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To the honorable Lord-Marshall, Duke Maxen Montclair, Knight-Captain Ismond Laldere, and Lieutenant Markus Stonewall.

My name is Recruit Cashen Bailey, I am humbly submitting this letter of intent in regards to becoming a Ducal Guardsman, and serve the House of Montclair if I am accepted into the highly esteemed division.

I was born May 2th, 5 P.C., only knowing my mother and that was Gilneas herself. Only a few nights after I was born, my parents abandoned me upon the steps of Gilneas City’ orphanage with leaving me only to bear my name. I was only in the orphanage for a few years before deciding that being on my own would be the best. A stupid, naive mistake for a young boy but I quite the adventurous and survivalist boy at that age. I learned to make the streets my home, having finding spots to sleep every night and was able to find my own food. I was able to fend for myself, not succumbing to the cold, brutal streets of Gilneas.

During this time, if I wasn’t busy scavenging for food or water, I would watch the Gilnean soldiers do their daily march at 2:00PM everyday around the city, inspiring me to join later on at the ripe age of seventeen. But I’m getting ahead of myself, you see, during this time not only did I have to learn to survive but I had to learn to fight, combatively and mentally. I had the mind of a fighter, and in which I used to physically trained myself in prep of becoming a soldier once I was old. Then the day came, right on the day I turned seventeen I enlisted into the Gilneas Army, defending her everyday for the next ten years.

During this period, I had met my wife, Evelyn, who I would have sadly loss during the birth of my child, Isabel. I had climbed to the rank of O1 in the Gilnean army, before the feral outbreak begin. I was assign to a quarter of a district to evacuate citizens, and to fight back any feral Worgens that may have brought harm to myself or my platoon. The city had begun to become overrun though, leaving myself and what was left of my platoon to evacuate to the nearest rendezvous point. Once outside of the city, the men begin to scatter as more ferals begin to crypt out in the thirst of more blood, leaving me on my own. The only thing I had at this point though, wasn’t my men or even my own safety, but was my daughter, Isabel, who was still at home unattended.

I raced back to my home, fighting but luckily never have getting bitten throughout the duration of my arrival… When I had gotten to her, it was too late. A feral had broken into my home, and murdered my daughter. The beast lashed at me, and left me with the long scar upon my face before scurrying away into the night. I stayed in Gilneas only till the war with the Forsaken for its land showed no victor, in which I had transferred into the Alliance military luckily with the same rank I had in the Gilneas army.

I was transferred around into many battalions and regiments before finding my way into the ranks of The Sixth Battalion, where I had served under Colonel Vishente Valtieri. During this time, I, along with the Battalion, was sent into campaigns in Northrend, Broken Shore, Stormheim, Pandaria, Gilneas, and Suramar. In the Battalion, we had small-scale divisions for men to enlist into, we had Special Operations, in which I led, Roughnecks who were heavy combat soldiers, and the Main Unit, which were the basic soldiers.

In my time in the Battalion, I achieved the rank of O3, but sadly after the Suramar campaign, the battalion was disbanded due to lack of funding which were more needed for war efforts. I retired, but only to find myself everyday missing the battlefield that I belonged most on. I am a man whose life has always been spent inside military, being crafted and shaped by it. Months later, I had re-enlisted into the King’s army under the First Regiment, where I serve now

I wish to join the Ducal Guardsmen as it may be the greatest challenge I’ll ever take on, but also to protect His Grace, Maxen Montclair, and his bloodline for I serve under him. I would like not to only be the shield that protects him and Westridge, but the sword that he may use to his disposal that he would swing down onto any of those who opposes him and the King.

Long live the King, forever may he reign.

Cashen Bailey
Recruit of the Elwynn Brigade
8/2/37 LC
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