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((This journal is filled with notations in four languages, bars of meticulously-copied music, the odd sketch of something or other accompanied by calculations of who knows what, and scattered writings.))

10 May


Other people know what they're about. You know Montclair wouldn't allow anyone to have authority unless he knew what he was about. You insult everyone with your arrogance.

And yes, you are arrogant. You overrate your ability--particularly, your conception of your self-control. A little pain, a little discomfort, and you panic and lose your head. Self-control should be a reflex, ingrained so deeply that you revert to it when everything else is gone; you should be dying a dozen different ways and still be able to keep your calm. After so many years in the field, why in the name of all that's holy are you still so undisciplined?

You were once a model officer, Auromere, and since then you've gone so far downhill you're an embarrassment to anyone associated with you. If they throw you out, you deserve it. You could have killed everyone. Thankfully, nobody knows you nor has reason to trust you, or else the camp would have been lost. Sgt. Grunwald is a better man than you. All of them are better men than you--even the women are better men than you.


((The text breaks off here. Later, it resumes, with less agitation apparent in the handwriting.))

Plan going forward:

  • Keep mouth shut and do as told.
  • Find ways to induce fear response? (Conditioning; obv. during off-duty time)
  • Keep head down and eyes open.
  • Unlearn wrong assumptions.

You are not who you think you are. You are never who you think you are.
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11 May

Began enacting plan, and it worked quite well. That's more like the man you ought to be, Auromere.

We did not accomplish our objective. Dame Clarissa suggested the use of a scrying stone to track our target, but His Grace declined. However, this started a line of thought I wish to pursue.

This volume does not have those notes, I discovered only now. I have sent to Riyaa, to forward me another, which I believe pertains. I hope it has something more promising; at the moment, my calculations suggest that a gem capable of pinpointing the target's location would have to be roughly the size of the mountain behind me. The filtering facets alone would require every licensed lapidarist in the Alliance and four weeks.

I think even the draenei would consider that to be an absurd use of time.

Pvt. O'Creagh keeps calling me "Mister Auromere". I suppose that's as accurate as anything else, now that Lordaeron is unlikely to be restored. Do I place too much importance into my former incipient title?

I'll have to think that through tomorrow. It is late, and I need sleep. My lungs are still a bit weak, and the bruise rising on my chest doesn't help.

((There follow a few diagrams of the crystal described above, with phrases around it written in Draenei.))
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12 May

Bade farewell to the Southern Barrens today, even though I only just got here. Then again, who isn't happy to leave the Barrens?

We've been diverted home: my home, Lordaeron. This is a moment I hadn't dared hope for. I mustn't get my hopes up, though; we go as reinforcements, not in force. I am too inclined to emotion right now. I will address the subject later, when I can be alone.

((The journal entry ends, and the following comes next:))

Tense cut, so named not for its own qualities of augmenting physical strength and prowess in battle, but for the condition of the lapidarist. Deceptive simplicity; easily ruined by a chip on the long keel. Best for purple gems--roguestone, amethyst, certain varieties of serpent's eye--that contain iron impurities.

((There follow more like this. Someone's apparently reviewing his lessons.))

((Credit to the International Gem Society for the diagram.))
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12 May, add'l

Very little to do on a ship. Were it not so crowded, I would apply myself to study--but my new comrades are boisterous.

Ironically, I feel rather "at sea" myself. Very few of the people I knew, once upon a time, are still enlisted. I think Lord Montclair and Sir Ismond may be the only ones. I have heard that Carith is still about, but I haven't seen her yet. As far as camaraderie is concerned, I must start over.

Pvt. O'Creagh turns out to be an acquaintance worth cultivating; she has a kind heart and much courage, and the unique ability to listen to a loquacious scholar natter on without falling asleep. Pvt. Sebale is a good sort, too--though my judgment may be impaired by the big-brother instinct he evoked in me last night; still, he took a blow for a fellow soldier, and there is no greater love than that. Cpl. Stonewall is a man of hard words, but he seems to have a heart for his troops, and the determination to see a task done.

