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Lordaeron Insurgency
Far from the conflict on the Broken Isles, the conflict between living and undead continues in Lordaeron. In Silverpine and Tirisfal, the familiar wagon trains of the Forsaken have begun to work intensely in the dead of night. Carrying payloads of uncertain content and under escorts far more elite than what would usually be attached to them, they no longer move away from Tirisfal but towards it.

With Sylvanas' focus on the Legion invasion, this poses a disturbing shift in priorities for her provinces. What reason would the Forsaken have to be pulling supplies inward in this manner? To make matters worse, the regime is cracking down on the aforementioned provinces and Alliance scouts have gone missing- disturbing magic in the air.

Unable and unwilling to sit back and let the Forsaken prepare what could be an attack on what resistance remains, the League of Lordaeron has sent out the call to its allies and prepares to mount a guerilla offensive. Whatever dark thoughts their enemy harbors, the heroes of the Alliance will be sure to resist. For the Alliance. For Lordaeron.

A two week long campaign hosted by Tangiers of the League of Lordaeron and various others, beginning on March 20th and ending on March 31st.

This campaign will primarily span Silverpine Forest and the Tirisfal Glades.

Silverpine Forest - Several years ago, a bloody war was fought between the Forsaken and various Alliance groups headed by the worgen under Darius Crowley. While the undead managed to crush the offensives within Silverpine and fight to a stalemate at the Greymane Wall, the forest is not yet entirely pacified. Feral worgen and other survivors still roam, and the League of Lordaeron maintains what presence they can in the face of undead consolidation. Now, with the Forsaken's latest gambit, they must press deep into enemy lines.

Tirisfal Glades - The Forsaken heartland. Once the center of Lordaeron's grand kingdom, it has fallen into ruin and upon those ruins dark imperialism has taken root. The war machine churns in the Undercity and other areas, and it is the most dangerous place there is for a member of the living. However, with it serving as the seeming nerve center for whatever new plot is taking place, the League and its allies must make a daring and deadly incursion into the lands of the Banshee Queen.

Guest D20 System
As this is a joint campaign, we will be using a joint roll system. Please review for your own knowledge and convenience of events!

HP and Valor will be placed in the currently section to track. Wounds are encouraged to be placed here as well or in the TRP. Place the target and roll at the end of your emote in parentheses. Healing may be done in place of an attack, simply roll for it and mention the recipient. Success is 1 hp restored, failure is 0. Keeping track of HP is up to the healers and targets.

1: Crit fail, special emote
2-8: Failure, 1 damage taken
9-11: Draw, either 0 or 1 damage taken and 1 damage given.
12-19: Success, 1 damage done
20: Crit success, special emote.
Valor: Players have two valor per event. They can use it to reroll for a more favorable outcome.
HP: 5

Wounds: If a character ends combat unconscious, the player must choose a wound the character has suffered. This must translate into a mechanical penalty such as -1 to attack rolls, etc. The severity is up to the player, but it will last until a player RPs treatment in camp with another player.
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