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Dossier of the Brotherhood
Past and Current Cavaliers of Westridge

  • Sir Alexzandir Hemsworth the Vigilant
  • Sir Aliaes Loucelles the Cruel
  • Sir Aliax Metellus the True
  • Dame Alison Clement the Apt
  • Sir Antegas Lemartes
  • Sir Araliaess Delamond the Butcher **
  • Dame Averelie Talbot the Deft
  • Lord Baldrec Ashcroft the Seaworthy
  • Sir Baleth Nerak
  • Sir Bhaldorn MacLaren the Humble
  • Dame Caiterina Stonewall the Verdant
  • Dame Clarissa Greystone the Cleansing Flame
  • Sir Claumn McBride
  • Sir Dagarnir Twinbraid the Mountain
  • Sir Edrington Grunwald of the Laurel
  • Sir Elevaan Greywald of the Lance
  • Sir Grayloth Ke'tar the Unsaddled
  • Sir Ismond Laldere the Guardian **
  • Sir Jackson Baifers the Calloused
  • Sir Jeremaias Auromere the Astute
  • Sir Jonathan De Vries the Gallant
  • Dame Mairaed O'Callaghan the Red
  • Lord Maxen Montclair the Patient **
  • Dame Meriliah Forger the Swift
  • Dame Nerilia Hewen the Swift
  • Sir Olendir Fahennia
  • Sir Roy Sebale the Gentle**
  • Dame Salomee Ke’tar the Innocent
  • Dame Theodora De Vries of the Chalice
  • Sir Thomas Kalron the Rock
  • Sir Thomas Reignsford the Oakhearted **
  • Sir Tolath Bartholomew
  • Sir Valrik the Exalted

* Marked as Crownsmen of the Cavaliers and are capable of taking a squire.
** Marked as a member of the Council of Horses and are capable of taking two squires.
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The Squires of Westridge
Paired with their assigned Knight-Mentor.

  • Cashen Bailey -- Under the guidance of sir Aralieass Delamond
  • Mustadio Renthal -- Under the guidance of Sir Aralieass Delamond
  • Kimberly Montclair -- Under the guidance of Lord Ismond Laldere
  • Eriza Hart -- Under the guidance of Lord Maxen Montclair
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