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Report on Hanson Farm, January 31, 3.5 LC

Submitted by Private Tyrone Baast for the approval of the Duke or his officers.

Attendees include Private Chrisana Rilke, Recruit Asylilia Baast, Recruit Rygard, Recruit Ratter, Private Thorson, Corporal MacKay, and Attendant Fie'rynn with myself commanding.

The record of the events is as follows...

Reports came in about noon that the nearby Hanson farm had been sacked by a band of Rebel raiders in search of the military supplies on their way to Westridge Keep from Stormwind, so I mobilized a small force to make safe the farm, its people, and the supplies. We approached the farm after crossing a temporary river formed by rainfall, and I sent in Recruit Rygard and Recruit Ratter to scout the farm as it seemed deserted. They discovered most of the Rebels and farmers in the barn, and three scouts in the stables.

I sent Corporal MacKay and most of the others to take out the trio in the Stables after Recruit Ratter took their alarm horn, Private Thorson aiding me in covering the barn door. The rebels in the stables were taken out without much issue, and then we regrouped and charged into the barn, where the issues began.

We found the two sides arrayed on either side of the barn, rebels seemingly on the left armed with the military supplies they were guarding, and farmers on the right with their normal tools and a few weapons. Both sides had an apparent leader who claimed the other was the rebel, and after verbally sparring, I took them both outside and into custody. After consulting the deed to the farm, we discovered that it belonged to the Hansons, and they had claimed to be Hornsons, enough evidence I thought to take them both in for further questioning.

Soon after, both groups inside the barn began to fight again, and poured outside in a frenzy despite being ordered to lay down arms. I gave the order to use non-lethal force to detain them all, which we did. About thirty or so supposed rebels are now in the Westridge dungeons where they can be dealt with as seen fit.

Special mention goes to Recruit Ratter for his obedience and eagerness to carry out orders including delivering reports to superiors ahead of us.

"Look, Rhinos. RHINOS! Our enemy hides in METAL BOXES, the cowards! THE FOOLS! WE...we should take away their METAL BOXES... " -- Lord Firaeveus Carron
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