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((The letter as sent to the Lord Marshal and the Knight-Captain. The hand writing is certainly not the best, but it seems to have been pain-stakingly written in his own hand as best as he possibly could instead of dictated and written by another person. If one saw his journal entires, they could suspect he had this read over to fix all the spelling errors before writing the final copy.))

To the Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair and his Knight-Captain, Ismond Laldere:

My name is Roy Sebale. I am submitting this letter of intent to display my desire of becoming one of the Ducal Guard and serving the Duke in his Vanguard for as long as he sees me fit to do so.

As a personal history, I was born in Stormwind eighteen years ago and have worked in my parent’s general goods store for most of that time along with my older brother Damian and my parents, Roland and Amy Sebale. We led a simple life, maintaining the store and ensuring merchandise was ordered and stocked for our customers.

My parents taught me discipline, honesty and respect in that store. My father was a soldier in the Army so when I wanted to go out and play, I instead was made to finish my duties in the store, whether that be six more hours at the front, restocking the entire store or counting all the coin and making sure there were no discrepancies.

If I failed to complete my duties in their entirety I was punished for it to teach me how to act and how to see through what I started. As a small point of pride, since I was very little I was only punished but a few times. The traits my parents taught me have followed me through to my life now, and will always be with me.

While it was a good life, it was a life that my brother and I did not want to live forever. We wanted greater purpose and our mutual goals led to our own attempts at physical training to prepare for eventually joining the Stormwind Military to follow in our father’s foot steps. My brother joined the Alliance Navy when he was able and I the King’s Army, joining the First Regiment by the direction of recruiters.

My service record is short, having made the rank of Private only a few weeks before writing this letter and never having served in another unit. I served in a campaign in Uldum initially as a recruit but received grievous injuries that resulted in a long break from the Army and lost memory from that time. Immediately upon recovering I returned to the First Regiment, my determination not dampened in the least.

I put in as many hours as possible as a recruit to learn to be a soldier, to use a sword and shield, to learn to read and write and to protect my fellow soldiers in combat. My preference and strength is defense and I’ve used everything I’ve learned in the two subsequent campaigns now as a Private. In the Barrens and now in the Hinterlands I have strived to improve upon myself to protect my fellow soldiers in battle to the best of my ability and see the missions through to completion.

I am hoping now to be given the chance to take the next step and be considered for training to become one of the elite defenders of the Vanguard. It’s my discipline, respect and determination that I believe would be my greatest strengths and the reason I could serve the Duke honorably in his Vanguard, both in times of peace and war.


Private Roy Sebale

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