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Report by Corporal Cohen


Ranger Trials Phase 1 training of Ranger candidates


At exactly 1800 hours, Recruit Morrison and I assembled outside of Westbrook Garrison to begin the Scout's training. We covered the Code of Ethics to which the Recruit seemed to have a solid understanding of. Morrison was also able to explain the specific parts of the bow with in- depth knowledge , largely due to his experience in the past.

During the live fire exercise, he was able to cleanly hit all the targets at the 50 and 100 meter ranges. For the 150 meter range bonus, he was able to hit the target on the third and final arrow. The Recruit's previous experiences as a huntsman as well as the solid archery he displayed today, gives me the confidence to say that he will be a great addition to our Order.


Scout Morrison was able to acknowledge the Ranger Code and has shown competent skill at basic archery. The next training session for him will cover the basics of tracking and will also determine whether or not he will be qualified to continue onto the next Rite.




Corporal Piper Cohen- Instructor
Recruit Edrayne Morrison

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((Merits and commendations distributed.))
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