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One of the basic duties of recruit life was the guard shift. A new soldier would expect themselves to be on guard or in formation more often than not. And when not occupied, they should be keeping themselves busy. Taye had done a decent enough job of fitting in and doing his tasks so far.

Now, even as the other soldiers slept, he kept watch over them and the First Regiment's Stromgarde camp. A fire was going, which the dwarf had to keep an eye on. This is why the title for guard shift has become known as fireguard. Taye added a bit more fuel at the start of his shift, as the last shift seemed to let it become a weak flame.

Taye had high standards. He would leave the camp in a better condition than when he arrived on shift. He organized a few things, especially the supplies. He went through everything he was allowed to touch and organized it. Everything was now looking a bit neater and more aligned.

He policed the camp and made sure that any trash that had blown in with the wind was picked up and placed with the other rubbish.

Taye stood tall, well relatively, and leaned against the wall. His eyes watched the camp, but his mind wandered under the light of the moon and the crisp Stromic air. He missed his gryphon, Henry who he had not seen since he deployed.

Taye also had a cavalcade of pets that found him and followed him around Stormwind and Elwynn. His favorite was a flamefly who lived in a nest atop the Cathedral of Light.

But for now, he stood in Stromgarde. He was getting used to his new position as Armsman. He found his role was to guard the flanks, as the formations had the heavier armor in the center of the line.

The recruit kept his uniform and his equipment in top condition. He had polish for both his leather and his hammer. Throughout the day, he'd be seen polishing and buffing different items. A lot of this was instilled in him by Lionheart Company. The dwarf missed his old acquaintances.

Taye had seen someone he used to serve with while standing the line at the gate. But the human didn't even remember him. It had been some time, but Taye fought next to that man. He shed blood standing right next to him, but he was forgotten.

Is that how humans were?

Taye noticed a snake slithering past the camp. For a second, he thought about killing it and cooking a nice dwarvish breakfast. But technically, that snake was considered wildlife and there was no shortage of food.. At least not yet. So Taye let the snake slither past.

"Better than a rat", the dwarf mumbled under his breath. The dwarf walked, heading from his spot on the wall back towards the fire. He picked up the stick that was used as a stoker and poked around in the center, moving the wood around. Taye warmed his hands which had become cool in the night air.

It looked like it might rain later, based on the cirrus clouds that hung in the air, forcing the moon to peek through a break in their formation in the sky. It had rained off and on. The weather didn't bother the rugged dwarf. Taye learned to condition his mind and his body over things like pain or poor weather.

His mind was his defense against such things. He had learned the power of meditation and controlling the force of chi that flowed through his body. Taye was just as focused of a student when he first began studying as a monk in Pandaria as he is now at the First Regiment. He proved himself to be a quick learner.

The sound of an owl pierced through the night's sky. "I'm on the night shift too, Mister Owl", Taye said quietly. He had learned a real reverence for nature, growing up amongst the Wildhammer shamans. They would treat creatures as people, to an extent. Every creature had its place.

Taye's beliefs were as complicated as he was. He was a complex individual. It made him unique, different from many others. There were so many random elements that made him the person he was.

He could control chi from his time as a monk, he had a spiritual connection to nature and now, he was beginning to have faith in the light.

The light was something that Taye didn't know a lot about. He had seen it heal many people though. It had to be a force for good since it never seemed to do anything to cause harm. It was a part of being in the First Regiment to accept the light. Taye already had started thinking about it more and more in the days leading up to his enlistment. It was also a part of Lionheart Company, who often patrolled outside the Cathedral of Light.

Taye didn't outright worship it, he just believed in its power. Just like he felt about nature or his chi energy. Life was too complex to place something like a belief in one category.

Time continued to pass and the shift went deep into the late night. Eventually it would be time for Taye to wake up the next person in the chain. Then he'd grab a few more quick hours of sleep before the next day started.

But for now he kept watch. The sounds of footsteps echoed in the distance. Taye turned his head towards it. Finally he could see two short and stout shadows in the distance. It was a roving guard shift from the Dwarven Vanguard. They were making their way down an adjacent road, and would be too far to talk. Taye waved, knowing his figure was illuminated by the fire.

He saw them wave back. It made Taye smile. He was glad to have his brethren around. Taye hadn't seen them around Stormwind lately. He figured they must have shifted away from the Dwarven District and went to a place like Ironforge.

The pair kept on their path and walked down the road without delay. Taye wished they would have come over, but it was probably better off they kept to their patrol. After all, he wouldn't want anyone to wake because of the conversation.

Eventually, the dwarves were out of sight and the echo of their footsteps quieted down into the darkness of night.
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