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28 May

It's always some sort of fear spell. These evil magicians and what have you must always use fear spells. They must think those of us who value goodness have never gazed into the abyss, never doubted, never suffered. Ironic; of all the people I have ever met, the least introspective have always been the evil and the amoral.

I have found a friend here in Redridge. Miss Blakely came to find me this morning, and revived me from the last effects of the spell. Of everyone here, she seems to believe in me. I will do what I do regardless of anyone else, but it is good to know that I am not alone. A knight works best with a fair damsel to cheer him on.

My enemy is almost certainly a death knight, because he instantly raised an army of mindless corpses to beset me. This will require greater caution and strategy tonight.

I will have to miss the wedding. Despite my reservations, I should have liked to attend. But I am not my own; I am sworn to serve, and I must place the needs of others above my own pleasure. I hope the baron and baroness will understand.

I am a paladin. My path is Tenacity. My weapon is my shield. My calling is to protect.

I will protect the people of Lakeshire, and all the hordes of Hell will not drive me forth. May it be so.
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29 May

Last night went far more smoothly. As I suspected, the death knight went to ground, but still sent out his lackeys to do their wicked work. Thus, I have a prisoner.

When Magistrate Solomon arrives in his office, I will interrogate. If the prisoner will not cooperate, I will use my own peculiar methods. One need not inflict pain to make someone willing to talk.

I hope tonight that this will be done. I have cut off his hands, metaphorically, and thwarted him twice. The Rule of Three dictates that he must escalate tonight. I will be ready.

Thought to pursue: The doctrine of the Church of the Holy Light insists that all gods are below the Light. However, many regard the Light as a god, and therefore it follows that the Light is below the Light. This is not logical--but then, it is a doctrine of man, and not a revelation. Logic is too much to ask of those who would like to be their own gods, making their own laws for themselves.
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30 May

I feel I could sleep for a week, but my head is too full.

((There follow several starts, each of which is crossed out so many times that the page is littered with black rectangles.))

I can't empty it. I'll just play a few tunes and go to bed. I have too much to do over the next several days to waste hours on emotional rubbish. After all that just happened, why does this drive everything else out? Am I really so small and petty-minded?

No. Duty is first. Duty is all. My calling is to serve. I am a paladin. My calling is to serve.

((A later addition))

No more going out until this is settled. It is nobody's business but your own, Auromere; stop annoying your comrades with this. They do not and will not respect you if you do.

And if it's going to bother you that much to see people enjoying that which you are denied, there is something wrong with you. That something is called "envy", and it is a sin.

For Light's sake, Auromere, grow up and act like a man.
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31 May

A thought may seem wise in the dark of night, but the clear light of day reveals it as folly. How pointless my agonies of last night! It could never be, anyway. Best to let it die, as it certainly will, as it always does.

I begin to think that my skill at my craft should be applied to optics rather than ornamentation. How many people decline to read, for instance, not because they are lazy-minded but because they cannot see clearly? And how many of the blind could I help with the circlet I used when I myself lost my vision?

I am at a point where I must wait on anything further with holography, so perhaps I should bend my mind toward the betterment of the world, in real and practical ways. If it proves profitable enough and needful enough, I'll take an apprentice.

If I can spend so much time and energy worrying about irrelevancies, I don't have nearly enough to do. My calling is to serve--and if I cannot find a channel for that calling, then I will make one.
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1 June

I despise the burning of corpses and remains, but in an age when necromancers roam freely and are called "heroes", one can no longer leave anything to chance. I wonder how long it will be before graveyards become a thing of the past, something little children wonder at when they're told it was the tradition?

I received word that the emitter would be finished today. Will collect it tomorrow. I still haven't worked out how to create solid targets for battle simulation, and it vexes me. The array won't be complete until I can account for that need, and the longer it takes, the more often my comrades are placed in danger in the name of training. Life is too precious to risk it so.

She wrote to me already. I haven't read it yet. It isn't that I don't want to; I do, very badly, and that is the problem. I should not be such a slave to my feelings. They unbalance me, make me irritable, degrade me. Until I can master my emotions again, I cannot give myself this indulgence, or it will rule me and ruin me. Feelings lie. Duty is truth, and my duty is clear.

I haven't fasted in a while. I should probably do so before deployment. Hunger forces me to distract myself, and I can accomplish much more. One day should be enough.

