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To the honorable Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair of Westridge, Lord Ismond Laldere of Wanduke, Captain of the Guard, and Knight-Lieutenant Markus Stonewall, Master of the Guard

I, Dimiroc J. Grey, Private of the Royal Army. I've accomplished many things for myself, and the order I've served in my lifetime. But, I intend to keep it going - which is why I hereby submit my request for the Vanguard position in the Ducal Guard.

I was born and raised in Arathi Highlands. My father served Stromgarde's army as Legionnaire, and retired after twenty-five years of service. After retirement, my father and mother acquired their own land and became farmers. In 11 L.C. that is when I was born, and the day I lost my parents. Forsaken had invaded our farmland and cut down both of my parents, and would've gotten me too if it wasn't for the patrolmen that stumbled upon the invasion. The men rescued me and took me back to Stromgarde , where I grew up in an orphanage and heard tales of the man my father was.

When I became of age, I enlisted in Stromgarde's Army as a heavy infantryman to carry on my father's legacy. I fought countless battles against the Forsaken, Ogres, and many other beasts. I led men into battle, and I held daily patrols, but because of my skill as a heavy infantryman I also protected key personnel - which is why I believe I would be perfect as a Vanguard. Through Stromgarde's downfall, myself and dozens of others chose to stay and protect what was left of the once great nation. After the Legion invasion, I knew the Alliance needed my skill set more - which is why I asked honorary discharge for the greater cause. After my superior, Lieutenant Serenius Brutus Saevius discharged me, I made my way down south for Stormwind.

Upon arriving in Stormwind, I saw the waves of people strolling the streets of the city. Tradesmen posted up at almost every corner, bells ringing in the distance, this reminded of what my former home once was. Strolling up to one of the many guard's, I asked where the enlisting center was. Being directed towards Westbrook Garrison, it is there that I spoke with Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair, and began my interview. After several inquiring questions being answered, it is then that his grace granted me the position of Private in Stormwind's Army.

Joining Stormwind's Royal Army was probably the best decision I could've made. Although I've only been enlisted as Private just shy of two weeks, I believe my skills as a heavy infantryman could be put to use as a Vanguard. I've protected important personnel, and have also cut through enemy front lines like butter. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Private Dimiroc J. Grey
Stormwind Army
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