I hesitate to make any judgment call on Dame Clarissa. She is a very hard sort of person, which irrationally seems worse in a woman than a man. Ambitious, too, unless I miss my guess; she addresses Lord Montclair whenever he is about, directly and almost familiarly. They might be friends, though; he has a wide acquaintance and an open heart, by my memory. After all, he once called even me a friend, as insignificant as I am.

Mother Muriah Laldere seemed soft at first, but there is a strength of heart underneath that would rival a hardened warrior. To ride boldly into battle, and so ill-defended? That is most worthy. I find I want to play the violin for her, just to please her. She reminds me of my own mother (rest her).

The others, I have yet to interact with meaningfully. Time will tell. They are all very competent in battle, whatever else they may be.

And now we go together to Lordaeron. I find myself unable to think of much else. With luck and blessings, we will make some inroads toward retaking my homeland. I do wonder where we will end up. If it is anywhere near Northlight Vigil, I'm not sure I can resist going to have a look at the ruins.

I had better resist. It ill becomes a knight, a paladin, a soldier to lack the discipline to overcome impulses like that.

Of course, this raises a problem. I am now a citizen of Stormwind, and swore fealty to its king. If Lordaeron is restored, whose am I? Does my current oath have priority over the legal responsibilities I would have as an earl, after my father passes? Legal responsibilities both to the throne of Lordaeron and to my tenants; I can hardly abandon the latter, can I?

I hope Father manages not to drown in a gutter before my tour of duty is over. He might at least do that for me; it's not as if he's done much else.
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13 May

Needs larger paper for further detail, and a better pencil.

The reflections from this gem would blind a naaru, and possibly set the planet on fire.
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13 May

We were sent off-course and ended up in Menethil Harbor. The port is still well sunk; after several years, I'm rather surprised they haven't made greater progress in draining the low places. I should ask Riyaa to investigate the contracting process; getting my hand in the construction business during times of destruction might be a wise investment. There is a very large force of displaced workmen whom I might be able to connect with labor and income.

We marched overland to Refuge Pointe, whence we will march this evening to rendezvous with our allies. To my great surprise, my old drill instructor Jackson Baifers is still enlisted. It was a pleasure to see him again--although he's a very tactile fellow.

I feel more a part of the Regiment now, after spending some time interacting. I still cringe inwardly every time I feel I've made a bad attempt, when someone doesn't "get" my jokes, when nobody seems to hear me, when I'm left alone. But courage is pressing on in the face of fear, and I believe I am demonstrating courage. Part of success is reaching out to others, rather than waiting for them to reach out to oneself. I feel successful.

Perhaps tonight, if our situation is not too risky, I may play for my comrades again. I begin to understand my old friend Mei Lan, who once told me that the greatest pleasure is to give pleasure to others. (Pandaren can be very wise.) To see them cheered or swayed by my music lifted my own heart. I only wish I could get others to join me; the music would be even finer with a guitar or hand-drum. Perhaps next time, I should ask Pvt. O'Creagh to join in again.

As to the gem: I have no intention of crafting it. Granted, it's not even a remote possibility, as no single gem of that size could exist. Still, in the interests of scientific curiosity, it bears following through. This is not pure obsession; someone else, in the far-flung future, might happen upon the design and draw inspiration. Sometimes the things we do only bear fruit long after we've forgotten we sowed the seed.

Speaking of the future, note for myself: Don't grapple with Kingsman Blackwell when sparring. He doesn't pull his punches.
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14 May

Not tonight, diary; I have a headache.

((Later, the handwriting resumes, more steady.))

