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A foul, decaying piece of bark was seen settled outside of a tent. The greying-green moss-colored wood must’ve been broken off from a piece of a ship and found out at sea. The wood itself crumbled underneath the mere touch of it, fearing that if even the hardest of grips could destroy the work that was put into this document. The dried piece of wood continued to flake off bits and piece, specifically around the edges as it left a trail of bark behind had one carried it, and mishandled it.
Burned into the driftwood, words emerged in a bright red color as if it were permanent ember, glowing on a dark night that flickered. Gradually, with time, said document would fade away and sub come the document to ash. However, sufficient time was given for the person to read.

“Lieutenant Blue
From the First Call to the end of watch, I stood watch for 3 days at the Garrison’ banister. 113 cinder blocks that were laid as a path into the garrison, 27 maple oaks on His Majesty’s land, and 16 fence posts. A man occupies his time with his mind. With the painstakingly slow process of waiting at attention, I was all too familiar with the agony of waking up in morning to stand at attention, and the euphoria of sitting down to eat my dinner before finding slumber. Those eight hours of sleep were amazing. However, a man can only count so much before the dread of boredom, exhaustion, anxiety, and agony overwhelms the senses.
I stood there, laced with honey and milk: the putrid smell of milk curdling underneath my nostrils, and the assault of horse flies that left blood spots, and welts of where they bit. And yet, I quitting did not cross my mind. The sun burned every centimeter of my scalp and face. I would sweat to the point of dehydration, my under garments weighted with bodily fluids. However, I stood there because I was ordered to do, because to me, becoming a Guardsman is what Private Grey wishes to become, and I cannot fail him, nor my predecessors.

I stood there for three days, remembering the third tenant: Responsibility for Self and Team. Had I walked away from this much like my partner was denied the satisfaction of proceeding, I would have failed myself, and my fellow Aspirant. I take responsibility for his actions, and he takes responsibility for my own. I cannot bring myself to think about the possibility of failing my partner had I could not complete this task once more.

I stood there for three days, repeating those four tenants in my mind: Absolute loyalty to the Kingdom, Liege, and Guard. This is my blood oath to all three, and I am prepared to do what it takes, even if I fall in the process.

On the final day, I remember the final tenant: Discipline. I was ordered to stand watch, and not move. To not respond to stimuli, to not salute unless an officer was present. Although my discipline waivered, I didn’t falter. I stood proudly at the Garrison I wish to serve under His Majesty’s Crown, and under the command of Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclare.

This is my official Rite of Endurance. I apologize for the extended period of time it took to write this.

I hope you appreciate my document being logged.

Corporal Giatros A. Istvan
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