As I review these notes, there appear too many first-person pronouns. Shameful. Pride is getting away from me. Find a way to mortify it.
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4 June

Just finished a solid round of exercise this morning. I don't feel I'm out of shape, but feelings do lie, and it isn't good to be spoken of in contempt by others. They may never respect me, but at least they needn't hold me in contempt. If they hold me in contempt, they may come to lose reverence for the Light.

It was mentioned that our supplies might be short; indeed, the Lord-Marshal expressed concern that we might not be well provisioned. A perfect excuse to forage and fend for myself, but that leaves everyone else hungry. Will have to find out what I can do. Perhaps I can make a gift to the regiment. (Reminder: Check on shipment to Cpl. Stonewall's tower. Didn't hear from him, so it might not have arrived before we left.)

It is very gratifying to have Lord Montclair in direct command again. The very atmosphere is different. Much as I am sure Capt. Laldere is competent and respectable, he is a man of the world, and of blood. Lord Montclair is more concerned with doing things righteously, which bodes favorable. I will also keep my eyes heavenward.

Hologram was a success. I will be able to use it for instruction, perhaps on the 13th. The troops will certainly deserve entertainment. How to make it special? I must keep my eyes and mind open.

No luck on discovering a means to crystallize remedies so far. This is beyond my skill. I brought some books on the subject of synthetic crystals, in hopes that I can stumble upon something brilliant. All things in their time; current medical practices are adequate, even if not wholly safe.

The irony of education is that the more one learns, the more one feels his own ignorance. I have much to learn.
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6 June, midnight

It hurts, but I will not be so weak as to take the painkiller. I am weak in every other way, but in this I will be strong. I am called to endure, and endure I will.

I was the only one so badly injured. If anyone finds fault in me for it, though, then I don't know what to tell him. I stood in the gap, held the line, and defended my comrades, which cost me my armor; then I took a bullet in the side, trying to protect them. I was at the front of the charge even then. I marched back without help, all the long way. If that's not good enough, then I don't know what would be.

I find I also don't care.

I'm going to sleep now, so I can wake up and bleed for everyone another day. Whether they understand it or not, whether they respect it or not, this is my calling.

My calling is to protect. My calling is to serve.

I wish my calling didn't require quite so many trips to the quartermaster, though.
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6 June, morning

What a bitter fellow I've become, so much so that I eagerly seek injury where there is none intended. Nobody treated me badly last night. They respected that I said I could march, and didn't force anything on me. Indeed, they took me at my word. And most of all, they stayed away while I suffered, let me have my privacy and dignity.

What was I expecting? Sleep heals stupidity, thank the Light.

I wasn't the only one badly injured; I shouldn't treat walking head injuries so lightly. Recruit Hopefield took a hard blow to the skull. He didn't complain much. He has greater strength than I.

I don't know what's wrong with Mother Muriah. She was acting very strangely last night. It's probably none of my business. I'll just keep an eye on her, as with anyone else.
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7 June

Sir Thomas Reignsford is a decent fellow, and I appreciate his listening to me natter on. Dr. Telcordi has quite a capacity for leadership, as well; he headed up last night's mission and handled it very well. Pvt. West is demonstrating a lot of skill as a musketeer, very promising.

Impromptu test of the projector was a success. A new application for this technology may be in the works--but I would really prefer to use it for education and training, especially on a larger scale than currently. Being able to simulate an assault on an enemy base before carrying it out would save so many lives--though that's a dream for many years hence. There are so many factors that have to be accounted for in such a rig.

  • A large image with sound lasted seven seconds, due to limitations of power source.
  • Range limited to how far one can gently toss the device.
  • Related: If it landed upside down, it would be worthless.
  • Distortion on quadrant C. Probably an issue with the data crystal rather than the emitter.

Two of my comrades demonstrated significant resistance to the concept, to the point of taking personal offense. This is one of the major hurdles in innovation. But their resistance is irrelevant; the technology already exists, and it will someday be in every hand, including and especially those of our enemies. We must adapt or die; that is the law of life.

What an amusing inversion, now that I contemplate it: The flaming religious zealot of the company is the one agitating for progress.
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8 June

The water supply at Kingsland was in jeopardy, but with our usual professionalism, the First Regiment saved the day. I used two of my sunfire stones, which fractured under the stress of releasing their stored heat, leaving me one only. When I return to Stormwind, I will have to try to cut more.

What concerns me is how those aberrations got into the drinking water. They were susceptible to the Holy Light, which in my experience indicates some sort of intelligent motivation--either on their part, or on the part of who- or whatever put them there. This is not Pandaria; things like that don't spontaneously appear. Unfortunately, all potential samples were destroyed, so all I have is conjecture. I will simply have to keep my eyes open.

