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To the honorable Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair, Lord Ismond Laldere, Count of Wanduke, and Sergeant Markus V. Stonewall:

My name is Giatros Arsenio Istvan, Corporal of the Elwynn Brigade, sworn agent of the Crown. In my 33 years, I have accomplished many things, but my most proud moment was standing alongside my brethren’s on the Broken Shores. It was that moment that truly enamored my loved for His Majesty's army. However, I feel as though I have not accomplished enough to make my parents, Damien Istvan, and Samantha Salerno Istvan proud. Self-sacrifice, humility, and unwavering dedication and loyalty to Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair. This letter, I plead that I am considered for the Ducal Guard as a Reaver.

My military history is minimal, and my only true experience is under the leadership of the Lord-Marshal. To be accepted, and welcomed was an honored all of in itself. As a Lordaeronian with an unknown birthplace, I never really had a place called home. I've traveled vast locations, and studied in the hopes that I will have my fill. Alas, my mind is insatiable, and I yearn for more. I wish to train people in the beautiful arts of medicine, but I also wish to protect the man who’s given me the opportunity to prove to myself that I am more than just a vessel of knowledge, but an extension of His Majesty's arm.

I wish to serve His Majesty's army, Lord-Marshal Duke Maxen Montclair, and its citizens. This honor is something a book cannot teach me, but through perseverance, is a lesson I can hope to learn. I've served in His Majesty's army for approximately 275 days as of August 27th of year 36 LC, and I plan on leaving under two conditions: I am honorably discharged, or I am killed. I wish to serve as an Agent of the Crown until I am laid to rest, for that is a true warrior’s death. My blood may be Lordaeronian, but my heart is Stormwindian.

Prior to my enlistment to the Elwynn Brigade, I served as a Primary Care Physician, attending to a myriad of people across a spectrum of ages with a plethora of diagnosis. My knowledge in medicine is vast, my mind is pure, and my hands are steady. I attended to individuals whom needed assistance, and nursed them to health with altruism in my heart.

As a Corporal of the Elwynn Brigade, I have fought along side

Giatros Arsenio Istvan
Corporal of the Elwynn Brigade
5/13/37 LC
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