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The Following Report was written in near-chicken scratch, poor handmenship for its time showing the stress of the author.

Report - April 5, 625 K.C.

Report composed by:
Malleny Redd

Kingsman - Jack Baifers [Baifers]
Private - Berominton Lightsmyth [Berominton]
Private - Granhild Grimgut [Granhild]
Recruit - Pippin Jamerson [Pippin]
Attendant - Regina Kasteen [Kasteen]

The recruits wanted to go hunting, the rest of us were hungry. We went hunting for food, and in chasing some of them boars we found ourselves quartered against some local hunters, or something. The hunters shot the desired boars, fanning insults at us. When one prideful private went to face them, one raised a gun.

At that point, fightin broke out, and two out of the three of them local westfallians were dead. Kingsman Baifers hog-tied the one that lived, and took him with us on the grounds that we ain't sure if he is a rebel or a desperate asshole.

On the bright side we got ourselves three large-ass boars for dinner, though. So that'll be good eats.


I got feckin shot

Special regards
Baifers for acting as the step-in position of leadership between us all.

Special concerns
We got a wounded and captured asshole, someone oughtta check if he's a rebel and if we will have to put a bullet in his brain.

we got dinner, and it's gonna be good. Only problem is I wish I didn't get fuckin SHOT ALL THE TIME.

Other than that, I think it worked out real good. Any questions, feel free to find me.
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"Thank you, Miss Redd, for the report. However, in future reports, please refrain from the use of cursing. While I personally know the value of a good swearing, submitted reports that I find on my desk are not where they belong.

Lt. T. Ke'tar"

((Merits and Commendations awarded!))
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