I find the lack of faith among people these days disturbing. With the arrival of the draenei, the defeat of the Lich King, the redemption of the blood elves, and so many other demonstrations of the Light's power and grace of late, I cannot understand why it should be this way. Even many of the clergy seem to be falling away into error. This is not good. The blood elves' blasphemy was tolerated so as to bring them back into the fold, but we are already supposed to be there. We have no excuse.

On an unrelated note, the bacon I'd laid by made a fine treat for the troops. Chef Jessen was a good man, to give me that job when I needed work. I miss him, as I miss everyone from Southshore. They were family when I had none.

Growing melancholy now. Time to think of something else.

Sgt. Grunwald is an affable soul, well-mannered, and a capable leader. He seems to be fast friends with Cpl. Stonewall--which is all the better for both, I get the impression. Everyone should have friends, if friends can be had.

Recruit Hopefield's faith is simple but true. The Light must have known he meant it, or else it wouldn't have responded to him. He seemed not to know that. Again, people don't understand how the Holy Light works, that it resides in us all, and grows and responds to how we choose to live and believe. I think I will find out what he chooses, if the opportunity presents itself. Also see if he knows any folk tunes, or is interested in learning.

Guard duty tonight, so I'll not be able to join Pvt. O'Creagh's hunting party. Just as well; I don't want to be irreverent by using the Holy Light to kill brute animals when a bullet will do the job perfectly well.

Sunfire is a difficult cut, usable only on sunstones with a very specific chemical composition. One error in cutting, and it will shatter when exposed to sunlight for too long. I was lucky to have created one, much less three.
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((There is a page torn out between the previous and this. The handwriting here is a little shaky.))

10 June

What a day. First securing a mine, then a troll attack, then a last stand, and then firefighting, and then medic work. I'm still exhausted.

I found a crystal in the mine, which I believe to be one of the famous Singing Crystals. It is beautiful, but more than that, it emits a hypnotic signal when caused to vibrate. I've wrapped it well in cotton and place it in a bag all its own, just to be safe. I'm torn as to whether to offer it to Private Sebale, to submit with his report; likely I should, as it's technically the property of the colony and kingdom, but on the other hand, I'm not sure they would appreciate it for what it is. What a dilemma! I can think of a dozen immediate applications for this...

We held the eastern gate during the attack, although injured, but the southern gate fell, and we were forced back into the center of camp. I think I may have lost my temper. The idea that my comrades might be endangered or taken prisoner or killed offended me, for some reason. It's been a long time since I've felt that way.

Then it was firefighting. Everyone got singed, but Cpl. Stonewall was overwhelmed. (Cpl. Stonewall was absolutely brilliant today.) Fortunately, Dr. Telcordi had the situation well in hand when it came time to treat him, but it was touch-and-go for a while. Pvt. O'Creagh was greatly distressed, more so than one would expect, unless

((There follow several blotted-out words.))

it's none of my business. But it would explain the open contempt.

Speaking of which, Recruit Falconheart. She is brittle. I give her the benefit of the doubt because, being quel'dorei, she has been through much in the last odd years. She was injured and tired besides, so how could I not forgive? I have been forgiven more. All starts are rocky. I will be kinder.

Lord Montclair is with us. I am afraid I may have offended him by speaking out of turn. In my defense, when I am serving as a medic, I usually have to become overbearing with even my superiors, or else they will avoid or decline treatment. But that does not justify it. Would apologize to him directly if I were sure it wasn't inappropriate. Others seemed satisfied when he said he had cared for his own wounds.

Perhaps that's why nobody asked me if I needed treatment. I am also a paladin, expected by my fellow mortals to survive, serve others, and do so without flagging or faltering. And meantime, some of them expect me to do this without recourse to the Holy Light...

I should rest some more. This is becoming fragmented and scattershot anyway.

((The following appears to be a later addition--after some rest, as the hand is steadier.))

Assigned to the evening shift at the medical pavilion. Light willing, I won't have any new patients. Some of these soldiers are in a bad way.
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((Much of what is on this page appears to be random hen scratch, very different from the usual measured, practiced hand. There are also several designs, surrounded by words in Draeneiis.

((The main entry appears to have been started and laid aside several times.))

13 June

Things go ill, and things go well. We are now at war with the Bloodscalp tribe, our offer of mercy and peace spurned--although it is possible we had a hand in instigating it. Nonetheless, it is now what it is, and against a foe most unreasonable we must strive, while not ourselves becoming them.

