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To the Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair, Knight-Captain, Ismond Laldere, and Sergeant Markus Stonewall.

My name is Etruscan Whitepaw. I humbly submit my request for the Westridge Ducal Guard. It is my intent to serve House of Montclair as his Vanguard for as long as his Grace sees fit to have me.

My family history has been forgotten over time. My past with my family has been clouded and fading. I can only remember a very few things from my family. My family was poor and not very well off. We worked on a farm near Southshore for a living. My parents, I sadly can't even remember what they looked like. I knew they wanted me to be better off than they were. So they had my apprentice a blacksmith for a time. I took to the trade well and learned quickly. I believe I was ten or eleven when this all happened. I was tasked with retrieving materials in Silverpine Forest. I think that was the time some of Argul's worgen got loose. Needless to say, I was attacked and turned at that point. The rest, well is similar to other worgen. I never find my family after that.

My service record is quite lengthy. I served in the Alliance Military after I was saved by the elves. I served in an attachment unit with many other races. Draenei, Gnomes, other Worgen, and Dwarves. I didn't do to well in the unit. Racism and prejudice was thick and heavy in the air. Old hatreds still burned for ferals and Gilneans. My inability to shift didn't help matters at all either. I was discharged from the unit by request. I then continued to hone my skills as a smithy. The only thing I ever retained from my humanity. My skills in the forge and working metal. I decided if I was going to make something of myself. I would need to create my own equipment. For a time that was all I did.

I then joined Dor' Serrar serving as a frontal fighter. I stayed with them for half a year. I left their order due to some disagreements. I wasn't happy with how they treated prisoners. I later joined an attachment of Silver Hand in Stormwind. I was hoping to follow a path of Light. I later left after a few months. I found I did not follow the light nor needed it in my life. I joined a Gilnean Order afterwards called the Grey Hand. They order crumbled under poor leadership. I then joined the League of Lordearon, hoping to find a new home. I was told Southshore was part of Lordaeron. So I decided to assist my new found country. I left for many reasons and I'm sure they have their own stories. I was also a mercenary between the times of joining a new order. I served in the campaigns in Pandaria, Draenor, and fought on the Broken Isles.

My job and skills were similar with all of them. I served on the front lines, as a bodyguard and a heavy hitter. I have honed my skills both defensively and offensively. I use my unnatural speed, strength, and agility in combat. I'm skilled with all forms of shields, swords, and polearms. I'm also skilled in all forms of axes. I plan to become a master of arms at some point. Being proficient and skilled in all forms of weapons. I do detest maces though. I find my strength of brute force is sufficient enough. I rarely have a use for maces and what they're designed for.

Due to my worgen capabilities and long periods of time as a mercenary. I can survive in harsh conditions. I have exceptional stamina and reserves of energy. I can survive on my own for long periods of time. I can also withstand powerful hits and hold my ground against larger opponents. I also can take many injuries and recover quickly.

I wish to serve in the Ducal Guard for two main reasons. One, I always enjoy a challenge in life. There is also something out there to best you. I enjoy the risk of fighting in a difficult battle or situation. The thrill of a life or death situation. I excel in tough situations and adapt quickly. Second I want to find a purpose in life. I have been in many orders in my life. I have been in a mercenary for a long period of time as well. I never find a purpose or life I was happy with. I was never content due to the lack of a purpose. I hope the Ducal Guard can give me this new purpose.

I hope my skills, experience, and abilities will prove worth while. I hope my progress in the Regiment paints a picture. Showing that I'm planning on being here for the long haul. So far the Regiment has been a good home. I don't agree with a few things. Everyone is very respectful and kind. They have welcomed me as a new family member. I want to be giving the opportunity to protect my new family and friends. If his Grace deems me worthy.


Pvt. Etruscan Whitepaw
First Regiment, Westridge Duchy Reserve
Elwynn Brigade
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