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Guide for Posting Images

Have a cool screenshot or piece of artwork you want to post on the forums, but don't know how? Hopefully this will help!

Uploading Your Image

To get your picture from your computer to the wide world of the internet, you need to upload it with a file hosting service. There are a number that are free!

Here are a few image hosting websites:

Uploading is a simple process. When you go to any of these sites, they will typically have a button for you to "Browse" the files on your computer for the one you wish to upload. I keep most of my images in my "Pictures" folder, though any screenshots you take may end up in a screenshots folder with your warcraft stuff.

Once you find your image and click on it, the file hosting website should spit out a few links for your image. You should copy the "Direct Link" to the image.

Posting on the Forums

To post your image on the forums, copy the direct link from the image hosting website and click the "Image" button in at the top of the message prompt. You can also use the combination Ctrl+P. Paste the direct link of your image into the field, and then click "OK." That should post your image!

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