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It had been a long deployment to Stromgarde. Many had fallen, some Taye had seen around the camp. The dwarf found himself wounded on several occasions. In truth, he was happy to be alive.

The first thing he did when he got back to Westbrook was to kiss the stone wall leading into the garrison. The second thing he did was kiss the ballista. It was the realization that he was home, shown in an outburst of emotion.

Although he was new to the First Regiment, he had served here before as a part of Lionheart Company. It was a home of sorts, one he was happy to return to.

He hadn't been in the garrison for more than 20 minutes as a part of the First Regiment. He was issued a uniform, changed and then marched right out to the docks. Now he was back as a member of the First, a unit he once watched with curiosity from Lionheart's ranks.

The dwarf was happy to be home. He had some time off, as his uniform was currently away for disinfection. It would be ready in a few hours. But first Taye would go back to his apartment in the Dwarven District.

He would meet a few locals, friends he paid a few coins to watch over his home and his animals. Taye had a gryphon, that was currently away back in the Hinterlands, also being watched by a friend. But here in Stormwind, Taye kept a few small animals.

Taye had a good meal with a bit of dwarven conversation before taking a nap. It was a short sleep. He had a late night guard shift in Stormwind in just a few hours.

It wasn't long until he made his way to and from Westbrook once again and donned his uniform. This was the dwarf's first patrol in Stormwind as a member of the First Regiment. Remember, he was issued his uniform and marched on a boat to Stromgarde.

He beamed with pride while citizens watched him saunter past in his humble uniform. He wondered what went through their minds.

Taye expected a quiet night. One with little conversation and relative peace, compared to what he'd been through at Stromgarde. He made his way through the town and over towards the Cathedral of Light.

He had wounds healing from the fight. His shoulder was sore and he had wounds on his left leg and both arms that were stitched and sealed with the light. But there was still healing to do.

The dwarf fought the pain in order not to limp in front of the citizens of Stormwind. He made his way up the staircase and into the Cathedral of Light, expecting maybe a few prayers. Maybe someone could run the light through his wounds once more.

It had not even been fifteen minutes, when a female Worgen entered the Cathedral in poor condition. Her left eye was in bad shape, wounded badly. Her face was torn and bleeding badly, as was her chest.

She collapsed on the floor. She also had wounds on her chest. Her feet also bled, which was noticeable since she wasn't wearing boots on her paws.

The sight of such gore made Taye jump. Memories of the battlefield immediately replayed through his mind. He had seen someone injured like this in the face before. Memories of the blood elf he slayed early in the Stromgarde campaign forced their way into his mind.

As usual, he tried to ignore the thoughts. He realized the woman needed help. He jogged towards the woman, knowing his first aid skills were limited, but prepared to improvise.

At the same time, a man, dressed in a tabard and cloth garments also ran to help.

"I'm a doctor. I can help her, but I need help moving her to a room out of the way", the man said.

Taye nodded, his eyes wide, "Aye.. Tell me how to help." He was full of adrenaline. He had only left the battlefield hours ago. What was supposed to be a quiet night became a full-fledged emergency.

The doctor secured her head carefully as another man came bringing a board. They carefully rolled her onto the board, supporting her spine. The dwarf positioned himself at the board by her feet. On the doctor's count of three, they lifted.

The group made their way to the back of the Cathedral and down a curvy staircase. The doctor lead Taye to a table and they set the injured Gilnean down.

Right away, the doctor began to cleanse the wounds with a healing potion. The cuts were deep and there was lots of internal bleeding. It was bad enough to make Taye feel squeamish.

"I can't save her eye." There was pain in the doctor's voice. The next thing he did was pull out a symbol of the Holy Light. He said a prayer and raised his hand, causing a bright light to shine onto the Worgen. The wounds came together as the internal bleeding was stitched together by the powerful lightwielder.

Then the doctor took bandages and began wrapping the wounds. Taye took the scissors from his first aid pouch and helped cut the bandages as the doctor worked.

"Wrap her foot", the doctor told Taye.

The dwarf took a bandage and some wrap as he made his way back towards the woman's foot. He carefully picked it up, stuck the bandage over the fresh skin and open wound. He wrapped it several times over with the wrap, before carefully cutting it.

Now the doctor turned his attention to Taye, who he had seen limping earlier.

"Do you need a bit of the light as well?"

"Aye", said the dwarf smiling admittedly. It was time for another treatment of the light. The doctor raised his hands and the symbol once again. A wave of light enveloped Taye and he felt a warm, cleansing feeling flow through his body.

The man was a powerful lightwielder. Taye felt better than he had in awhile, especially in his shoulder.

"I can see to her, if you wish", said the doctor. "I can take it from here."

"I'm going to stick aroun' to see if I can file a report. If she comes through."

The doctor nodded. They shared a brief conversation about Stromgarde. Taye told the man about the things he saw there.

The doctor apologized for not making it out there. He had been in the Cathedral dealing with the city's wounded. Taye reassured him that the man's mission was just as important.

After about half an hour, the woman came to. The doctor told her she was smart to have come to the Cathedral in her state. It saved her life.

Then Taye asked her about the encounter. Apparently her attacker was a gnome wearing goggles with bright green hair.

She thanked Taye, still groggy from her attack. She seemed impressed that the dwarf helped her.

"It was an honor, ma'am. Just remember the First Regiment. Long live the King."

Taye would write a full report and submit a copy to the Stormwind Guard who would put out a watch for this gnome. Taye also sent the report up the chain to the First Regiment.

The event showed how fast a quiet night at home could escalate into a nasty situation, taking place between the hours of 2 and 4am.
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