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((Hello, I served as medic during the battle on Friday Night so I thought I'd write up a medical report on one of the patients during that battle. I apologize, Mathias, for any incorrect information regarding your rank or anything! Thanks))

Patient Name: Mathias
Rank: From the look of his armor, and the badges adorning it, I would suspect a high ranking, perhaps even Knight-Commander, though we only spoke briefly and he did not specify.
Status: Stable
Summary: While tending to the wounded on the front lines of the field of battle during the invasion of Sentinel Hill, Westfall --in order to procure the settlement from the treasonous Rebels-- I noticed one highly skilled mage, who had previously been blasting the ramparts with impressive bolts of frost and fire magics, coughing senselessly as the rest of the army charged down from the walls into the main keep. At first, I expected that his malady was simply Dust Inhalation, as the plains of Westfall are, of course, extremely dust-covered, perhaps unlike anywhere else in the world. However, after trying to comfort the man --the usual treatment for Dust Inhalation-- I noticed no change in the man's predicament. I then applied some simple mist magics, a "burst of tranquility" as I call it, yet even this seemed ineffective. Finally, I turned to desperate measures, channeling a highly effective spell known as "Expel Harm", which removes the negative energy in a being, and instead applies this energy to the nearest foe, or to the healer should no foe be nearby. I managed to channel the energy out of the man --it appeared in the form of a particularly aggressive cloud of purple-black mist, leaving from his lungs, while normally a simple disease or other ailment would produce only a wisp-- and into a nearby butterfly, which instantly fell out of the sky and died; a shame, but I'm no druid. After this treatment, the man seemed mostly ship-shape. He thanked me quietly and ran back to the front.
Suggested Followup: To be completely honest, this was one of the strangest treatments I have ever applied. Never before have I seen such an aggressive negative-life-force expelled from a single person. I do not expect this to be a further problem for the patient, however I would like to look into the history of the spell further, to see if these kind of reactions are common. I am sure there is some sort of record in the annals of the Mistweavers, kept by the Tushui Pandaren in Stormwind. I will visit them as soon as possible to conduct this research.
Signed: Ethoan T. Trebondir
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