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It was late, well past midnight before Garumm has finished repairing his armor. Sleep was not coming to him easily as he tossed and turned. The battle fresh in his mind, and one like he’d not been in for some time. He was a strong fighter, and so was the First that he fought with and there had been many victories during his tour with them, some tougher than others. This night though, the finest that Stormwind had to offer had gone up against what seemed like the finest the Horde had to offer. And this wasn’t even the first day of fighting. He’d watched a fair number of soldiers die on the battlefield and praised the Light that he lived to fight another day, and prayed to the Light that it would guide the souls of the fallen.

He picked himself up and quietly walked out of the Regiments makeshift garrison to wander the streets of Stromgarde. It was eerily quiet despite the odd fire that was lit with small groups of two or three people huddled around it, some chatting, and some just starring into the flames. He understood, there was much to process and the mind was never quite the same after such battles. He found his way up to the top of the north wall facing the plains where the day’s battles had taken place. It didn’t take long for his mind to fill with images of the bloody battles, so fresh. A soft groan escaped him as he buried his head in his hands, the rage he used to feel had welled up so easily during the fighting it had almost taken control. “Nope … ne’er again”, he whispered as he straightened up.

“Ne’er again fer what?” A voice spoke up from behind causing him to nearly jump off the wall.

Garumm spun knowing the voice well. His face lit up as he hopped forward and wrapped the dwarf standing before him in a bear of a hug like only a dwarf could. “Berrum ye ol’ stinker! Tha’ heck ye doing up here so late?”

The dwarven sorcerer couldn’t help but let the smallest of smiles creep onto his face, but only for a moment before returning to his typical stoic demeanor. “Was up late researching, couldn’t sleep and figured I’d wander o’er this part o’ town ta find yer Regiment. Was told ye were in this neck o’ the woods. Just managed to see ya climb on up here.”

Garumm watched and chuckled to himself as his brother straightened his robes before turning back to view the fields. Berrum moved up beside him and after a long moment of silence Garumm spoke up, “Me rage brother, ne’er again will I give in ta that. Me strength is ta be found in the Light now.”

Berrum let out a sigh of his own as he patted the back of his brother’s shoulder. “Ah, ye fighting tha’ again are ya?”

“Aye, today on tha’ field I felt it. Been a long time since I felt it.”

“I saw ye don’t ye doubt. Ye fought well enough. Better than I think I ever seen ye fight. You and yer entire First Regiment did mightly well.”

“Tha’ they did Berrum, tha’ they did. But I ain’t satisfied. We still lost too many to tha’ Horde.”
Berrum narrowed his eyes on Garumm for a moment before giving him a light punch to his shoulder. “Now ya hear this lad, ye done good. Real good. Ye be proud o’ what and who ye managed to keep alive today. Pa, would be proud to. An’ ye don’t go beatin yerself up fer those ye couldn’t … nay, those –we- couldn’t protect. Ye can’t protect the world and ye know it. No more irrational thoughts messin with yer head ya hear?”

Garumm let the words hang in the air for a few moments before finally nodding. “Aye. And was tha’ a compliment I just got from me big brother?”

“Bah!” Berrum roared and waves dismissively before folding his arms over his chest. “Don’t ye get used to it. Yer still me stupid little brother eh.”

Garumm chuckled and nodded again. “I hear yer a mean fightin’ force with the Vanguard. Killed
three o’ them elf wizards near the Thandol span?”

“Bah … two wizards an one warlock o’ sorts.”

Garumm smiled. “I best be getting back and some rest. Some more smithin work ta be done in tha’ morning and needing some good rest before more fightin.”

“Sounds good lad. Ye be sure ta keep yerself well and alive out here. We’ll find some time after this war fer Stromgarde is o’er ta catch up. Might that we take some time ta go find Thurgan as well?”

Now that was a name Garumm hadn’t heard in some time. With a resolute nod he embraced his brother one last time knowing full well the ruffling of his brother’s robes would at least agitate the mage. What were younger brothers for anyways? With that he started his climb down, a faint flash behind let him know Berrum had already disappeared. The walk back to his bed roll was at least quiet. He was sure he wouldn’t be finding much sleep but would at least sleep a little easier.
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