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(Sep 18, 2017)
Yay Recruitment! :D
(Sep 14, 2017)
Recruitment is now open!
(Aug 15, 2017)
Recruitment is closed while the guild goes under reform!
(Jul 30, 2017)
The guild website is going under a significant graphical overhaul! Please be patient as we swap out new assets.
(Jun 18, 2017)
Imgur's servers are having a hiccup and several images aren't loading on the website. We are looking into a solution!
(Jun 12, 2017)
Updated the D20 page! Check it out!
(Jun 03, 2017)
Going to be out of town for the weekend. Have fun folks!
(May 30, 2017)
Updated the roster page! Check it out!
(May 27, 2017)
Congrats on the promotions! Sorry I couldn't make it. :(
(May 22, 2017)
(May 21, 2017)
Howdy everyone!
(May 03, 2017)
*stealths through*
(Apr 09, 2017)
I don't like spring. Spring punches my nose in the face and makes it cry :(
(Apr 04, 2017)
Welcome to spring.
(Mar 17, 2017)
Happy Friday! Woo!
(Mar 13, 2017)
Snow day tomorrow! Yay for Winter Storm Stella and blizzard conditions!
(Mar 04, 2017)
Check out the updated "Units" and "Uniforms" chapters of the field manual from the left div of quick links!
(Feb 28, 2017)
Rangers rule, infantry drools.
(Feb 14, 2017)
Happy Valentine's Day!
(Feb 08, 2017)
No... sleep... til Brooklyn! (Brooklyn!)