Civilization is hard, but walking the rockier path reaps higher rewards. That is why we are healthy and prosperous and wise, and especially we humans are the great leaders of the Alliance, lifting up and bringing together many races and inspiring them to bring their very best, and making peace even with the hateful Horde.

Granted, if it were not we to do these things, surely the Light would choose another race--such as the draenei or the quel'dorei--but we are chosen. I hope we can be humble this time.

It is not for nothing that we are so hated by the Legion, and all forces of darkness.

Many were injured, including myself. My lungs rebel again, this time due to partial drowning. Always plaguing me, my lungs. Worst is that it's not visible, like an arrow wound or a severed limb, so it smacks of infirmity rather than being a legitimate injury.

On a happier note, I have been instructed to lead patrols for the next cycle or two, and tonight I will give a lecture on the history of the trolls of the Vale. This lecture is well-timed, after last night's exhausting and rather disappointing engagement; the troops may rest and learn. Perhaps I can impart some information that will allow someone to make a connection, inspire an idea, and avoid another risk of death and dismemberment with our enemies.

Pvt. O'Creagh used visual aids to explain formations to our new recruits. Perhaps I will take a leaf from her book tonight.

New recruits arrived with our commanders. I think they'll do very well. Beauchene, Blackwood, and Butterchurn--and only now do I realize they all start with a "B". Rather amusing.

I was given the singing blue crystal, for research and to safeguard. My task is twofold: determine its properties, and devise uses for same. Now all I need is the space to do research safely, and perhaps an assistant from time to time. Possibly I can catch some rats for test subjects.

Also received a bit of praise from Lord-Marshal--nothing others don't also deserve, of course, but it is a fine thing to hear it. Perhaps overrating it due to fatigue and lingering injuries. Very much at risk of developing significant ego inflation. Should go back to trying to juggle, since I never have managed the knack of it; that should humble me.

((There follows a great deal more hen scratch, the legible bits of which appear to pertain to troll history.))
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14 June

After reflection, it occurs to me that my gnomish counterparts used the image of a chicken to test the device, and simply left the data crystal with the others. I suppose I should be grateful that they didn't use a picture of someone in lingerie.

I hope the lecture was interesting, and that the information will help find new paths to dealing with the enemies. Nobody fell asleep, so that's something.

Pvt. Sebale is very good with a shield. I was not kidding when I said he taught me a new trick. Unsurprisingly, he is very strong; what he needs, though, is speed. Of course, last night could have been a fluke, and Pvt. Sebale is actually much faster than that. Perhaps I'll watch a few more times before making any recommendations. But if I'm right, a little help with his footwork and reflexes will make him almost unstoppable.

I've been directed to be "buddies" with Recruit Beauchene, but only insofar as he consents. He is much older than I am, and a veteran already, which makes the offer of advice or instruction rather awkward. Perhaps I should lean more toward the intricacies of conduct and procedure?

The name "Beauchene" is familiar, though I can't place it.

Caught some rats this morning, and fashioned two cages to hold them. They may decide to chew their way out, but until I can trouble one of the smiths to make an iron cage, this will have to do. They'll make good test subjects when I begin exploring the effects of the singing crystals. I must make sure not to name them this time...

To do:
  • Write report on lecture.
  • Prepare essay, using lecture notes.
  • Prepare research design for s.c.
  • Make sure not to get too distracted for duty today.
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15 June

Last night was a recruits' training session, and it was informative. I came away with my memory refreshed and the best example of how to conduct such a session. I am glad I attended.

A new recruit joined us afterward: Norien Onnon, a brother paladin. He has experience with field hospitals and healing, so it seems it's time for me to relinquish my self-appointed position as Stopgap Medic. It's just as well; he's surely better at it than I am, and in any case, it was diverting me from my research.

An iron cage is now in the making for the rats. I made a terrible mistake and dubbed one of them Slip, as he made a daring escape attempt and almost succeeded. Now that the name is in place, I can't not use it. I suppose I may as well name the others: Sop, who butts her head against the water tap and gets it wet before drinking; Vervet, who has similar markings to the species of monkey and also likes to climb her wooden cage; and Puff, now cleaned up and proving very flocculent indeed. I may need more, but four are as many as I care to manage at the moment, especially considering the limitations of space.

Research on the s.b.c. should begin with a typical gemological assessment. Once its static physical properties are logged, testing of its effects may begin. Need to devise controls for comparison at each stage.

