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Leader of event
Sir Ythvar Ironskar

Sir Greywald
Meriliah Forger
Harinton Jones
Aralieass Delamond

Beginning training for Squires of the Brotherhood, Squires Meriliah Forger, Harinton Jones, and Aralieass Delamond all acquired weaponry before falling into rank outside of the Command Center. Beginning spur ride curriculum, I demanded of the squires the four major attacks usable with a sword. Dame Meriliah and Squire Jones had presented three: To hack or slash, to stab, and to bash with the blade. I requested of them to learn how to strike with the hilt. With Squire Delamond's minute-late arrival, we then motioned towards the subject of great swords.

Squire Delamond showed with alacrity the en-garde stance at the hip, Squire Forger presenting her knowledge of guards previously passed down. After I re-iterated the four primary guards of greatsword play, Squire Forger and Delamond both were issued to spar. While using creativity and alacrity on both ends, Squire Delamond after using an ochs guard to deflect Meriliah's strike was able to succeed.

On my personal witness, I suggest Meriliah Forger be passed on her bronze spur ride: basic weapon's proficiency training.
Sir Ythvar Ironskar
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