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26 July, morning

The Source of the Light blessed me with a fraction of His power last night--blessed us all. The demon is banished, his altar ruined. It stood afar and taunted us, but I commanded, and the Light forced it to move. All through the fight, my soul sang with power and righteousness.

((The following is written in Draeneiis.))

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor the vindicator;
And let them say continually, “The Light be magnified,
Who delights in the prosperity of Its servant.”
And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness
And Your praise all day long.

((Common again.))

At last, I feel like I'm doing it right. I'll not let it go to my head. I was allowed to help--and not more than anyone else.

What I do find offensive is when someone attempts to take credit for the works of another servant, but that's another matter entirely. One should not magnify himself in the service of the Light.

As to my squire, Cpl. O'Creagh has deferred to Pvt. Sebale. (She is the greatest of friends.) She still aspires to the Brotherhood, though, so I plan to help her get a head start. I will train both of them to ride, and to fight on horseback; that way, when her turn comes, she will be able to move more quickly into the place she gave up--whether as my squire or someone else's.

I wish I had a proper estate, with stables of my own. That would have been useful right now. But I may be able to borrow horses from Randal Hunter in Eastvale, who was agreeable to it after I told him that the two prospective students were both patient and good learners. (And after I offered to pay the lesson fees. It's not much money, a worthwhile investment.)

The first order of business will be to teach my students to handle and groom the beasts.
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28 July

It worsens. The fear that arises thanks to the "doomsayers" has begun to impact those of my own circle.

Riyaa was very nearly attacked last night, as she was out walking with Anchorite Saanin. She will make no secret of her people's proper name being "eredar", and is patient to explain the difference between "draenei eredar" and "man'ari eredar"--but too many of the people of Azeroth still do not make that distinction. Fortunately, draenei men are very imposing, and so her harassers did not wish to cross Saanin--this time. But for how much longer will she be safe?

Tolath has already taken his family out of the city and away to his father's estate. I can't say I blame him.

I had some spare time on Tuesday night, and so went to join my old friends at the Recluse. They were the same as always, I thought. I sat down and ordered a round for us all, as usual. Unlike before, though, they mocked me for my cup of tea, because I would not have "something stronger". They know I don't drink, and moreover, they know why. But Nathan said that "you can't trust a man who won't drink"--despite the times he's trusted me with his family, his money, and his life.

The entire visit was different. They spent a fair amount of time mocking, but not in the usual lighthearted way. I wasn't the only target; indeed, it felt like it was some sort of general brawl, each one lashing out at any weak point he perceived in the others. And worse yet, the gossip: neighbors and their failings, women and their failings, and who was having an affair with whom. (No, not even courtship, affairs. It was made quite clear that there was a great deal of mutual usage going on.)

These were once men whom I respected, and who respected, if not me, then what I stood for. They were men of expansive minds and strict virtue, in whom I found examples and encouragement. They once spoke of great matters, of nations and principles. Now they seemed to be concerned only with petty, frivolous things that only served to distract from those great matters.

I left. Even if I were not a knight (and therefore bound to eschew gossip), I would have left then anyway from sheer disappointment. I could no longer bear to see what they'd become in my absence.

This change in them did not happen overnight. It did not come about organically.

Not merely the words of the doomsayers, or their grubby little pamphlets, are so dangerous. It's the general air of impending catastrophe. Something in the world is not right, and everyone senses it. We approach a turning point, and we do not know what lies around that corner. Many fear it will be our demise.

Now is the time for faith. Faith is not the luxury of a safe and contented world, as some would say; it's the mainstay of the endangered soul, the one thing that prevents us from descending into crime and barbarism. History has shown time and again that faith dims in times of prosperity, and strengthens during hardship. People cry out to any great power they think will protect them from destruction. In such times, wicked cults are born, wicked gods (like Hakkar) ascend.

I will protect those I can from such spiritual predators, by living the truth myself. There is a good way, a right way, and I will show it to others, as the Light guides me. May it be so.
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2 August, morning

Some people simply do not mix, and attempting to do so degrades everyone. But I was right about one thing: There are those with whom one can either be open and friendly or respected, but not both. I have better things to do, better ways to redeem my time, than try to play these games. By playing the games, I do myself and everyone around me a disservice.

