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((This is a fanfiction I wrote a few years ago while I was underway one evening. It contains some cringe worthy dialogue, but I'm kinda proud of it.))

I. Prolouge

Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore stepped onto the forecastle of his newly christened warship, the L.A.S. Cressfall. It was a gorgeous ship boasting the armament of a large cannon armory, thick wooden hulls and billowing sails that gave the ship mezmerizing speed. His right boot hit the deck with profound 'clunk'. His left boot followed suit to the same effect. A small division of fresh young marines and sailors were strewn in formation on the boat deck.

Each new grunt tried their hardest to move their eyes just so to get a glimpse of the man himself. The boatswain's pipe, used to signal attention and arrivals, cried out with a sharp whistle that called the men and women from attention to an even better form of attention. Daelin walked up and down the ranks of men and women, his thick boots resonating an audible 'thunk' to below decks. He was eyeing them up and down and testing their military bearing, although he didn't really mind it they glanced out of the corner of their eyes. He continued to walk up and down the ranks until he had reached the centermost point of the division. He stopped to turn towards them, there he opened his mouth and began to speak.

"I'm impressed. Not by the sheer size and strength of our nation's newest achievement in naval warfare, but with the state of the crew that runs her. I've served in the Kul Tiran navy many years, over those years I've risen to the rank of Lord Admiral and now command the forseeable future of our nation. But not once in my servitude have I seen such a well motivated and dedicated crew which nobody has seen the likes of before! Handsome young men and dashing young women serving in the finest navy and marine force in all of Azeroth. And I've been around! I have seen the Bronzebeards with their gunboats, the Kal'dorei with their elegant sloops, and unfortunately I have also seen the Blackbloods and their...war machines. Nevertheless, you all should be proud to be serving onboard such a marvelous piece of technology." Daelin placed his hands behind his back, locking his hands together.

He had a plump smile on his face as he looked from left to right. "Tell you what, I'm going to have a little chat with your ships captain, Captain Hadley and his cooks. After that I'm planning that they'll let you have Stranglethorn lobster for dinner." Suddenly the ranks of men and women grinned and let out an all hearing "Mmmm!". Stranglethorn lobster was of course a rare delicacy in these parts and they were all obviously excited to have it. Daelin piped back up again, finishing his speech. "Remember sailors, always remember your duties, your loyalty, and your honor to Kul Tiras. That is all." Without missing a beat, he turned around sharply and walked into the ships interior. The crew weren't the only ones who were excited for the lobster.

II. Foreign Diplomacy

It was something that made Admiral Connoley shout with fear and anger, something he had never done before. The letter that was mailed to him was at least a month old, tops. His sea-hardened, mustached face went from a menacing scowl to a look of pure fear and an anguish to kill. It was a letter from Captain Byron T. Hatley

Connoley sat at his desk with his head in his hands, thinking of how to counter this rogue act. Could he send word to Tirgarde Keep and let them know in advance about the incoming onslaught? "No." he said to himself. "Tirgarde barely has any ships, and what ships they do have are in such it would take nearly a month to get word across." The admiral sat quietly to himself for a moment, calculating and formulating a plan that would at least have some chance at success. "What about Theramore?" he thought to himself.

"I'm sure they would lend a hand....but since we've fallen into less than belated relations due to that daughter of the Lord Admiral's." Connoley felt a deep sinking feeling in his gut, that he had lost and that an armada of angry orcs would sail to Kul Tiras upon the Cressfall's defeat. She was a ship made to start a war, but she couldn't fight one herself. For the first time in his life, Admiral James Connoley felt scared of the orcs. This would have to be some intense foreign diplomacy.

III. Do Something Nautical

Captain Byron T. Hatley stepped onto the forecastle of the L.A.S. Cressfall. A strong and steady wind hit him as soon as he emerged from his cabin. On the brow was a formation of sailors, fully dressed in their uniforms. To their right was a much smaller formation of marines, clad in green, gold, and silver armor. One of the boatswains from the formation of sailors blew their pipe and a sharp, two-toned notes rang out signaling attention on deck.

