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Date: May 30th, 37LC

Attending Physician: Corporal Giatros Aresenio Istvan

Patient’s name: Roran Lee Grieves

Date of Birth: May 14th, 16 LC

Sex: Male

Race: Stormwindian; West Fall

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190 LBS

Occupation: Farmer

Allergies: No known allergies

Medication : No medication regiment

Dietary restrictions: No dietary restrictions. States that he eats well.

Family History: No preexisting conditions. No family history of mental health concerns

Medical History: Patient reports breaking their leg as a boy, 6-7 y/o, but having it splinted by family physician. No signs of residual problems. Reports no issues during rain, cold months. No compromised range of motion.

Purpose of the visit:
Patient attended the scheduled appointment for a standard intake. Basic demographic information were provided. The patient reports no problems at this time, no questions, or concerns that warrants further investigation. However, during the end of the session, patient reported injuries on his rib's. An examination was conducted.

Summary of consultation:
Physical examination of the individual's ribs, floating ribs, sternum, xiphoid process and vetebral ribs. Patient was asked if there has been compromised range of motion, breathing, as well as bruising. Upon further investigation, patient expressed discomfort at the left floating ribs. Physician performed a tidal-wave/respiratory examination to check for any crackling, wheezing, whistling , or signs of damage to the left lung. Fortunately, there has been no signs of damage to the organ, however this could have been due to intervention from the Priest, Kimberly Sweete.

Monitorization of his leg itself. Patient reports that there is no pain in his left leg. Physician recommended continued monitorization of this previously injured leg for any Arthritic pain. Patient was offered Peacebloom as supportive therapy as pain management, and continued assistance with the patient's recovery. Patient does not have compromised range of motion, but patient is recommended to continue wearing padding to protect ribs. Patient is recommended to continue compression to provide additional support and help the ribs heal naturally. Patient remains fit for duty, given that he continues remaining guarded.

Giatros Arsenio Istvan
Surgeon apprentice of the Medical Corps Elwynn Brigade
5/30/37 LC

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