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" You are to stand guard outside beside the brazier at the entrance of the garrison for the next seventy-two hours. Dismissed, Private Grey."

That was his order: Stand guard outside for three days. Dimiroc knew this wasn't just going to be a walk in the park. Standing out in the scorching heat in full plate? Dimiroc knew he could do it. He had done it so many times before when he was enlisted in Stromgarde's Army. He drank plenty of water the night before he was to start his rite. Dimiroc proceeded to undress, and crawl into a wool bed. All that surrounded him were his thoughts of what was to happen these next three days.

The sun rose from the east. Dimiroc awoke to the morning rooster crying out - it was an hour before he was scheduled to officially start his guard duty. Climbing out of the bed, he walked out the soldiers' quarters into the dining area where he proceeded to make him a medium- sized breakfast while drinking a couple cups of water to keep himself hydrated.

Eight o'clock rolled around, and Dimiroc was approaching his guard spot. He lifted his helmet up from the crook of his left arm, and stuck it on his head. Looking up the brazier he'd be standing next to for the next three days, Dimiroc shifted his body to attention. Clicking his heels together, he moved his feet sticking at a 45 degree angle. Holding his arms by his side, he kept his thumbs tucked into his hands. Dimiroc stared straight ahead, letting his thoughts occupy his mind to pass the time but not to the point where he's not aware of his surroundings.

A few hours passed, beads of sweat had long been running down Dimiroc's face and collected at the bottom of his chin. However, Dimiroc didn't seem to care for the heat. He kept his face straight, and form correct. When mid-day came, Dimiroc looked up, and then moved to go inside for lunch. He kept his lunches at fifteen minutes - sweet and short. Grabbing a portion of bread, and a couple cups of water, Dimiroc hydrated himself to go back onto duty. He walked to the entryway, and placed his helmet on his head and resumed the same position as before.

As darkness started to appear, and the sun started to set. Dimiroc let out a sigh before heading back into the the garrison - it was eight o'clock in the evening. Removing his helmet, he'd place it in the crook of his left arm. His face still moist with sweat, Dimiroc walked into the soldiers' quarters to grab his off-duty clothes before heading to wash his sweaty body off. Once returning, he'd eat a medium-sized dinner before polishing his armor, and cleaning his tabard for the next day.

Day two came. Dimiroc awoke to the same whining rooster in the morning. He fixed himself the same breakfast as before, and strapped his freshly polished armor. He was ready to face today as yesterday had not been that bad. As eight o'clock came around, Dimiroc repeated the same routine of walking to the entry-way and putting his cover on. He'd walk out to the same brazier before snapping to attention as he did the previous day. Weather was dry, and hot but there was an occasional breeze that came around only to give him assurance that everything was okay.

Mid-day came, but this time there was more movement outside the entrance."Evening, Private Grey and Corpora; Istvan. Good luck to you both in making the Lieutenant proud." Dimiroc heard the worgen, but didn't respond. He kept his focus straight forward, and still held himself at attention - following the strict orders that the Knight-Lieutenant gave him. As lunch time came around, Dimiroc ate the same thing as before - a portion of bread and a couple cups of water, before returning back to duty.

Eight o'clock in the evening came once again. Dimiroc approached the entryway to repeat the same procedure as yesterday. However, apparently someone in the kitchen had prepared roast as dinner. Dimiroc fixed himself a good sized plate of roast and potatoes, and a few cups of water this time. Finishing his delicious meal, Dimiroc got himself into bed. Thoughts passed through his mind. "What if a group of Defias came tomorrow and attacked the garrison while on duty?" or "What if tomorrow I somehow cannot fulfill my guard duty?" These question made him a tiny bit nervous about his last day of his rite. He shrugged them off, and closed his eyes.

"COCKA-DOODLE-DOO!" the rooster roared. Dimiroc rubs his eyes continuing to the dining room to eat and hydrate. Strapping his plate on, he'd walk to the entryway to resume guard duty. He stepped out onto the cobblestone pathway and was immediately hit with the blistering heat. It stunned him for a second, but he shook it off and stood at attention beside the brazier. A couple hours had passed and Dimiroc was sweating compulsively. The little beads of sweat had somehow breached his eyebrows, and were running into his eyelids, but this did not flutter Dimiroc. He remained in the same position.

Lunch time had past, and it was a few hours before he was scheduled to be off-duty. Dimiroc's body was somewhat aching. Had the blistering heat almost defeated the man? No, Dimiroc was pulling through he wasn't going to let this petty weather decide when he's done. He was the one that determines when he's done. As it came closer and closer to eight o'clock, the sun's light was quickly fading. Bird chirps had been substituted with cricket and amphibious reptile sounds. Finally, it was time to go inside. Dimiroc's body reeked of sweat. He had caught a few mosquito bites on the back of his neck, in between his helmet and the back of his chestplate.

Dimiroc took this as a learning lesson: No matter your situation, whether it be the weather or person trying to tell you you're done, the only one that can tell you you're done is you.

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