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Squire: Roy Sebale, Corporal

Knight Mentor: Jeremaias Auromere, Sergeant

Date: 12 January, 37 L.C.

Milestones Completed:

  • Weapons proficiency. Cpl. Sebale has proven his proficiency with all weapons but the lance through his qualification for the Ducal Guard.
  • Riding. Cpl. Sebale is able to ride at a walk and a trot satisfactorily, and has mastered turning, backing, and stopping his mount. He has a natural affinity for animals, including horses, which trust him instinctively.
  • Mounted combat. This was not yet addressed.

Education and Moral Character
  • Chivalric Code. Cpl. Sebale appears to have memorized the code, and has been examined on meaning and purpose of each tenet. Excellent mastery.
  • Three Virtues of the Holy Light. Cpl. Sebale is earnest in his faith. The content of it is not quite developed, but he is an apt learner, and sincere. Recommend that a member of the Clergy tutor him in the specifics.
  • History of Stormwind. Covered from Logan Wrynn's assassination through Samson Wrynn's coronation; the significance and death of Medivh; introduced Kurdran Wildhammer, Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Danath Trollbane, Khadgar in context. Further instruction or study will be needed.
  • History of the Brotherhood. Covered for above periods; Anduin Lothar introduced in context. Further instruction or study will be needed.

  • Shrine of the Brotherhood, Duskwood
  • Karazhan

Trials of Tenacity
  • Trial of Patience. Cpl. Sebale served for one week as aide to Royal Guard. Knight-Capt. Austin reports excellent performance.
  • Trial of Bravery. As of this report, Cpl. Sebale has taken part in five pitched battles alongside knights of the Brotherhood without fleeing.

Additional Notes:

It is Sgt. Auromere's opinion that Cpl. Sebale's strongest quality as a knight is his good character. He is honest, generous, sincere, loyal, and respectful of tradition, and to a degree that is sadly lacking in these modern days. These qualities should be tested, but never deliberately tampered with.

He should be encouraged to take more leadership, and to project more authority. He does not understand that his judgment is good, and underestimates his own measure of wisdom and capacity for it; he is used to having others deemed his "betters" take control.

Despite his lack of education, Cpl. Sebale is not unintelligent. Within a few short months of learning the essentials of literacy, he is now capable of at least making himself understood. He comprehends the underlying meaning of historical lessons quickly, and has a deep thirst for knowledge. He might benefit from a tutor.

It has been Sgt. Auromere's great privilege to help as far along as this, and believes that the Westridge Cavaliers will have a mighty, honorable, noble knight in Cpl. Sebale.
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