honey the next day. I also applied milk and honey to myself that same morning. Though, Recruit Bailey was only ordered to report to Sergeant Sebale to do so. I also applied it to myself as my fellow aspirant got the same treatment. After the promotion ceremony and us being dismissed by you sir on August 4. Recruit Bailey and I returned to the guard post to finish the last hour and half of the guard duty. Though, we were dismissed by you our actually previous orders weren't fulfilled yet. After taps was played that day we finished our previous orders cleaned up and left.

During this period of time I started to think on the Code of Honor. The same code I had etched into my fur along with the tribal patterns. How the codes would fit in everything I did in this Rite and future Rites. It is a bit ironic to say the least with its location. But I feel placing it on my back was the correct location. So I always know the Code I should aspire to be was always behind me giving me support. The first tenant is Absolute Loyalty to Kingdom, Liege and Guard. I would have loyalty to the kingdom, liege, and guard during this Rite. If I broke the order given to me I would lose that loyalty. Feeling I was more important than those three things. The second tenant Lead with Distinction, Follow without Condition. If I disobeyed those orders I wouldn't be following your orders without condition. I would also not be leading Recruit Bailey and myself with Distinction. I already failed this previous tenant when I first failed. I didn't follow the orders to run the said laps and answer only that one question without condition. I also didn't lead the recruits with distinction in that regard. I showed them it was ok to disobey that directive in order to make yourself look good. I was wrong in such thoughts and I now realize the error of my ways.

The third tenant Responsibility for Self and Team. I had a responsibility to myself and my team on this Rite. If I moved or disobeyed the order to stand here Recruit Bailey would have failed as would I. I also had a responsibility to place the milk and honey on my own collar. It was very unpleasant but was also my responsibility. Recruit Bailey was ordered to report to Sergeant Sebale to have it applied. I also had a responsibility to apply it to myself. As a team you fail together you don't get special privileges since you didn't fail and your partner did. The fourth tenant Never Hesitate, Never Quit. I should never hesitate to do what is right or needed. As I did by applying my own milk and honey. As well never quit in the face of diversity or difficulty. I was giving orders and I should remain steadfast and never quit them. The fifth tenant Know The Enemy. Always know your enemy in every situation. At this point in time it was the civilians that came by to distract us as well I was my own enemy. If I gave in and moved or talked to anyone. I would break those orders and be unfit for the Guard training. I had to best my own weary and troubled body to prove I could best my own enemy. The last tenant Master the Trade. I had a duty and job to master my trade as a guardsmen. This Rite was the first step down the road again. If I couldn't master following an order and remaining still I had no place in the guard.

This was all thoughts I had for this Rite and the future. I do hope the report was confiscatory for you Lieutenant Markus Stonewall

Private Etruscan Whitepaw
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