Rumors that we will be assisting with some legal issue in Kingsland today. I volunteered to lead a patrol on Saturday; it remains to be seen what will be needed then.
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16 June

For a moment, I was reminded of those horrible days when I lost my home. Questionable shipment, grain clearly tampered with...Fortunately, it was smuggling and not anything more sinister. I would rather Kingsland didn't become New Stratholme.

The ones responsible for the smuggling, on this end, are dead. I would consider this excessive if they hadn't attempted to kill us all first, but they made their intentions clear--first by shooting at us, and then by refusing to surrender when they might.

We took a prisoner who did surrender, but he was "accidentally" killed before he could be interrogated. I couldn't save him; he was dead just as I reached him, and it was judged his time to move on by whatever powers decree such things. There is a threshold none can pass, not even the greatest healers, and I am far from being among them.

((This section is written in Thalassian.))

The bulk of the smuggling operation appears to be taking place in Stormwind Harbor, so our part is done for now. Col. Barbaro's alleged misfire will be investigated and officially disposed of by Colonial authority. However, if something dodgy is going on here, he will be acquitted with very little investigation. We shall see if he comes back to us, and if so, how he conducts himself. He's squandered the trust of our regiment, though--what little he had, anyway. If I questioned his intentions, surely others did as well.

My concern that Sgt. Grunwald is involved has been laid to rest. Unless he is one of the great actors of our time, he was as taken aback as the rest of us. He was surprised and angry with Col. Barbaro, and prepared to see him prosecuted to the fullest extent. If he is somehow tangled up in this mess, he is certainly not in the inner circle.

((At this point, the entry reverts to Common.))

Tonight, we are called upon to return to the colony and handle another ongoing disruption. I am tasked with its handling, in fact. The only condition of failure is death and destruction, so unless things go catastrophically sideways, this shouldn't be too hard. With a little finesse, we may even reconcile the ruffians to joining us.

That said, between last night's duty shift in the infirmary and this operation, I will not have time to proceed with my assessment of the s.b.c. I need to catch and cleanse another rat, anyway; Puff has gone to live with Mother Muriah.

((A note appears to have been added later.))

Must write to Riyaa. Recent events prompt audits of investments. Would rather not be involved in dodgy business myself. Not everyone has my scruples.
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17 June

This is a better use of my time.

((There follows a fair number of sketches and schematics, enveloped by writing in a language that looks like several others, but is none of them. It appears to be a pastiche of languages, characters and words selected from each.))

It's easier this way.
#12472572 Jun 18, 2016 at 09:24 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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((The following is not dated, though it appears after the previous entry.))

Subject: Singing Blue Crystal

Retrieved: 9 June, 36 L.C.

Origin: Located growing from body of a basilisk. Sample was excised during battle, and shattered upon impact with the cave floor; specimen is the largest single fragment.

Physical description: A light blue crystal, roughly thirty carats, irregular surfacing, hexagonal prism with pyramidal terminations, 1" long and 3/4" on widest width.

Impromptu test of vibration at site of recovery appeared to induce sluggishness in a roach. This is consistent with soldiers' reactions to exposure during combat, suggesting that this crystal is the means/source of basilisks' "spells".


Symmetry: Hexagonal dipyramidal
Luster: Nonmetallic/vitreous in most lights, but pearly in lamplight. Unable to test in heartglobe light due to non-availability.
Birefringence: Present, albeit negligibly. Noted pleochroism in moonlight, however: cornflower blue.
Diaphaneity: Transparent
Streak: White
Hardness: 7.2
Density: 3.30*
Cleavage/Fracture: Conchoidal fracture, as observed at site of recovery.
Luminescence: None
Optics: Layered. Biaxial core, with remainder uniaxial.**
Inclusions: None ***

* Density test was not quite as reliable as one would like; will require more careful testing with standardized equipment upon return to Stormwind City.

** How this crystal has an independent core after having been part of a larger formation is a mystery.

*** In light of the process by which this crystal must have grown, this is unexpected.

HANDLING NOTE: Crystal, when caused to vibrate strongly, appears to emit a hypnotic frequency that can induce sluggishness or even unconsciousness or death in nearby lifeforms, for reasons yet unclear. Testing of such will require extreme caution. If not for the myriad crystallized victims at the site of recovery, one would suspect that the talk of petrification was metaphorical.