Not the longest shift I ever pulled, but it was long. I was up at dawn; I exercised, trained, studied, and prayed much of the day. We marched to the Hinterlands, and then fought against yet another eldritch horror beyond our ken. I spent the time afterward healing the wounded and helping to move them out; and then, in all my brilliance, I volunteered to stand guard for six hours--at 11:00 at night. I got to bed around 5:30, and lay there for what must have been an hour, fighting my own mind. Maybe three hours' sleep?

I am tired, and slightly giddy. I hope I can keep my composure today. Perhaps it's best if I keep quiet.

Note: Pvt. Sebale and Pvt. O'Creagh are very close. Give them space.

Note: Don't judge Dame Clarissa. Something is amiss with her, but whatever it is, it's not enough to keep Lord Montclair from knighting her. Trust his judgment. Keep her at arm's length, just like you do with everyone else. Remember that befriending people has always resulted in heartbreak.

Note: Sgt. Jamerson put his arm around my shoulders. Why is everyone touching me lately? Do I look like I need a hug?
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15 May

Pursue thought: Judgment is a function of cognition and will. How can an impersonal force, which has neither, execute judgment?

I spend entirely too much time dwelling on gossip. It does not become a man or a knight--nor does it particularly concern me. Let others work out their own problems, and probosculate only if those problems threaten the well-being of the regiment. They have given me that respect; give it in return.

And yet, I find I cannot watch others in obvious pain or distress, not without trying to help them. Not to take away the pain, no--that is beyond my power--but perhaps to help them find their own way to peace.

That was what I was trying to do for Pvt. Raiwood. She judges herself so harshly, expects from herself truly superhuman capacity. That kind of expectation only leads to endless suffering. I tried several times to remind her that she, like the rest of us, is only human, but she wouldn't receive it until I pointed out that it smacked of conceit, and insult to her friends (although I know that thought never entered her mind). I know it hurt her, but it was meant as the faithful wound of a friend.

Perhaps I should follow up soon. I wonder if she has skill with a shield? I might invite her to spar with me.

Idea: Have Riyaa forward some books for Pvt. Sebale.

Reckless cut. So named for sacrifice of light around the edge in favor of central brilliance. Function is to channel energy to enhance celerity of thought. Best for gems with allochromatic orange hue, although idiochromatic can serve as well.
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16 May

There are no purple lotuses in the Hinterlands.

Went on an outing yesterday with some of the other enlisted, ostensibly in search of medicinal herbs. However, when we encountered the falls near Quel'Danil Lodge, most of my comrades were tempted beyond their resistance by the cool waters. I cannot blame them, but likewise, I could not join them; this is hostile territory, and someone had to remain under arms. Cpl. Stonewall appeared to think the same.

Fortunately, we made no hostile contacts, not even on the strand. Most of my comrades jumped over the waterfall. They left their armor behind, and I had no choice but to follow so that they would not be caught unarmed and helpless. They mocked me for it--something about a "knight in shining armor, and specs"--but I will endure mockery for the sake of my friends.

Why do I think of them as friends? I promised myself I would not do that, not again. Surely they do not think of me as a friend. Who would? Who has? Why should they? And, as familiarity breeds contempt, why should I wish it?

Hozak Smokeyday, of the League of Lordaeron, is a splendid lutenist. I hope we get the opportunity to play together again.

Defender's cut, so named for its resemblance to a shield. Conveniently, it channels energy to improve reflexes and endurance, both of which are necessary for a shieldbearer. Best for purple-hued gems such as shadow spinel and demonseye.
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17 May

Hozak Smokeyday is a skilled lutenist and the embodiment of the wrath of Nature. I suppose it's not for nothing that they say you should "beware the silly ones".

Last night, we did battle with a Legion incursion, which was attempting to raise some sort of undead fel dragon. I may now have seen everything. I put in some good shots, but others were even more effective. I am tempted to feel a failure, but I did adequately, and helped heal the wounded afterward.

Pvt. Raiwood was badly injured. She is so eager to protect others, she forgets to protect herself. I will have to help her hone her skills with a shield, and a few other defensive arts, when she's back on her feet.

