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Training Report, January 23st, 626 KC
Ranger-Knight Thomas Reignsford reporting.

Ranger-Knight Thomas Reignsford [Reignsford]
Sergeant Edrington Grunwald [Edrington]
Kingsman Marcus Stonewall [Sarduzar]
Private Victrienne Falconheart [Victrienne]
Recruit Duncan Baker [Duncan]
Recruit Kathyna Forge [Kathyna]
Recruit Garumm Hammersmith [Garumm]
Recruit Kelasande Raiwood [Kelasande]

Furthering efforts to ensure soldiers of the First Regiment are properly trained or at least familiar with any weapon they may need to use in the upcoming deployment, this training episode focused on bows and crossbows. Included in this training was a brief demonstration of identifying animal prints and some observations that can be made from said prints with enough attention to details.

A period of instruction was given on each common form of Archery weapon within the King's Army (Recurve Bow, Light Crossbow, and Heavy Crossbow), describing the functional parts and how to operate them. Opportunities for questions were given for each weapon.

Afterward, each attendee was allowed to choose a ranged weapon and fire a few shoots into a nearby earthen berm to get a feel for how the weapons truly perform and to gauge their own abilities with said weapons.

When all attendees felt they had satisfied their desire to fire the weapons, we moved on to Tracking. Having previously located several good examples of animal tracks, I lead the group to said tracks and had a few attendees give me their judgement of what kind of animal created the print and any observational hunches based on the conditions of the prints.

In all, several good questions were asked by Sergeant Grunwald, Kingsman Stonewall, and Recruits Hammersmith and Raiwood. As well as excellent tracking deductions from both Recruits Forge and Raiwood.

During the Ranged weapon firing portion of the training, all attendees showed reasonable levels of ability to effectively fire the weapon and hit their target and did so in a safe manner. Recruit Forge demonstrated exceptional skill with the Recurve bow, no doubt accredited to her prior training as a Scout.

After the training session had ended, Recruit Kathyna Forge expressed interest in resuming the training to become a Ranger she had initially began under the mentoring of Ranger-Knight Cohen. Pending approval from Command, I will begin administering the Trials at the earliest convenience.

No injuries or disciplinary issues to report.

"...My life has been one prolonged hunt."

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(( Merits and commendations have been distributed. ))
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