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Report - Rats in the Streets

Report composed by:
Sergeant Alison Clement

Private - Augidget Magnisprocket [Augidget]
Private - Casseus Ratter [Casseus]
Private - Renurth Ansel [Renurth]
Recruit - Bryanna Yardley [Bryanne]
Recruit - Finegan Fairlea [Finegan]
Recruit - Majolika Mechawhizzle [Majolika]
Recruit - Vhanis Grave [Vhanis]
Spymaster - "Keeper" [Dresana]

At roughly seven in the evening of the fourth day of the third month of this year of the King's Calendar, 625, a call was made for available regiment soldiers to meet at the Command Center. There, the gathered men and women were briefed on the situation at hand: Conspirators spreading propoganda in the middle of the civil war to further create chaos in the Kingdom. They spread encouragement of people tearing down the good King's walls in hopes for some form of Utopian Anarchy society.

Based on a tip we had been given this morning, I saw it fit to send soldiers out to one of the focal points where a distributor was. There, we met him as little more than a missled idiot, whom was being paid to give out information that he could not even read.

At the notion of our arrival, two men left the vicinity and when confronted, they became hostile. Carrying a box which was later revealed to have incriminating documents, and information on other set posts of distribution, we swiftly removed them from concern, placed them under arrest, and hauled them to the guardsmen to take to the Stockades.

Upon the realization of how large of a network had been set up, I have deemed it unnecessary to begin taking out smaller points with our regiment, and decided to gather up a large force to hit them all in the nightfall, lest any rumors circulate around the city and prepare them for our wrath.


Amazingly none. The men and women brought with us on this venture proved very knowing in how to handle themselves on such a pressing mission.

Special regards
Recruit Grave - Vhanis was smart enough to utilize his magic in casting some form of spell to slow down the named Henry. While I do not believe the lowly being was a problem, I would note that the extra caution was well agreed with. - At the same notion, I believe all of the men and women that came were plenty careful.

Special concerns
As I noted, like this man 'Henry', it would appear these anarchists are utilizing means of the most uneducated of Stormwindian Society to distribute their goals. The good man here said that they were paying him his wages to both stay quiet, and do the work. As well as he gave out a number of leads to people like him that were close friends that weren't aware of what they had gotten themselves into.

I would like to believe that after tonight, and after I round up a number of guardsmen and soldiers available to purge out these distribution points, we will have a number of men in hte stockades to acquire leads from. I leave this up to S.I. 7 to decide on how the information will be procured, but I say with certainty that I believe we cannot allow these types of people to fester within our capital.
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