I likely owe Recruit Kovalevsky an apology. I will speak with him, privately, as soon as I can.

I had an opportunity to chat with Dame Salome--a long talk about the past, family histories, and the future. It was refreshing, and restored my spirits after a bad experience. Without knowing it, she helped me find my bearings again. The least I can do is to help her see that she is stronger and more competent than she realizes.

Then again, that is what I should do, what I try to do, for all of my fellow soldiers. Show them the purpose of the things we do, and show them that we can fulfill it. Give them confidence in their own competence--not bravado, not arrogance, but the certainty of duty fulfilled and a standard excelled.
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3 August

Envy is a disgusting habit that one should not indulge. I allowed it to prompt me to be rude to my friends, and perhaps they think they have offended me. It isn't their fault. I am very happy for them, I truly am. I wish them a long and glorious life together, however they mean to live it. They are free and I am not--I must live and die for others--and there's no point in being upset about it.

I could use the time and energy better on more positive things.

The Auxiliary, for instance. It is in a confused shambles. I've taken a great deal of time to talk with members and officials, studied its structure, and found a number of ways that it might be improved. They do a fine job already, but I would like to see it made easier for them. I will have to request an audience to make a proposal.

I have been reliably informed that I already have a home in Westridge; as a knight, I am landed gentry. How did I not know of this? At the moment, I do not even know where it might be. I suppose it will take further inquiry. If it is so, then I am that much closer to resuming my experiments with the Singing Blue Crystal.

Riyaa tells me that she will not be leaving Stormwind City to come with me. I cannot blame her; when she and Saanin marry, as I am sure they will, they ought to be together. She can manage my interests from the city more ably than from the countryside, in any event. I will miss her when she moves on, though. She has been a true friend when I had few.

Speaking of friends, I will have the pleasure of working with a former colleague tonight. Rutherford Appleton is leading a team of botanists into Duskwood to see if any of the fruit trees can be recovered, and we have been tasked with providing security. It will be interesting, I suspect, and hopefully fruitful.

Subtle gem cut. Best used for yellow gems that have a light-stable color center, such as king's amber or alicite. 79 facets result in diffusion of light and other energies, creating an illusory, slightly "stealth" effect around the wearer when the gem is fully empowered.
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6 August

Much to tell. I shall have to summarize.

Sgt. Grunwald has been appointed as governor of Kingsland. While I do not doubt his merit, it surprises me that the House of Nobles would unify behind him, and with so little objection and debate that rumors of it had no time to spread before the decision was already made! But then again, for good or ill, what is, is. I can only hope that the same rain will fall upon me as has fallen upon him.

Speaking of rain, I have finally discovered the name and location of my holdings in Westridge. I am apparently lord of Whitestone Hall, in the Barony of Graywatch, Fairpeak--a goodly distance from the town of the same name. The undersecretary in Stormwind revealed to me that the delay was due to a clerk misunderstanding a certain rule regarding confidentiality, and thus she denied Riyaa the information--as, after all, whoever heard of a draenei serving a human as his agent?

Now that I know where I may call "home", I can begin to make it my home. I will need to travel there and see it, determine what must be done to make it suit me, find servants, and set up housekeeping.

I've heard that Fairpeak is rather inhospitable. I do not believe that; Duke Maxen would not set me to live there if that were so. It may be challenging--to the soft, the indecisive, the irresolute--but "challenging" I can overcome with wit and determination.

On Thursday, what should have been a simple mission to assist a team of civilians turned into a living nightmare. Some creature of Shadow or Void dwells--or dwelt--in the Rotting Orchard, and though we defeated it, history indicates that these things never quite stay defeated.

Recruit Istvan is showing a great deal of promise in his new role as a medic, and perhaps someday will be a leader in the Medical Corps. Pvt. Sebale is excelling in his first trial as Vanguard, and Cpl. O'Creagh Caiterina has completed all of her trials to become a Ranger. Not to mention, she and Markus will be married soon, and I am privileged to make their wedding jewelry.

