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To: First Regiment personnel
From: First Regiment Command
Date: November 6th, 35 L.C.
Subject: Horsemanship and Mounted Combat Training

In response to continued interest, Command invites all regimental personnel to take part in upcoming horsemanship and mounted combat training. Anyone ranked Corporal or higher may submit to this field of training and earn, in time and with proven excellence, their own regimental mount, courtesy of His Grace, Duke Maxen Montclair and Master of Horses, Sir Jonathan De Vries.

While any and all soldiers are encouraged to participate in this training program, it should be noted that any man or woman with an interest in officer advancement or in joining the Brotherhood of the Horse should consider attendance essential to their future progress.

Those that seek to progress further and into the Brotherhood of the Horse may do so under the approval of the Knight-Commander, during which time they will receive the advanced and specified mounted combat training as part of the required curriculum.

For more information, please send inquiry to Sir Jonathan by appointment or missive.
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