Subnote: Examine body of any person killed by a basilisk's stare. Prefer that there be no victims to study, of course. May require autopsy; seek permission from Church.
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20 June

I seem to be improving with my use of my shield. I killed both cannoneers and destroyed the cannon before they could prime the things to fire on us. I wish I might have spared the men, but we would have been killed if the cannon had fired, or our ship would have been damaged. It was a good use of my powers while the others were busy with Capt. Hammond.

It seemed our prowess was not lost on most of the remaining pirates; most surrendered rather than face our wrath. Only a few truly held out; I think they may have been ones to have nothing to lose. We--with one notable exception that concerns me, as always--waited for the pirates to make their intentions clear before using violence again.

Principle of negotiation: One can make the best point, the most elegant speech, the most sensible offers, but if the other party is unwilling to consider them, one may as well be babbling nonsense.

The way I reason is to assess my situation, eliminate impossibilities or absurdities, and then move forward with the most viable path. But most people do not view the world in so rational a manner. I think therein has been my failure as a negotiator: I begin on a negative note. I should begin with encouraging them to say "yes", to agree with me, so as to prime them to agree later when they might not otherwise.

It smacks of manipulation, which causes my conscience to rise up; the virtue of Respect demands that I treat others as equals, and equals to me, before the Light. But people are not truly equals, not in any practical sense: strength, intelligence, wisdom, etc. No more are people equals in terms of personal virtue or cultivation. Wherein they are equal is capacity for virtue, and the Source of the Light's love for them, and desire that their wills be united to his will.

Thus, I must adjust my notions of Respect. It is not disrespectful to guide foolhardy men and women through subtlety, by knowing the workings of their minds and using that knowledge.

What I cannot do is overcome the universal assumption that a thin-looking man is unworthy of respect. Half the time, I feel I'm dealing with gnolls; I have to prove I can outfight them before they'll respect me.

Side thought: Are we really that much better than the savage races we deem unworthy of rights?

((The following appears to have been added later.))

Great Light, it's a good thing this is a private journal. One would think me arrogant by what I wrote above. Fortunately, I'm acquainted with my own thought processes--but I must guard against allowing this to grow into arrogance.

I have weaknesses. I am not strong. I am not all-wise.

What I am, I was born to be. What I have, I was given. What I do, proceeds from what I was taught.

I am a paladin. I am a servant. I kneel that others might rise.
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20 June

Well, if the army doesn't quite work out for me, I have a bright future awaiting me as a line cook. Cpl. Stonewall was most generous toward us.

I will take what remains of this evening to rest, reflect, and recover. The moment's peace is more precious than any of my trade goods, I think.

The new rat's name is Dither, because she seems to have a hard time deciding what to eat out of the food I give them.
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22 June

I lay awake most of the night, praying that what we did will prove part of a lasting peace. I am proud, so very proud, that our regiment has done this good and noble deed--not just for our Horde neighbors, but for the Alliance, and the world.

This is what we ought to do. The only purpose of war, for the civilized man, is the peace on the other end of it. Armies are only a necessary evil. The idea that glory is had in constant bloodshed (for its own sake) is, after all, a barbarian one.

The STC will not be pleased that they have new competition in Grom'gol. They have only their own, personal interests at heart, and have not even the benefit of being morally colorblind to make up for it; they cloak their scheming and rapacity with "the greater good". This means that they will act predictably, in the furtherance of their gain of gold and power. Small souls are always predictable.

They will almost certainly move, soon, to consolidate their hold and squeeze out their competitors, by legal or illegal means--and possibly to punish us in some way, or at least limit our influence and reach. They will also redouble their efforts back in Stormwind to paint themselves as ministering angels, and likely they will try to discredit us. I hope our representatives at court will be wise.

Because if the STC are not checked, they will bleed Kingsland dry, and destroy everything we have fought and suffered and even died to help achieve. They are small souls, and do not have the foresight to understand what they do.

My duty is clear: To act righteously, and encourage my comrades to do the same, so that we can stand blameless in the eyes of all. The wicked are always revealed by the presence of good, because their falseness becomes clear from the comparison. Give them nothing to complain of, other than that we aren't playing the mindless puppet to their ambitions.

On a more personal note, I think I did not distinguish myself much last night. But there was no chance. The troll's time had been decreed, so I could not save him. I do not speak Trollish; not turning over my place to Pvt. Falconheart would have been acting like a dog in a manger. I fought no better than anyone else--and was even caught in the barrage, unlike everyone else.

Then again, seeking my own glory at the cost of others' would make me no different from the Trading Company.