Pvt. O'Creagh was also put in a bad way. Fortunately, Dame Clarissa was able to help her, so I could extend my assistance to others. It wouldn't do to be the one, every single time. People might talk, and that's the last thing I need--the last thing after Pvt. Sebale offering to fight me, of course.

Recruit Domri Revane might not have covered himself in glory by killing many, but he's shown a willing and courageous soul. He'll do all right. I may offer to help him "learn the ropes", if it wouldn't offend him--after I quite figure them out myself, of course.

Note to self: Watch Cpl. Stonewall. He's too apt to let himself be and stay injured, if he thinks others need medical attention more. Self-sacrifice is an admirable virtue, but any virtue is a vice when taken out of its proper context.

((The next bit is in less careful handwriting, with a few words in Thalassian.))

Ball post setting(?) from which this gem dangles. Emerald and gold. Poss. crystal/diamond mounted on post. Apexis?

Design flaw: Designer not good at this.
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18 May

Old habits die hard, it would seem.

The Forsaken ambushed our caravan, and I prefer not to think on the madness that followed. Some things simply shouldn't be dwelt on.

Immediately after the danger had passed, I went about triage, and assisting the wounded. Cpl. Stonewall was in a bad way, but Dr. Telcordi had him well in hand, so I looked after the others.

Thus I was simply in the right place at the right time when someone called for a medic. Cmdr. Rione (?) was near death, and Dr. O'Dell so wounded that she could not help her. Recruit Revane had damaged his hands to the point of disability.

I took command without thinking, as if I were still a lieutenant. I gave orders to the priest to assist the commander, sent a death knight whose name escapes me to give a message to Capt. Laldere, and directed Pvt. Ironblood to...I don't remember what, but I told her to do something. I began the process of healing Dr. O'Dell, and when Dr. Telcordi arrived, I gave her into his care and looked after Recruit Revane--again, ordering him to receive treatment rather than requesting.

I believe I breached protocol in a dozen different ways, including not addressing Capt. Laldere when he arrived. At the time, though, it seemed necessary to act as I did. I will probably be disciplined for it, nonetheless.

Cpl. Stonewall has alleviated some of my concerns, as he willingly sought treatment when he was injured. Of course, when he was on the mend, he began to resist the treatment plan, but again, old habits. Fortunately, he has friends who care for him. Friends don't let friends harm themselves.

At least there is some virtue left in this tired old world.

Now I sit awake, watching the infirmary while Dr. O'Dell sleeps. She insists I call her "Alessa", but I need not do so in the privacy of my own journal, need I? She is still injured and weak, and makes the classic error of assuming that rest and healing won't improve her efficiency. I promised to wake her after an hour, though, and I will be a man of my word.

This was unacceptable. What's worse is that I had the means for them to avoid danger. I had just crafted my first scrying stones today, and should have offered one to Sir Thomas. I should have offered one to Capt. Laldere, as well. I will give one to Sir Thomas, should I see him, but it probably won't pay for the spilled blood. All the gems in the world are not so precious as that.

I must, I will find new ways to help and improve the situation of the Regiment.
  • Recommend standard equipment for all scouts and officers: scrying stones;
  • Investigate holography and applications, esp. training;
  • Draenei technologies for camouflage and demolitions.
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19 May

The scrying crystals do not work flawlessly. They do allow unlimited observation, but can be observed. I must investigate of what that is an effect, to see if it can be counteracted.

Perhaps it is best if I make that a secondary project, not unlike the Greater Scrying Gem. I may have larger fish to fry.

Riyaa forwarded a copy of a draenei text on holography, along with the rest of the books. (She seems to be something of a prophet, as I didn't ask her for that one.) The emitters are complex, and will require expertise that I haven't yet developed. I can make the parts, but putting them together is perhaps beyond my immediate capacity.

