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Report composed by:

Sergeant Balmius Chorster

Event hosted by:

Sergeant Balmius Chorster


Knight-Lieutenant Bhaldorn MacLaren
Sergeant Balmius Chorster
Sergeant Armuline Clement
Corporal Piper Cohen
Decal Guard Greyloth Ke'tar
Agent Grim
Private Verrity (Reilira)
Private Aedin Duelar
Private Renurth Ansel
Private Granhild Grimgut (Dresana)
Recruit Muriah Laldere
Recruit Issac Weller (Thomaas)
Recruit Fergus McDonnal
Recruit Pippin Jamerson
Recruit Kaytiln Rilke


As the Regiment had taken down it's foe in Harold Brook, a new one had arisen in Sir Paverly. Sir Paverly, a lesser-known officer under Brook's reign, had made it out alive and was regathering the remaining rebel members to launch another attack. I took it upon myself, with the help of Sir MacLaren, to scope out the remaining rebel hideouts and vanquish Sir Paverly for good. We began with a march northward to the first location of reported rebel activity. Myself and MacLaren split into two groups with him leading a small amount of Regiment members in one area of the farm, while I led the other group to the other side. We were shortly met with Sir Paverly himself along with his riders, as we battled intensely, giving them no ground. Eventually, the Regiment group was able to push back Sir Paverly and his riders, causing them to retreat back to their camp presumably up in Northern Westfall. Shortly thereafter, we licked our wounds and regrouped with the others, learning that they had been ambushed inside a building on the farm and had nearly escaped. Once fully regathered, we marched once more until making camp north of the farm-area where we now currently reside.


The Regiment escaped the battle nearly unscathed, however Ansel, Clement, and Ke'tar were injured during the battle, suffering some minor wounds.

Special Regards:

I thought Recruit Laldere did a superb job healing our wounded fighters, as she assisted in healing Ke'tar, Clement, and Ansel quickly and efficiently so we could continue our march.

((Merits and Commendations need to be passed out still.))
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