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Report by Kingsman Cohen


Ranger Trials Phase 1 training of Ranger candidates


At 1815 hours, Recruit Morrison, Sir Grayloth, and I assembled at a nearby oasis not too far from base camp. We went over the fundamentals of tracking various creatures as well as the different signs and markings that said creatures leave behind. Sir Grayloth gave valuable inputs in this area of expertise as well. Since the Regiment is currently deployed overseas, we were unable to conduct a standardized hunting exam for the Recruit, so instead we allowed the Recruit to hunt a common wildlife found in this region. Although exotic to Mirwood, the crocolisk was in my opinion a perfect animal to hunt in this case; providing enough of a challenge to test the skills of Ranger candidates.

I had Morrison identify various tracks and telltale signs of the different wildlife found in the oasis and eventually we managed to find a crocolisk after finding clues that led to its location. Morrison successfully approached the crocolisk undetected, however he missed his shots which resulted in the crocolisk getting ahold of one of his ankles in its huge jaw.

With the proper force applied, Morrison grabbed an arrow from his quiver and managed to lodge it directly into the head of the creature, penetrating the skull, killing it. Upon careful observation of the Recruit's wounds, I had him lean on me while I took him back to basecamp for medical care. Sir Grayloth took care to bring the crocolisk carcass back as well, ensuring that the Regiment will be able to enjoy the crocolisk meat as a delicacy.


Scout Morrison was able to discern the difference in animal signs and tracks based on physical observation as well as mental knowledge. Although sloppy in his execution, he managed to take down the target he was tracking with relative success. His ankle wound is to be taken care of by regimental medical personnal as soon as possible.


Scout Morrison- Injury from crocolisk attack at the ankle. Possible fractures.


Kingsman Piper Cohen- Instructor
Ducal Guard Grayloth Ke'tar- Observing
Recruit Edrayne Morrison
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((Merits and commendations distributed.))
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