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The following is a Moon Guard Forums Post that I made during the Jungle Fever Campaign in September of 2011.

~Long live the king!~

Nestled at the border of the Duskwood Mountain Range, the stronghold formerly known by many as "Camp Kurzen" bustled with construction. Banners of blue and gold were propped up along its mounded earth walls. Settlers, caravans, and pack-mules laden with supplies trickled into the mountain pass that led into the Vale - bringing with them a frontier spirit as they reforged the colony of Fort Adamant in the name of his majesty, King Varian Wrynn.


The sound of hundreds of soldiers and armsmen clomping their feet together halted the ongoing work for but a moment as all looked on to the formation that had been gathering since the morning. Soldiers clad in blue and gold were flanked by cavalrymen, several ballista, and bannermen who proudly held the standard of the king. A contingent of Gilneas accompanied the mass of soldiers, marked by their tabards. Clerics of the church walked amongst the men, giving solemn blessings for the battle to come.

Mounted atop an armored Evendale Charger, a regally armored knight shouted to the troop.

"Defenders of the crown and kingdom! Today, we march on to drive the Horde from lands rightfully ours!'

The grand assembly of soldiers remained silent, eyes darkened under helmets and chainmail coifs.

"Before the orcs razed our kingdom, his majesty, King Adamant Wrynn, father of Llane, maintained a grand empire that stretched across the continent of Azeroth! Although beaten back by the vile trolls of this land, his legacy lives on in the roads, ruins, and hearts of all who make their homes in the Vale!"

The knight drew his broadsword, gripping the reins of his steed with his other hand. He flung his arm forward to point the tip of the blade into the air.

"We have been beaten back by the savage Horde. But today, we shall exact our retribution! Backed by the navy of our great kingdom, we shall raze the Horde's holdings in the Vale, to make way for the doctrine set before us! Amongst our allies, and blessed by the light, our charge is this;

We shall retake the lands of the Stranglethorn Vale for his majesty, King Varian Wrynn!"

Armor-clad soldiers looked on attentively. The knight sliced his broadsword down through the air in a commanding motion.

"Steel yourselves! Draw arms!"

The din of several hundred armsmen unsheathing and readying their weapons echoed through the colony. The soldiers prepared, ready for their orders.

"We march! Long live the king!"

The voices of hundreds of men and women shook the earth as they roared in unison,

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