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Engineer's Report on Camp and Works, June 22nd, 37 L.C.
Location: Marshtide Watch, Swamp of Sorrows
Regina Kasteen, regimental engineer, reporting.

Author's Note:
I am compiling this report primarily to reacquaint myself with the practice of such things rather than because our engineering situation is unusual at this time. I therefore leave the inclusion or exclusion of this report in the regimental archive to the discretion of the archivist.

Following a raid against troll forces, I have been official (re)inducted as an engineer in service to the First Regiment. Our situation is fairly typical in most respects.

We are camped in Marshtide Watch, a fairly new fortification which indeed retains an air of impermanence. Our numbers are bolstered by a permanent garrison under Cmdr. Blueheart as well as elements of the Stormwind Guard, auxilia, and mercenaries. The fort, having been constructed with troop deployment in mind, is more than adequate to house all of these elements without difficulty. Supply levels are good.

Lay of the Land:
Marshtide Watch sits on the northern shore of a sheltered bay that surrounds the troll ruin known as the Sunken Temple. Aside from the bay, it is surrounded on all other sides by dense, marshy terrain to some considerable distance. Mobility is hampered and visibility tends to be poor. There is a thick sea fog many mornings and occasionally throughout the day.

A road leads to the north through the marsh, occasioned by way of small bridges. It is adequate for wagons or troops in platoon order. Further to the north, this road meets an east-west route that connects the Deadwind Pass to the Steamwheedle Cartel settlements of Bogpaddle and Sorrowmurk. Bogpaddle is further connected to the so-called Redridge Highway which provides access to points north. It is this highway that - despite its out-of-the-way route - provides our most secure supply line, as moving materiel any distance through the swamp is difficult.

Description of Works:
Marshtide Watch is a small fort in the castellan style. Portions of it are in disrepair and some elements have never been completed, due partially to its remote location and mostly to the unhelpful terrain and local resource situation. Suitable stone to construct with is rare and difficult to ship, and ground to build on is even more scarce, usually requiring yet more stone be used to construct an adequate foundation.

Nonetheless the Watch possesses a strong curtain wall, roughly circular in shape, with eight towers (two of which are currently unused). There is a single gate to the north. Its south side opens onto the bay and is equipped with a dock suitable for a standard navy destroyer or frigate. Also contained within the enclosure are a stables, forge, supply depot, and command post, along with tents for both its permanent garrison and temporary troops.

Despite its remoteness, the camp is well-equipped with siege weaponry, including six 12-pounder cannons, 2 20-pounder cannons, eight field mortars, and at least four ballistae. These are primarily fixed along the perimeter wall, with the heavier cannons sited to fire out over the bay to protect the dock.

No additional works are planned at this time.

Additional Notes:
Supply levels are fair. Supply lines from points north are reasonably open, and the additional troops stationed here have not overburdened Marshtide Watch's own supply depot. Food and fresh water are difficult to procure from the land here, as are dry timber and workable stone; all of these are currently being imported.

The weather continues hot and unpleasant. I am given to understand this will prevail more or less indefinitely in the area. Fog means visibility is often low, particularly near the bay.

Although we have artillery - two 12-pdr cannons, four field mortars, and additional resources available from the Watch command - and a good supply of ammunition, the terrain makes their deployment difficult or impossible. Ballistae and cannons cannot traverse the marsh, and even a man-portable mortar is slow going in such conditions. Save for defensive battles, we should not rely on artillery support at this time.

This report dated June the 22nd, 37th year of the Lotharian Calendar
R. Kasteen,
Engineer, 1st Regiment, Elwynn Brigade
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