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Report composed by:
Ranger-Knight Thomas Reignsford

Event Hosted by:
Same as Above

Corporal Markus Stonewall
Kingsman Jackson Baifers
Private Sergii Telcordi
Recruit Caiterina O'Creagh
Recruit Kathryna Forge

At about Eight in the evening, Ranger-Knight Reignsford called for a gathering of Rangers of Mirwood, those interested in seeking trainging in such, and any who wished to observe were free to attend. Of those attending, Recruits O'Creagh and Forge both reaffirmed to the Ranger-Knight their desires to receive aforementioned training, each having done so seperately in the past. The Ranger-Knight spoke at length regarding the need to bolster the number of Rangers either within the Regiment or non-enlisted willing to aid the Regiment. He then informed the attendees about the Rites each applicant would have to pass and the training they would receive to help them pass those Rites while intentionally being vague regarding some of the trade secrets and unique tactics Rangers employ during missions. He made sure both Recruits were aware that induction into the Order as Applicants would not proceed until they had first earned the rank of Private, but also told them their Scout training coincided with the First Rite of Ranger Training, typically allowing them to fast-track on to the Second Rite.

The floor was opened to questions, with Recruit O'Creagh having many. Questioned topics included animal companions, "ideal" ideology and personalities, and the possibility of conjoining Ranger training with other training schedules, Squiring in particular. With all questions satisfactorily answered, Ranger-Knight Reignsford concluded the meeting, wishing everyone a pleasant evening.

No injuries reported, and all in attendance were attentive and respectful.

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"It's good to see the Rangers are gathering attention; let's hope that these applicants prove long-running in their intents."

Merits and Commendations have been distributed!
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