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Report: The Riot of Mirwood, and The Anarchy Conspiracy.

Report composed by:
Corporal Alison Clement

Lieutenant - Bhaldorn MacLaren
Lieutenant - Elevaan Greywald
Sergeant - Meriliah Forger
Sergeant - Zyadet Bastad
Corporal - Ralinor Baast
Private - Chrisana Rilke
Private - Reilira Dawnstriker
Recruit - Casseuys Ratter
Recruit - Patrocluss Strider
Recruit - Katheryn Forge
Attendant - "Scootie"
Attendant - Fierynn Sunsworn
Attendant - Tanya Seltara
Attendant - Bixtink Hordebreaker
Chancellor - Canderos
Lord's Hand - Ismond Laldere
Spymaster - Agent "Keeper"

At roughly 6:30 on the 22nd day of the 1st month of this year of the King's Calendar, word spread throughout Westridge of a number of rallies occurring throughout the Province of Elwynn. One in particular, in the Duchy's region of Mirwood. Request for assistance was sent to the Regiment that was, at the time, stationed in the region out of convenience. Gladly heeding the call, the Regiment assembled outside of the region's mage tower. I, Corporal Clement, gave a briefing to the assembled platoon, and had the soldiers march to the nearby village that was a good distance away.

As we arrived upon the scene, the rally itself had already turned into a full blown riot. Civilians taking arms against the guardsmen, throwing torches, rocks, and all manner of things throughout the village. Smoke permeated throughout the town, and quite visibly the local Guardsmen were in over their heads, taking arms and striking with brutality against the villagers to discipline their insurrection.

Out of the Guardsmen's post came their Captain, a man I now know as Captain William Forker. He briefed the regiment and pleaded for us to relieve his men from failing in their containment duty. It was agreed upon that the Regiment would calm and settle the situation before it escalated any further, while his men would combat the fires and assemble road blocks to hold the citizens in this singled out area.

The Regiment quickly got to work, entering the center of the town where the majority of violence was being had, The assembled stragglers of the violent portion of the rally held at a nearby wagon, taking nothing kindly from Sir Elevaan's attempts to disengage them. Eventually clashing occurred, and with many o' stink bombs from Dame Meriliah, Water blasting from the Chancellor, and overall use of correct force, the men and women dispersed with less blood than I feared would occur. ...At least, save for on one side of the town, where the Regiment was forced to confront a number of the local guardsmen on their brutality upon the rioters, whom had began unnecessarily striking and assaulting a group of the peasants

It ultimately took the Spymaster, and Lieutenant's own intervening to force the guards back to their Captain, whom told me he severely punished them. The men they were assaulting had been clasped in chains for allegedly burning down a number of citizen's homes, and claiming treasonous statements upon the King's name.

Once the Violence in the center of the village was taken care of, an Infirmary was established within the Lumber-Mill. The Wounded were beginning to be rounded up and moved to the Triage station for treatment, and the Regiment moved cautiously towards the main bulk of the rally, where hundreds of the citizens were gathered, listening to the words of one person atop its roof, burning the blue and gold banner of Stormwind.

After much negotiating, and coercion, The Regiment convinced many of the people to disperse. The Banner-Burner himself attempted to lead the people against us, but one large citizen knocked him unconscious before he could attempt the feat. He was turned in to the guardsmen, and Captain Forker gave the final request to the regiment: Taking the man responsible for inciting the rally in the area to justice.

His name is apparently J. J. Davick, he was a former guardsmen with the rank of Master Sergeant, I believe. Relieved of his service due to an extreme tendency of insubordination. It has been noted by many of the citizens that word was spreading that he intended to use blasting powder to level Mirwood, and much of its contents, to the ground. How he achieved this, is through a number of devious contacts and evidence found in the search after the 'confrontation.'

When the Regiment and Guardsmen arrived at his home, the group busted inwards to its doors, and charged. After but a brief moment inside, the man was found in his bedroom, hanging by a rope in suicide.
When searching through the man's home, the men and women amongst us managed to obtain:

  • A number of Anarchist Manifestos that Mr Davick had written himself.

  • A book of cryptic names, and poems that fit with them. All listed as contacts in a sheet of paper inside of the pages, the most noted among them being 'The Huntsmen of Freedom' whom seek an Anarchy-like Utopia that will be built off of freeing the people from the grasp of a Kingdom, using acts of Terrorism as their tools.

  • A letter addressed from a man named B. Markey noting upon a failure to ship Blasting Powder into Mirwood, and requesting meetings be assembled near the Crystal Lake instead. The letter had been recently attempted to burn, but it appears that in Mr Davick's haste to hide his mental knowledge, should he be captured, he forgot to completely expel this single bit of evidence.

  • A 'How-To' book on all of the uses of Blasting Powder.

  • A journal detailing Mr Davick's life as a guard. It was found in a cupboard with a false backing, and its contents deals on his descent into his Anarchistic way of thinking that coupled with a number of named individuals that influenced him.

The evidence is clear enough based on these findings: There is a ring of Terrorism being developed within the Province of Elwynn, and it is based upon the notions of Anarchy. With the cryptic names and Anarchistic Poems, we have a secretive organization and only a single individual named; One 'B. Markey'. I would note that there is a number of links connecting the usage of Blasting Powder to the Riots this eve, but As it happens, there was absolutely none to be found in the Duchy after I sent word for guards to search for it. I am worried some men are covering the tracks, or we are dealing with a group fast enough to remove any evidence in a fashion faster than many of our S.I. to track them.
Nonetheless, once all of this evidence was composed and applied, The Regiment was dismissed.

As it stands, the village in Mirwood has had over 80 civilian casualties due to this riot, along with over 20 guardsmen wounded, or killed from the violence. Many citizens were lost in the massive spread of fires, while the violent clashes before the Regiment arrived did a number on both sides in. Were it not for our timely arrival, I fear the entire region would have engulfed itself.

Special regards
Lieutenant Elevaan Greywald - Assisting in leading the men and women of the regiment in civilly dispersing a number of the townsmen, and ensuring that only the most needed amount of force was used.

Spymaster "Keeper" - Assisting in unraveling much of the evidence, along with Corporal Baast, and Lord Ismond.

Guard Captain Forker - For working with the Regiment on systematically maintaining the village's order.

Special concerns
I cannot stress enough my fears for this Duchy on the whereabouts of this conspiracy. I would earnestly contend S.I. 7 make some manner of priority on the blasting powder, this 'B. Markey', and this chain of conspiring Anarchists. Naturally I intend to do my own digging, but having our professionals work on this as well could without a doubt increase our chances of swiftly ending the problems altogether.

By roughly ten in the evening, the Regiment was back in our camp. I have heard word that while there is much hostility between the guardsmen and the towns' people based on the fights, there is a mutual acceptance that neither side can contently fight each other, and many of those that rioted are working together with the guards on rebuilding. That said, a number of innocent men and women were lost tonight due to the madness and dissent in our Duchy, I heard a number of citizens reference the slaughter at the banks the night before Westbrook Garrison was sacked, so I must contend that now, more than ever, soldiers of the Royal Army must do what they can to convey a good image for his Majesty.

((Merits / Comm have been distributed!))

((If anyone is looking to do anything regarding the conspiracy, or is has any questions, concerns, or intrigues, whisper me in game!))
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