But if I manage to construct them, I could theoretically donate to the Regiment a means to carry out no-risk training exercises, using holograms. The more I think about it, the more excited I find myself. Being able to grant every member of our outfit the ability to train without risking injury? That would be quite something, and it would go a long way toward helping them protect themselves and one another.

Tonight's excursion went well enough, for our part. However, I feel conflicted. My strength and my presence were used so that Cmdr. Rione could arrange to betray someone to whom she gave her word. I feel used, and badly; and I find myself wondering if I should have stepped in.

No, I should not; I did right. She was in charge, and my superiors did not see fit to intervene. It would have been beyond my authority. Let the consequences be on her, and her people, for what she proposes to do. I have no love for the trolls of the Hinterlands, but right is right, and honorable dealing does not change.

I will not give further aid to it. I will not make the mistake of my nation.

I am a bit concerned for Pvt. Sebale. He has been acting increasingly absent for the last few days. It may be fairly normal for him--nobody else seems troubled--but considering all the madness we've been through since I re-enlisted, I think I'll keep an eye on him. It's probably nothing, and others are probably watching as well, but just in case, I'll watch him myself.

Recruit Revane is doing fine. I was a bit surprised to find he is ten years my senior; but I suppose I'm used to thinking of myself as older than my years, and recruits as young and callow. Kgsmn. Blackwell has scheduled training for Saturday morning; I might encourage Revane to attend. I saw that Pvt. Raiwood is also signed up for the session; if she has recovered enough, it might be a good time to help her shore up her skills with a shield.

Much as it's been a sort of spiritual relief to be able to serve openly again, I am looking forward to returning to Stormwind. I have a pair of earrings to make, several manuals to review, and two contracts to close. And then there is the pure joy of music lessons with Riyaa, who is so self-effacing and skilled a teacher that I wonder she doesn't do it for a living, instead of serving this mere mortal.
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((This entry is written in Draenei. Someone apparently doesn't want anyone else being able to read it.))

20 May

I am a paladin. My path is Tenacity. My weapon is a shield. My calling is to protect.

I am a paladin. My path is Tenacity. My weapon is a shield. My calling is to protect.

I will be a model soldier, correct on every point. I will at the same time be a righteous paladin, with the Holy Light shining forth in all I do. I will rise once more in the ranks, as fast as they will allow it. My ambition before was partially driven by ego, self-worth. Now it is purely for the good of all: my friends, whose honor ought to be preserved; my regiment, which should be admired and respected, and worthy of it; Stormwind and the Alliance, that we may have peace instead of endless war; and all of the world in the end, an end to evil's brazen march.

I am a paladin. My path is Tenacity. My weapon is a shield. My calling is to protect.

And I will protect them, whether they understand or not. May it be so.
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((This entry is in Common again.))

20 May, afternoon

Dr. Telcordi has expressed interest in using holograms to aid his herbalism lessons. I can't build the emitter yet--I'm having difficulty interpreting the diagrams, and even then, I haven't the skill set to translate them into reality--but I can at least craft the imaging and data crystals. If we are to remain in the Hinterlands for any longer, I could collect images of local flora for later use.

It begins to look as if we're not going to Lordaeron after all. It seems strange, given that I thought our orders were to proceed to Lordaeron to assist the League in establishing a foothold--but perhaps it was my misunderstanding, or just another of Cmdr. Rione's "tactical deceptions". I am confused, though; the Hinterlands is the sovereign domain of the Wildhammer Clan of dwarves, and has never belonged to Lordaeron. How our activities here serve Lordaeron or the Alliance, I do not know.

That said, I must trust that the officers know what they are about. I am not more than a footman--yet--and so my role is to obey all but illegal orders.
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21 May

Home at last. Too much to do. Will write in the morning.


22 May

It's good to be home. Breakfast is of my own making and to my own taste: coffee, two hard-boiled eggs, toast, tomatoes, and an orange. Riyaa did well on such short notice, in stocking my kitchen for me. She is the greatest of treasures.

