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*Taking the time to write out a pristine and prepared request for additional support to Maxen, Fyona has one of the Regiment's own runners deliver it to him in the early evening. The handwriting is a quite well practiced and beautiful cursive with not a single dot or spot of ink out of place or without purpose.*

"Good Evening Lord-Marshall,

I would like to officially request additional support and security personnel for incoming supply wagons both at home and abroad.

I have noticed a concerning trend in our equipment and supply usage after doing a partial audit of the Logistics paperwork. I first noticed our spending seemed to have increased marginally since my previous time of service despite that the regiment's size has not. Upon a closer examination there seems to be some discrepancies in the supply logs. I believe we might be receiving less supplies then what we have requested and been approved for.

While I await the proper records, I would like to increase our presence during supply movements.

I will continue to keep you informed after a full audit of not only the supply shipping and receiving paperwork, but the log books containing our procedures for checking in and out equipment and supplies assigned to the Regiment.

Thank you for your time.

- Logistics Officer Fyona"

(( OOC: Prep post for some upcoming late night events in the regiment! ))

- F
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Additional regiment troops may be requested to accompany supply caravans within the Kingdom. Please keep me informed if you turn up anything unusual in your investigation.

Long live the King,
Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair
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