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To the honorable Lord-Marshall, Duke Maxen Montclair, Knight-Captain Ismond Laldere, and Lieutenant Markus Stonewall.

My name is Alladan Hooke, I am humbly submitting this letter of intent to show my desire to become a Ducal Guardsman, and serve the House of Montclair for as long as I am deemed fit to do so.

I do not hold much memory of my family, as my time with them was faint. I was born in Gilneas City, to a small household, my father, mother, and sister. While we weren’t poor, we were not well set. My family ran a small Pawn Shop in the Merchant Square, where I was taught responsibility, and accountability for my actions. I learned how to take care of myself, as my family often took trips outside of the city, to sell and trade goods in the surrounding region.

At the age of seven, my life took a turn rather suddenly. I was smuggled out of the Kingdom, and sent to Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. It was here where I found my family, the Wildhammer Dwarves. I was raised as if I was their own, learning the value of nature, life, and peace. Although at constant war with the region’s Troll population, it was quiet, and calm the majority of the time. Although peace, as always, didn’t last forever. At the age of fifteen, I embarked on a hunting trip alongside the seasoned Wildhammer hunters. Several days into the trip, we were ambushed by a small group of Trolls. At first, like any child I was more than nervous, though as I watched the Shamans channel nature in order to slay the Trolls, I found courage, and bravery. As I watched a Troll begin to throw his spear, I raised my bow, and let loose an arrow. As the arrow planted itself into the Troll’s throat, I learned that peace comes with a price, it is something you fight for, and earn.

At the age of sixteen, I decided to make a name for myself, and leave the Peaks. After a long and tedious journey, I arrived in Stormwind, and quickly found myself an internship in the Blue Recluse. My work there was simple, and straightforward. I cleaned dishes, floors, and delivered meals. It was repetitive work, and extremely tiresome. Though in return I was given a room, and three free meals daily. For that, I was grateful. I worked here until I was eighteen years of age. It was then when I remembered the cost of peace, and freedom.

At eighteen I enlisted into the Sixth Battalion, raising up in rank rather quickly. I participated in several deployments. I remember one in particular, Outlands. It was here where I both became half blind, and left disfigured. I was the rank of corporal, and the battalion was simply enjoying what time of relaxation we had. A mortar strike eventually came down on us, it was here where I learned the importance of sacrifice. After this campaign, I received a promotion to Sergeant, alongside being given knighthood for my acts. Ten years after I had joined the King’s army, my battalion was disbanded and I was left without pay for far too long.

After the disbanding of the Sixth Battalion, I found work as a sellsword. Protecting transports, dignitaries, and occasionally simply looking tough. This was not for me though, it was all without reason. There was no end goal to this, nothing to work towards. It was after I came to this realization, I re-enlisted in the King’s Army. I now fight alongside new brothers and sisters in arms, defending the King’s subjects, property, and preserving life within the realm.

Although my time in the regiment has not been long, I wish to take the next step, and be considered for training in order to join the Vanguard that is the Ducal Guard. I do hope my experiences, and skill will prove useful.

Long live the King.

With respect,
Recruit Alladan Hooke.
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