(Note: On the question which Markus put to me. I do not see that it is specifically illegal under any chargeable law, but it could be argued that he is attempting to deny the subject the rights of a noble, not to mention the connection of a family. That being said, he ought to disclose anyway. He has expressed a position which demands that he do so. Light, though, I hope the "negligent party" is not anyone I know. That would be awkward. So unlikely as to be ridiculous for me even to consider it, but then again, there have been far too many "coincidences" lately.

(I hate coincidences. It feels like Fate is being lazy.)

Good fortune seems to be following us all right now. Some superstitious, negative little part of me nags with a promise that some other shoe must drop--but why invent causes to worry? "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," as the oldest scriptures say. I shall just enjoy the happiness, as long as it lasts.

((There follow a detailed drawing of a lady's ring, with notations in the usual cryptic jargon, and a design for a man's ring that is clearly meant to match it.))
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7 August

Help comes from odd places. Pvt. Hallowell, who began our acquaintance with no respect for me, offered to travel with me to Whitestone Hall. So will Sir Tolath.

Riyaa will not come with us; though I believe she would if I asked her, it is not safe for her. Indeed, she tried to insist, but then I reminded her that Anchorite Saanin would miss her, and she softened at once.

Love is a wondrous thing.

Problems with Whittier, however, prevented me from traveling today. Fortunately, it was readily resolved--but only after we managed to stop missing one another. Tomorrow, I mean to set forth.
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9 August

It seems some ne'er-do-well has been borrowing my new home. How long was this place left empty?

Whitestone Hall has two rooms--if the dividing wall can technically be called that, as many holes as someone kicked in it. That same someone seems to have held wild parties there, leaving bottles that smell like turpentine in every corner and underpants on the chandelier. Whatever was last cooked in the oven reached for me and tried to draw blood.

The outside is not much better. The thatched roof must be replaced entirely with something less vegetable; the trees are conspiring to retake the little clearing; and the road up to the house is paved with dandelions. A moose watched us the entire time, and we were constantly interrupted by game fowl.

By the Light, this will be a challenge. But then again, when you mean to polish a gem, you use resistance. In any case, it reminds me of Northlight. There are many hardwoods mixed in with the evergreens, which means the soil is favorable and deep enough to support their root systems; the only concern is a short growing season, but I believe I can find ways to work around that. Large fauna mean large quantities of their forage, and smaller ones mean that the area is already supporting berries and small nuts.

I know exactly what to do with this place. It will never be a breadbasket or a metropolis--nor would I destroy this beautiful place to create one--but I have no doubt it can and will support my future family and perhaps quite a few more. It would be good to have a community to help and protect, once again. It would be good to serve.

I will make this place live, and I will show Duke Maxen that he may safely trust me to do well with whatever he sees fit to give me--be it property or responsibility.
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13 August

((There are a lot of lines in this next entry that are thoroughly stricken through. Jeremaias is literally censoring himself, heavily. In fact, there isn't much text in the entry that is still legible.))

Sometimes you just have to do what you want to do, or what you ought, and not worry about anyone else noticing or caring.

I have earned that right.


Many others have had their good fortune given to them, by chance or by friends. If Lordaeron hadn't fallen, mine would have come to me by birth. But I have made my own fortune, and will go on making it, and working for everything that I call my own.

What is mine, all that is mine, is truly mine. How many people can say that?


Demon hunter hogwash. There is nothing noble in taking shortcuts. They eventually become demons themselves, uncontrolled wild animals that endanger their allies. They're no different from warlocks and death knights--unnatural beings who try to use Void to defeat Void. As soon prevent a tsunami by throwing buckets of water into the ocean.


Not sure where King Anduin will lead us. With good counsel all around him, and the blessing of the Light, perhaps he will become as great a king as his father. He will be his own sort of king, but greatness does not only exist in one form.


Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
Buckwheat? (break up soil)
Herbs indigenous to Northrend (invasive species hazard?)

Replace cluster of pines with black walnut

((The rest of the entry--what is legible--appears to be designs for the interior of a house, and plans to expand it.))
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14 August

I told Roy not to let dreams trouble him, and yet I still tremble before mine. I stood in the midst of a field of green flame, and all around me were the bodies of my friends, my family, my comrades in arms. I looked up into the sky and saw the face of Sargeras, the face of death, and I knew I had failed.

And I would be kept alive, alone and helpless, to watch the world be torn asunder.

I know it was only a dream. I know what made it. I will overcome it by willpower; I will not let it rule me or change how I perform my duties--but for now, I am troubled.

Yet another death I could not prevent. The poor father, who did his duty only to find that it had cost him all he loved. Such is the price of righteousness, and the knowledge that one will see the beloved departed in the hereafter is small comfort. I wish I could have done more; I can't but feel I should have taken the time, though I was called away.

((There follow quite a few of what must be false starts, but are thoroughly blotted out.))

I cannot put this on paper. I cannot process this. I must take more time in prayer. Almighty Source of the Light, help me.
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16 August

((The journal entry was begun and abandoned many times, as evidenced by the fact that not one word remains legible. Every single letter, other than the date, has been stricken through and covered over.))
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17 August

There is no time for me to maunder over what happened. It happened, and whatever I may feel on the matter, I have duties.

I had feared, when I spoke with the bereaved, that they would hate me. But they forgave me, said there was nothing to forgive. Mrs. Belton embraced me and thanked me, and she wept when she learned I was injured. They asked after Pvts. Butterchurn and Sebale, wanted to know if they were doing well.

I think I might have weathered a storm of helpless rage far better than this.

But there is no time for feelings.

The pocketwatch is now plated, and I will engrave it and insert the works before I leave. I am not sure if I will see the customer before we depart Westbrook; however, if I do not, I will leave it in my locker. Then I may begin work on the rings.

I have secured the materials to begin construction on Whitestone Hall. They will be shipped to Fairpeak, where local workmen will shore up the house against the winter, which I am reliably informed starts sometime next week. It will be nice to live in a cooler climate than the perpetual humid, heavy summer that lasts all year in these southern lands. Nice to have a proper winter again.

Tonight, we depart for a patrol of the Kingdom alongside the Stormwind Guard. I am reminded that there is bad blood between us, but I believe this will go a long way toward patching things up. We need unity in these dark days, against the Legion. We need every advantage we can muster.

Pursuant to that, the Lord-Marshal is considering our proposals regarding the Auxiliary. A professional, full-time support staff whose loyalty is to king and country, not merely the lords of Westridge, will improve things drastically. I will forward a list of proposed group leads to His Grace, for consideration when the groups are finalized. There are dedicated professionals in among the wage-workers, and they deserve to be recognized for it.
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22 August

I feel like I'm losing control of myself. Light help me, I'm faltering when I'm most needed to stand firm.

Paladins are shining exemplars, the bearers of standards both literal and figurative. We stand between the darkness and the innocent, a beacon of Light and hope. But what hope have I given of late? Do I shine?

I think not. For all that the Light has done through me, I am still seen as the greenhorn, the kid brother, the one who needs to be given a dose of reality so that he can emerge as a mature and reasonable man among mature and reasonable men.

How have I failed so badly? How have I done so much damage to the cause of holiness? Forgive me.

But then again, how does one gain the respect of those determined not to give it? How does one reach those who are convinced of their own righteousness, and view the righteousness of others as childish folly?

One does not. I cannot be ruled by them in this. I must be what I ought to be, mauger their opinions. I can do better. I will do better.

The dream of destruction haunts me still, but sometimes the face of the Legion is the face of those who called me "friend". And all around me, the bodies are those of children, who accuse me with their eyes of promises I did not fulfill.

How do I

((The text breaks off here and does not resume.))
#12648313 Aug 23, 2016 at 10:13 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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23 August, morning

How do I? I stop making much of nothing, that's how. People are better than I sometimes expect, especially when I am myself feeling cynical about the world. If I want to see a world full of hope and joy, I need to fill myself with these as well.