I am glad to be home, away from all those people who don't respect me, all those people touching me and invading my space. They think it's funny that I'm so uncomfortable when they do that. They delight in my suffering. It's not through some fault of pride that I don't like being touched.

If I did that to a woman, every hand would be against me. I would spend more time unconscious than awake. But as I am a man, and the people touching me women, I cannot defend myself or even complain.

So much for all the talk of "friends", of "family". Best to keep people at arm's length--figuratively and literally. That is my plan going forward. Arm's length. It's easier that way. Familiarity breeds contempt, and it is apparent that I am the sort of fellow nobody can respect if he is remotely familiar.

Tonight is the dedication of a tower in Westridge, and I am "invited". That is to say, I am "invited" in the sense that anyone in the regiment is welcome to attend. I suppose I will make a showing in the name of solidarity. I also have to show that I can comport myself properly in public, creditably to the regiment, if I want to be promoted.

I can probably finish the earrings by tonight, and mail them to Pvt. O'Creagh. Also, Capt. Russo was in need of a silver chain, and I have one to spare; I will send it to her with my regards. She at least showed me respect, even after defeating me so thoroughly in sparring.

Tomorrow, I will go to the Dwarven District and try to find an engineer able to help me construct the emitter for Dr. Telcordi. Riyaa was clever enough to have the proper crystals directed to her, apparently guessing aright that I would be home by now. I can craft the imaging and data crystals over the next two days, and then Dr. Telcordi can direct me to the plants he would like recorded.

Lt. Clement expressed an interest in a holographic array for training, so it would be good if I could develop one before we deploy to Stranglethorn Vale. I doubt I will advance that far, but it's a goal. Unattainable goals are good for the humility.

Note to self: Find ways to make stay in jungle more comfortable. Perhaps cooling enchantment on armor? Does that constitute a modification to armor requiring approval? Inquire at soonest opportunity.

Further note: Spend a few days in Booty Bay prior to deployment, to acclimate to humidity. Can read there as well as in my tenement.
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23 May

Success! Thank the Light for Grandmama and the manners she taught me at court, or else I would have been completely at sea. I mingled (despite my reservations), I complimented, I played the part of the well-bred noble as she taught me was so important. I hope that the party went more smoothly for it, though with such good-natured and mutually affectionate company as we had, things could hardly go wrong.

Last night, I discovered that Cpl. Stonewall is not just an excellent soldier, but a builder. The tower was his doing, and Baron Rockhold (Capt. Laldere) gave it into his keeping. Cpl. Stonewall is going to have to learn how to take compliments if he is going to do brilliantly.

Dame Clarissa came out of her shell, thanks to Pvt. Baast. She is apparently the ranking paladin in the Order of St. Isaac, and she is responsible for him. Pvt. Sebale I gave a little help, but his good nature and innocence saw him through most of the difficulty.

Training will be on Wednesday, and I am probably technically required to attend; Kingsman is some sort of parallel and vaguely more respectable version of Private. Even if I were not, though, I would attend, because it would be well to stay in practice and to help recruits and younger soldiers. Additionally, if I can help Sir Jackson, who helped me immeasurably, early in my career, I wish to do so.

List, because now I am in a hurry:
  • Mail earrings to Pvt. O'Creagh;
  • Mail chain to Capt. Russo (after composing suitable letter of respect);
  • Find engineer in Dwarven District
  • Craft imaging/data crystals
  • Review contract for signing tomorrow
  • Violin practice
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24 May

According to the gnomish engineers of the Dwarven District, creating the holographic emitter is no light thing. The small one, for a static display, is not difficult, and they can complete that for me before we depart for the next deployment. The larger one, however, might not be suitable for training, due to a lack of solid objects. Waving one's sword at an illusion is fun, but without resistance, it amounts to playacting.

I will have to meditate on this difficulty.

