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General Guidelines for Reports

The purpose of this forum is to present to the public, or to anyone in particular, reports or accounts of role-playing events in an archive. Being that it is an archive used by multiple units of the crown, so that they can be accessed easily;

Reports should contain in the topic title:
  • The date of the report, as per the king's calendar.
  • A brief title that alludes to the report's contents.

Reports should contain in its contents:
  • The name and rank of the character posting the report (if applicable.)
  • The names and ranks of notable participants.
  • OOC/in-game names of participants (in brackets) if different from the in-character names.
  • The unit or units which the report pertains to.
  • Any screenshots taken of the event.

Some posts in these forums will be linked to in the orders of the kingdom forums, indexed for their historical value.
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