The atmosphere of the deck was deathly silent, nothing except the crashing of waves on the bow, the creaking of the wood, and occasionally the caw of a gull was all that could be heard.
Hatley approached his men and women, his hands cupped behind his back, much like the Lord Admiral had done fifteen years ago.
"Sailors and marines. Surely you know of our mission. Our mission to sail off the coast of Durotar and plan a pincer movement to cripple Orgrimmar. I can tell you that this will not be an easy task, and some of you may be killed in action. But this is nessecary for the grown and development of our great nation. I have selected a hand-picked group of marines that I see fit to accomplish this task." Hatley pointed his finger at the man in the front.

"This is Brigadeir General Thorband D. Fortindun. A long time veteran of the Corps and a devoted one too." Next his gaze drifted left. "Next to him is Lieutenant Aredath Balar; Fleet Advisor. He and I are working to strategize this plan even more." Again his gaze shifted. "Next is Lieutenant Aeldrane Waech. Waech and I go way back, all the way to boot camp. He was the top marksman in our class and I'll be damned if he still is today." Lastly he looked at the last man standing in the formation. "And last but not least. Lieutenant Dartlic E. Boreal. He'll be our engineering leader down in the engine room helping sustain maximum efficiency in our engines."

Captain Hatley took a step back and gave a bow to the marines. He truly believed that this rogue act would work. He stood up straight as an arrow and without missing a beat he said as the sun set below the horizin behind him; "Now, let's get out there and do something nautical!"

IV. Black Coffee and Letters

3 AM, a dead silence crept aboard the Cressfall. Most of the sailors were in their racks asleep or the select few that were unlucky enough were on watch. Thorband D. Fortindun awoke from a heavy slumberous nightmare. His brow lay covered in a cold sweat and his chest rose and fell with this excited breathing. He sat up in his rack and swung his body towards the deck, dangling his legs over the side and then letting his body follow pursuit. Reaching for a candle to light his way, Thorband knew he had to talk with Captain Hatley about this.

The way to the captain's cabin wasn't a short walk from his own bed, seeing as it that the captain selected him to lead this personally; None the less he continued onward. The candle in his hand illuminated the walls with a soft amber glow, lighting up paintings and etchings of the ship on the wall, reminding Thorband that he was on the finest vessel the Kul Tiran navy had ever built.

Upon reaching the captain's quarters, he found two sailors guarding the doorway. He approached them silently and with a lumbering swagger that only tiredness could show. The two sailors immediately snapped to attention and rendered a salute. Thorband smiled and told them to be at ease. "If it wouldn't be so much of a bother, I'd like to talk to the captain about some very pressing matters." The two sailors nodded and stepped away from the door. Thorband reached for the doorknob and turned it slightly before turning to the sailors. "And if you could, would one of you two run down to the galley and fetch me a mug of coffee? Black please." One of the sailors, seaman Rollands, nodded and went to get the coffee while the brigadier-general crept into the captain's cabin.

Much to Thorband's chigrin, the cabin was not shrouded in darkness when he entered but instead surronded with the warm orange flickering glow of candlelight. Byron looked up from his desk and smiled. A much needed refresher from staring at faded maps and old orders."Ah Fortindun, it's much too early. Shouldn't you be sleeping?" the captain asked. Thorband shrugged and slid his hands into his pockets. "Can't sleep, I guess. More so this mission rather than dying in it." Byron looked at Thorband with a quizzical expression."Explain, sir." he said. Thorband lifted his right hand out of his pocket and laid it on the desk he was leaning on. "Let me ask you a question, captain. Let's say this mission does succeed and Orgrimmar falls into ruin. Let's say we never lose a single sailor or marine in the conflict. Now, when we set foot on allied shores, you and I both will be wanted men for disobeying orders and for committing war crimes, if not the rest of the men and women aboard this ship." Thorband paused to clear his throat. A knock on the door was heard inbetween coughs and one of the two guardsmen stepped in with a mug of steaming hot coffee; black. Fortindun motioned his hand for the guardsman to place it on the tabe.