My letters are out, and no sooner did I send the one to Capt. Russo than I began to doubt. What if she mistakes me, and thinks I am being disrespectful? What if, worse, she thinks it a romantic gesture? What if I have breached some obscure point of protocol? Nobody else seems to speak "etiquette" these days; my adherence to it makes them all terribly uncomfortable.

A peculiar situation. Where once etiquette was the means by which one communicated respect (or lack thereof) and gave comprehensible form to his intentions, now it is regarded as some sort of parade, something done only by people who think too highly of themselves. I wish I could help them see that understanding and using the forms is a means of leveling, not oppression.

On a lighter note, I had missed practicing music with Riyaa. She is teaching me how to play draenei traditional music, which is very different from both Lordaeron's "high culture" music and general folk music. The chords are different, and the accompaniment. She never mocks me when I make a mistake. She never judges. For that I am grateful; although I would continue to pursue music and everything else I do, it is easier to do when one has confidence that one is not derided for what he does.

I will not be able to attend the wedding this weekend, although I wish the lord and lady all the best. This means that my gift to them should be more elaborate. I have an idea, but if I undertake it, I will have to start immediately.
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25 May

Least said, soonest mended. At least I found out before it was too late.

Note to self: If a void monster, demon, or felsucker attempts to use a nihilism-inducing spell on one, answer with a headbutt. While it may hurt, it is preferable to having a crisis of faith right on the field of battle.

I think I shall leave Stormwind soon. Otherwise, I might find myself scanning every face and looking up every alley for my former quarry. It is not my job to make arrests or enforce the law these days. I shall attend training, and then make plans to be somewhere else. Perhaps I can muddle in and interfere in Duskwood for a week or so, in my own capacity as a paladin.

I am certainly not attending any parties where I will be expected to eat. At the moment, the idea of eating food I did not prepare for myself makes me nervous. Absolutely no more desserts.
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26 May

They don't understand what I'm about. I suppose it doesn't matter; I'll do what I do, whether others mock me for it or not. Their inability and even refusal to understand does not make me wrong. There will be holograms, and the regiment will get the benefit of them, and if they don't like it, that's their own problem.

Today I leave for Redridge Mountains. Someone has been "disturbing" graves there, and it's sufficiently of concern that Magistrate Solomon has sought outside assistance. He didn't send for the military, however, so one paladin should be enough to handle any undead that might be at issue.

Most convenient, when I wish to leave Stormwind for as long as possible. The best bit is that Redridge is overpopulated with boars. I can live off the land, without having to rely on food from people I don't know. One boar should keep me fed for the duration, even if it takes more than one day to resolve the problem.

In my worry over the Modan Co. mishap, I forgot to record that the contract signing went smoothly. I am now part owner of a lumber company. It's hardly as exciting as my holdings in that eternium mine in Outland, or the orchard in Pandaria, but I can parlay lumber into a brisk business in construction, assuming I can get supply contracts.

I may be dull, but I'll never be poor again.
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27 May

With the requisite paperwork filed and signed, I have traveled to the Redridge Mountains.

As I suspected, Magistrate Solomon did not give the whole of the situation in his call for aid. Someone has been robbing graves, and it's believed that some of the corpses have been animated--above and beyond mere mindless skeletons and ghouls. There may be a necromancer or death knight in the case.

I interviewed the young lady who first reported this difficulty, a Miss Rebecca Blakely. She was very shy of me at first. I don't know why; I'm not the most threatening person to exist. Indeed, I'm so obviously harmless, it's a wonder people don't die laughing when they see me on the battlefield.

In any case, she informs me that she discovered her grandmother's grave open when she went to pay her weekly visit. She was most distressed, albeit as much for silly reasons as for serious; charming reasons, but silly nonetheless.

I will have to stake out the graveyard tonight. Stealth is against my oath, so I will find a good vantage point and watch--with a spyglass, as I still haven't overcome that difficulty with my scrying stone.