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Lord-Marshal Duke Montclair and Knight-Captain Laldere,

I am Private Jackson Martellus and I humbly submit my name for consideration to become an honored member of the Ducal Guard with the intent of training as a Vanguard. My sole desire in the regiment is to take up the spear and shield to protect our brothers and sisters as we serve our King, our Duke, and our people.

My father served honorably as a footman in the Army during the First and Second Wars and freely told his stories to my brother, James, and me as we were growing up. I quickly discovered that I had a natural instinct to protect others after my father left James and I at the Stormwind Orphanage when our mother died. The Matrons did their best to provide a loving atmosphere for us, but I still found myself often having to protect my brother (who was smaller than most boys) from those who tried to bully him. Despite receiving numerous bruises and bleeding wounds, I always kept rising back to my feet with determination in my heart and a closed fist at my side.

After I came of age, I set out for Northshire Abbey to work as a layman. I was quickly tasked with lifting and hauling heavy loads due to my naturally large frame, then I apprenticed as a mason. Llane Beshere soon took an interest in me and ended up training me in the way of the blade, shield, and spear after my work was completed for the day. After I found out that my brother joined SI: 7, I took a leave of absence from the abbey and set out to find my father to demand answers from him (namely why he left James and I in the orphanage). Long story short, I found him and we're now estranged. I decided to work as a mercenary of sorts for the Alliance since I valued my freedom but wanted to use my martial skills for righteous causes.

I followed the Alliance campaigns on Northrend and Pandaria. In Northrend, I assisted with the defense of Valgarde against the Vrykul and their beasts. I also made my way to Icecrown to help the Argent Crusade defend the breached entrance of Icecrown Citadel against the onslaught of the scourge. After the campaign in Northrend was resolved, I made my way back to Stormwind and worked as a mason to repair the damage Deathwing wrought until I heard about the massive war unfolding against the Horde on Pandaria. Eager to put my skills to use once more, I joined the assault against the Horde in the Jade Forest then briefly stayed in Paw'don village once the greenskins were driven out.

When the Dark Portal opened once more, I returned to Stormwind with the intent to aid in the defense if the orcs reached our gates. My father told me about the savagery committed by the orcs when they took Stormwind and I vowed to die fighting them rather than stand aside and let that happen again. Thankfully, not a single one reached the gates this time and I started to consider enlisting in the Army. When the Legion began to fall from the sky and I rushed to help defend Westfall, I knew that it was time for me to enlist.

In the regiment, I've protect our lands against feral beasts and am now deployed to help defend our world from the Legion and their allies in Suramar. I've taken many wounds in battle, yet I stand resolute and ready to take more, if necessary, to defend those whose skills put them outside of heavy armor and shields. I've proudly stood alongside members of the Vanguard as a recruit and I now wish to join their ranks as a Private. I know that my steadfast heart, my deep instinct to defend, my unrelenting resolve to potentially receive injuries or death, as well as my naturally large frame would all factor into positive contributions as a Vanguard in the Ducal Guard. On a personal level, I also wish to be a role model for the orphans to look up to, and I know that there are few better paths to achieve that than to become one of the strongest defenders in the Army.

I pray that my past and service record will deem me worthy of Vanguard training.

Long live the King.

With respect to Lord-Marshal Duke Montclair and Knight-Captain Laldere,

Jackson Martellus

Pvt. Jackson Martellus
1st Regiment
Elwynn Brigade
Alexandros Daemios, Hunter, Recon Corps
Rodrigo de los Santos, Druid, Recon Corps
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