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((This list of personnel is for the reference of guild members, to identify characters established in various jobs for roleplaying purposes. NPCs, both in-game and otherwise, are indicated by italics.))

The following persons are currently proud to assist members of the First Regiment.

Regimental Quartermaster: (Vacant)

Sustainment Officer: Adam Fitzherbert
  • Sgt. DeVries, Morale Officer
  • Bernard Herringford, Cook
  • Jess Harrington, Provisioner
  • Zella Ironbraid, Sanitation Engineer

Supply and Distribution Manager: Otto Prince
  • Ernest Santini, Transportation Chief
  • Roanne Venmenn, Supply

Chief Armorer: Hollis Striker
  • Andre Sootbeard, blacksmith
  • Quartermaster Hicks, weaponsmith
  • Quartermaster Hudson, armorer and shieldcrafter
  • Veldan Lightfoot, leatherworker
  • Natalie Snippenclip, tailor (part-time barber)
  • Pvt. Joshua Meriweather, vaultkeeper
  • Pvt. Jonathan Meriweather, vaultkeeper

Stable Master: Andrea Tepfer

Mortuary Affairs: Capt. Ezra Graves

Scholars' Corps:
  • Lysbelle Atherton
  • Meynara Lowsley
  • Salma Morganstern
  • Sarah Roseheart, scribe
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