Thorband took the mug and placed it to his lips, taking a long and well needed sip, as he swallowed it, he continued on with this question. "Sir, I'm not saying that we can't do this, I believe we can. This bad girl has enough firepower to knock Dalaran right out of the sky. But I'm asking about the reprocussions of our actions." Captian Hatley never moved an inch, his stoic face stood silent in the cascading flickers of the orange candle light. He moved his hand toward his beard and with this thumb and index finger he began to stroke it. "Thorband, I want you to know the nation of Kul Tiras has my full support, just not the navy." He reached into his desk and pulled out a wooden lockbox decorated with gold inlays. "Inside this box lies a letter from Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore himself that he gave to me 15 years ago. I've kept it not only for centimental reasons but because it has specific orders that pertain to now and now only." Hatley pulled out a key from his necklace and stuck it into the keyhole in the lockbox. The tumblers fell into place and the lockbox wasn't so locked anymore. He placed his hand on the top and opened it ever so slightly. Inside was a rolled up, faded parchment that had lavish green and gold strands to keep it rolled up. Hatley lifted up the parchment and carefully untied it, unrolling it and reading it aloud to the brigadier general;

"Dear Byron, I'm glad that you have been placed in command of our navy's grandest and most powerful warship. However, it wasn't just built to look pretty and intimidate the blackbloods. It was build to look pretty and destroy those blackbloods. Every last one of them. Eventually my time on this earth will pass and I will join my fathers before me in the divine light. This is what brings me to you. When the time is right, you'll know this Byron, I know you will, you will take out our finest ship out on a simple patrol and steer a course for Durotar and you will be tasked to destroy their homeland and city." Captain Hatley paused for a brief moment to look at Thorband dead in the eyes, finishing off with his signature. "Signed Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore of Kul Tiras."

Thorband looked at Hatley with a skewed face, like a wave of understanding came washing over him at some moment. Pure silence echoed inside captain Hatley's cabin. Thorband nodded at Hatley, got up, took one last sip of coffee, and started to walk out the door. He stopped midway through opening the door and took one last look back at Hatley. He was carefully rerolling the old parchment back up and placing it inside the lockbox. Hatley didn't see him look back though. Thorband just continued to walk slowly out of the door.

V. Submersibles

Admiral Connoley raced through the heavy wooden doors of the Kul Tiran Naval Command. His footsteps echoed through the lavishly decorated halls filled with all kinds of Kul Tiran naval history. Connoley had always loved coming here as a child, but now he was here on something collossal. "Lord Admiral Tandred!" he cried as the admiral ran through the corridors, hoping that Tandred Proudmoore would hear him. Connoley raced as fast as he could, shoving over noblemen and foreign dignitaries. At last he could see it in the distance, the office of Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore. Connoley started into a dead sprint, desperately trying to get there as fast as he could. Perhaps he had gone too fast, as he slammed himself into the Lord Admiral's door, breaking it wide open.

Tandred Proudmoore bolted up in surprise and in anger, that was his door you know. "Admiral Connoley, what is the meaning of this intrusion?!" said the young son of Daelin Proudmoore, whom had been tasked to run his fathers country in short notice of his fathers assassination. Admiral Connoley stared at Tandred, grasping for breath. "Lord Admiral, I......The Cressfall......war!"

Tandred stood looking at Connoley dumbfounded. "Admiral you best start explaining things real fast." Connoley nodded and gulped, eager to catch his breath. "Lord Admiral...I've recieved a letter from Capain Byron Hatley of the Cressfall..." Tandred piped in at the last second "Ah yes, I remember the lad. A fierce and hearty sailor hell bent on perfectionism. What about him?" Admiral Connoley spoke again. "Sir, if you would've let me finish...I've recieved a letter from him stating that he has taken the Cressfall out of dock with a handpicked crew of sailors and marines. The letter also states that he is bound for Durotar as we speak, determined on decimating Orgrimmar to the ground." Tandred stood absolutely still in both shock and in fear.

"By the Light" he said. "We have to do something." Connoley spoke again. "Believe me, sir. I've exhausted every resource I have in my brain trying to figure out how to counteract this. And nothing we have nor possess seems to be able to stop it." Proudmoore stood slowly and smiled, giving a look to Connoley as if he knew something he didn't. "Exhausted everything, eh?" said Tandred. "Admiral, have you ever heard of a submersible?" Connoley looked at the Lord Admiral with confusion. "No, sir. I haven't." Tandred began to walk around his office with his hands in his pockets. "Y'see. Kul Tiras has been working with those little engineering devils we call the Gnomes in a little secret facility outside of Menethil Harbor. And in that harbor we've harnessed the capability to make a ship that can dive down underwater and remain undetected for a limited amount of time. And it just so happens that we have one of those babies patroling around Ashzara for any defectors." Tandred looked at Admiral Connoley with an evil grin. "Now tell me that you've exhausted every resource."