Be the change you seek.

Things are mended between Markus and me. It was all very awkward, but it's all behind us now. He gave me a set of prayer beads, which I will use diligently. It may help. God knows I can be a bit unstructured in my approach to religious observance, and structure may be what I need in these days of uncertainty.

I will finish those rings very soon. The greatest consumer of time is cutting the majestic zircon. They deserve as fine and shining a stone as can be.

I am concerned for Recruit Welch. While her symptoms may be only those of fatigue and weariness, she may have some deeper issues that will require assistance. I was abrupt with her because my thoughts were elsewhere, but should I see her again, I will find out more, and help if I can. I may not be able to, but I might be able to give more information to someone who can.

Roy is making splendid progress as a horseman. He expressed that he yearns to be a hero as in the tales of old; indeed, I think he is well on his way to that.

Recruit Istvan is shaping up well as a medic. He is an illusionist as well. Perhaps I ought to consult with him about the making of holograms, and whether it is possible to give them form. I have not given up on the training array.

Work has begun on Whitestone Hall already. The materials arrived and the workmen immediately set about it; Pvt. Hallowell did indeed choose well in them, it would seem. I mean also to speak with Appleton about those walnut trees. The time to plant blueberries is also soon; I wonder if any of our northern breed were preserved? If not, then I will have to try to draw out their qualities from these southern plants, whose fruit is larger but less sweet.

((The rest of the entry is taken up with a crude map of the Whitestone property. The house is noted, but a much larger footprint is marked, and there are gardens, orchards, and outbuildings in obvious states of planning.))
#12651113 Aug 24, 2016 at 08:44 AM
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24 August

If the Lord-Marshal made him a knight, then he must not be beyond reason. I will speak with him on the matter. Truly, he does nobody any favors with this behavior.

Though the Lieutenant did not make this request of me, I attempted last night to encourage Pvt. Falconheart to open up. She did, a little, in telling us of an incident from her apprenticeship. Any progress is progress, especially with one so accustomed to thinking openness unnecessary.

I am past due for another review of the Field Manual. Being busy is no excuse. It is imperative that I know the contents forward and backward, not only because I, as a soldier, need to do, but because I am required to instruct and enforce.

The invasions intensify, and I am kept busy fighting for Westfall. Dalaran is besieged, and other places, but Stormwind is my first concern. I have heard that the Legion regularly makes incursions to the Hillsbrad Foothills, and even though I know that the place and people that once took in a frightened orphan are gone, nonetheless I react.

Despite all this, the compendium of demon lore is coming along nicely. Illustrations would be ideal, but while I can sketch, I am no artist. I may have to submit the text first, and insert plates later. The demons simply do not stand still long enough for me to image them properly.
#12654369 Aug 25, 2016 at 11:04 AM
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25 August, morning

Watching the Rite of Strength was interesting, and piqued my ambition. I may never be able to perform such feats, but I would like to know how close I can come without sacrificing my agility and flexibility.

The difficulty is in finding the time. I am already quite busy, between the book, my usual exercises, duty shifts, devotions, study, music, and ordinary business. Being successful is time consuming. Sleep is the only thing I can sacrifice, and that is essential to the function of my mind. Tyson tried to replace sleep with meditation, and he was mad within two months.

Someday, then, I will see what of these tasks I can perform, and how well. When I have the leisure to do so. When others do not depend upon me so.

Nothing Markus was doing should have caused that nosebleed, especially not to that degree. Then again, others did not seem terribly concerned, as if it were some sort of idiosyncrasy rather than a symptom of some problem. I suppose I will simply observe.

We are a team, after all. We work together, and we watch out for one another. We lift one another up, and so lift up others around us. That is the Light.
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28 August

Tonight is a promotion ceremony. I look forward to seeing those who have worked so hard being rewarded.

