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Report by Corporal Cohen


Training for Mirwood Rangers


At nineteen hundred hourss, two Scouts of the Mirwood Order assembled for their training. Recruit Ratter, being slightly ahead of schedule...conducted the final portion of the first Rite while Private Forge continued her first Rite with the archery range training.


Recruit Ratter grasped the concepts of hunting and tracking efficiently as a Ranger of the Order would. He was also able to demonstrate basic competence in art of stealth...although he did accidentally startle his prey while on approach...however, he managed to put down the deer he was hunting with a clean shot from his bow straight into the young doe's heart. I had him perform the necessary thankful prayers before allowing him to harvest the deer for Regiment consumption.

Private Forge understood the parts of the longbow and the significance of such a weapon in everyday Ranger duties. She had previous experience in archery during her tenure as a "Marsh Ranger" for Rustridge. Scout Forge managed to hit most of the targets at each designated distance.

Small note: We spotted a couple SI:7 agents observing us during Ratter's hunting and tracking lesson. Their motives are unknown.




Corporal Piper Cohen
Private Kathryna Forge
Recruit Casseus Ratter
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((Merits and commendations have been awarded!))
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