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Logistics Report and Update 5-02-623K.C

Report Composed By: Logistics Officer Fyona


E.V. Crow (Elixabete)

The following report is sent to the Lord-Marshall and addressed specifically to him, but both Knight-Captains are also sent copies in envelopes with the Regiment Logistics Seal on them to ensure they arrive unread.


I have reviewed our logistics records over a period of time just over one year, and found a rather disturbing pattern. At first I was concerned it was simply sloppy record-keeping, but after close examination and looking through the archives it appears as if someone might be siphoning off supplies from the regiment. While it is possible we could just be experiencing a rash of bad record-keeping - or perhaps poor training - and poor maintenace on the part of our soldiers, I am almost positive this is not the case. Without having completed a very detailed audit, I woud not have noticed myself!

Yesterday, I enlisted the help of our SI7 agent E.V. Crow to help me track down some of our equipment movements. I went over my concerns about the files with her, and we devised a strategy of verifying what is removed from the garrison, and by who, over a three day period. I will be conducting an inventory at the same time to ensure that any equipment people want to remove can only be done during the time we are monitoring due to the "inventory".

As you requested, I will continue to send you reports as I make progress in my investigation. Those that I have so far enlisted for help I have also verified can be trusted.

I am confident with Agent Crow's help we will be able to get to the bottom of this.

I will continue to keep you advised of the situation.


- Logistics Officer"

((Part 1 in a series of one on one events tailored to people who are interested in taking a larger role in the Logistics storyline! Please let me know in game or via personal message on the website if you're interested too!))

((P.S. Apologies for any typos in this report! I'm at work right now, and will run it through a spell checker when I'm not dictating it to my phone!))
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