The book comes along, though it is not halfway done. Every word makes a new line, every line a new chapter; every chapter brings me closer to the end. As I write, I find myself eager, relishing it. I know what I am writing is good, and will be useful, and will save lives. The satisfaction of it is enormous. Later, I am sure, I will look on it and see only its flaws, but for today, I will enjoy the act of creation.

These hands have always been better suited to scholarship than to warfare. Now, in this, I combine both. I thank the Light that I was put in the path of Zacherias Felbane. The knowledge he imparted to me has proven priceless.

Priceless things: The prayer beads help.

Note: Direct workmen to plow the field plot and sow buckwheat. That will give it time enough to grow before turning it back into the soil and letting it rest for the winter. Blueberries need to go on the southern slope as soon as possible. Everything else can wait for spring.
#12667665 Aug 29, 2016 at 07:10 PM
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29 August

I have new socks. Riyaa has the key to my flat, and will care for the rats and squirrels. I have updated my will. All new business matters will be deferred until I return. My work orders are filled and closed.

It is time.

This day we travel into the very gates of hell, and we will not turn aside until we have pushed back the Legion whence they came.

I have prayed. I have been blessed. I am ready. May I be granted a measure of Holy Light, that I may defeat evildoers, shield my comrades, and heal the wounded.

May it be so.
#12673684 Sep 01, 2016 at 09:24 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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1 September

I am unsurprised that my assignments tend to involve sabotaging the Legion's activities. I have experience in both demonslaying and sabotage, after all. My first mission was a success, and today's will be--because it must be.

These troops I am assigned are good men and women. I will see to it that they know their enemy, and come through it safe and strong.

No time for anything else in my thoughts right now. Light watch over and shield us. We depart shortly.
#12691975 Sep 08, 2016 at 11:03 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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8 September

Last night, Caiterina's scheme to arrange my personal affairs advanced: She introduced me to Lysbelle Atherton, her friend and our newest Auxiliary scholar. There was not much time to get acquainted--not as much as I would have liked--but what I have learned of her, I like. Still, she knows little of me; we talked of her work and business affairs, for the most part.

Speaking of business:

The Races of the Burning Legion is coming along nicely. However, I now must write entries for Inquisitors and Jailers--no mean task; we know little of them save that they are demons and have demonic powers. I will have to consult with one of my Illidari colleagues. I am also availing myself of the opportunity to image the various demon races; it should take little effort to translate the projections to a two-dimensional sketch.

It should take little, but it likely will take much. I am no artist. It will have to wait until I have finished writing the text.

I should turn over the completed chapters to Prof. Atherton for review. I would sooner be corrected than give wrong information to my comrades, particularly as it is their lives at stake. It is truly a blessing to have an expert on the subject in our midst.

Jacob Hallowell--Pvt. Hallowell's brother--has written to update me. The buckwheat is sown and already sprouting. The blueberry bushes are planted, but they are struggling. The well has been dug, and its water is clean and good. The workmen have begun the walls for the addition, and Hallowell managed to procure slate to roof the entire house.

I must see these things for myself, but if it is all true, Pvt. Hallowell was not lying when he said his brother would make a capable steward.

Meantime, there is the locket to repair. I am not on assignment today, so I should be able to complete the work promptly. Replace the pin, unbend the clasp, and polish it. It is very precious to her; I must take the utmost care.

I love the joy of a client whose treasured belongings are restored to them. The memories of happiness, made fresh again by the sight of a beloved ring or watch or pendant made new...It is splendid to share in that, to make it happen for them. With all the destruction I must work, an act of healing seems to heal me as well. This is the Light.

We need more Light, in these dark days. It is so easy to forget, when I am so busy. The prayer beads help to compose my thoughts to holiness, to provide perspective.

My eyes must look upward, or else I will not see.
#12692421 Sep 08, 2016 at 02:42 PM
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8 September, afternoon

After reviewing what I wrote above, I should note for my own reference--and that of anyone who might happen to read this volume--I am grateful to Caiterina for caring. Too few people care about others, these days, and for her to see beyond the sphere of her own happiness is the mark of a great soul.

I jest about the methods, but I appreciate the sentiment.