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Let us begin with prayer. Asking for the forgiveness of our sins and the utmost of our deepest thoughts. Repent, your woes. Come, my child, tell me of what troubles you. Tell me, what lingers in your mind that makes yourself ill. For, the light does not judge. Nor, does its followers.

If you seek confessional, contract anyone from the following list.
-Kimberly Sweete

The bell chimes in the harmony of three, with in the vast lands of Northshire. Beyond the walls, surrounding the home front, is a large church. A place where all are welcomed. A place where all is sacred and safe. Within the walls, many are present. A holy world of wisdom and guidance. Those whom seek more, to see what lays beyond the mere entity of their form. Their souls. A humble essence that uses the body as a vessel and hones it for its own. Clarity and guidance is something many of these lost souls seek. For, without a path to guide, many fall astray. With such, much more can occur. A darkness, a shadowed form, may take and pull the strings of the hones entity, will do what it must to captivate it. One must find that guidance. As, it is offered.

Within the walls is a small place of confidence, a vow of silence; for a lights follower is bound to their oaths. Many minds with the biggest of hearts. For, we too, seek the clarity. Our ears, are the most valued. For, hearing the words of another lets us see the soul that lays beneath. Repent the sins, wash the woes, and place your words into the guidance of a lights follower. In offer, confessional’s. A practice, in many of the lights churches, that offers support and clarity for those whom seek it. In this service, you are to meet with one of the lights teachings and they will gladly listen. Allow us, to assist you in the clearance of your daily worries and woes. For, a solider is at their best when they too can see the light.

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