VI. Bloodsail

Monsturous waves and roaring thunder circled in on the Cressfall. The southern most point of the Maelstrom was most definately the worst, aside from the epicenter. Captain Hatley's ship was being tossed around like a toy boat in a bathtub. "By Jaina Proudmoore's pretty pink panties! Secure all gear for weather and get all the sailors below deck at once!" said Hatley as heavy rain and winds battered his face

Suddenly, three sharp bells rang out from the lookouts nest on the main mast. The petty officer in the nest cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled as loud as he could to Hatley, below him. "Sir! Bloodsails dead astern. At least two ships!" Hatley gasped in surprise and started to hurriedly walk towards the aft end of the ship, the feirce wind was working against him. When he got there, he could see nothing but haze grey fog. Hatley leaned himself on the railing and squinted his eyes. There he saw them, he could just make out the outline of two Bloodsail galleons.

This sight filled Byron with a feirce fire that cried for battle, at once he ordered his sailors and marines to prepare for combat. Stirring them from their less than comfortable racks. Hatley ordered the helmsman to do a hard turn to port, working against the wind to their disadvantage, but Hatley knew this. After the turn was ordered, his order was given to engage the chromi-mangeto propultion system; One of their secret weapons.

Dartlic Boreal sat beneath the bowels of the ship. Feeling the ship heave and sway in the heavy seas, suddently everything around him that wasn't tied down shifted to the right. Dartlic grabbed ahold of a nereby pipe and held on as best as he could. He turned to his assistant, a stout Dwarf, and said "A hard port turn? What in the fel fer'?". The dwarf turned to him and gave a loud "Wot." Then a buzzer on the nearby wall rang out, signaling to start the engine."Aha! I's knew we's gonna use 'er sometime on this mission!" he said. His assistant pulled a spanner out from his belt and let it rest on a bolt, then with a turn of the spanner a giant rush of steam sprayed out and the engine roared to life.

Outisde the hull, three huge copper propellers started to turn rhythmically. Pushing a large stream of water outwards and propelleing the ship forwards
Back out on deck, Captian Hatley gave a dastardly smile as his ship defied the wind and sailed right inbetween the two Bloodsail ships. "Man port and starboard cannons, prepare for a full broadside!" he screamed to his men. "General Fortindun! Get your men ready to board." Thorband, whom was by his side nodded and turned to face Hatley. "Aye, sir. My marines shall make easy work of these pirates, if your cannons don't sink them first." Fortundin. stormed below deck tom rouse his men for battle. Once below deck, he found lieutenant Balar and Waech inspecting their armor and weapons for any defects. Balar turned to Waech, pointing to his gun. "Sure that thing has enough bullets?" he said. Lieutenant Aeldrane Waech scoffed "Of fucking course it has enough bullets. After this I'm gonna see a fuckin' show. Any of you guys wanna see a fuckin' show?"

Dartlic Boreal, whom just emerged from the engine room covered in grease and oil came from behind Aeldrane and placed his arm on his shoulder. "I'd like to see a fuckin' show." said Boreal. "That's my boy, Dart." Thorband interrupted with a rather loud cough. "Ahem, gentlemen. I'd advise you three to hurry up and get up topside. Wouldn't want to miss any action now would we?" Lieutenant Waech chimed in "Action? I get tons of fuckin' action every night Thor." "I've seen it." said Aredath Balar, while holding back a smile. "Enough, both of you. Get on top and get ready to kill some pirates." The two saluted and marched up a ladder up to the top deck, their thick boots making the wood creak with their weight. "As for you" Thorband looked at lieutenant Boreal "Get with the cannon crew and make those guns purr."

Boreal smiled and nodded at Thorband, giving a salute and then an about face in the other direction towards the munitions room. Brigadier-General Thorband D. Fortindun picked up his hat from the table, placing it on his old and wrinkled head, adjusting the brim and then walking up to the top weather deck. Before he opened the hatch, he took a deep breath and said as he was opening the hatch; "Let's do this."

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