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Guild Rules

he following Guild Rules are the basic expectations we hold for members of the guild. These rules are subject to change. By joining the regiment, you agree to all of the following documents and the rules herein.

While your character is expected to learn and adhere to the conduct and protocol outlined within the Stormwind Army Field Manual, you, the player, are expected to uphold the following:

1.) Use proper capitalization, spelling and grammar both in-character and out-of-character. It is recommended that members download the Misspelled Addon if they are not confident in their spelling.

2.) Use the proper in-character and out-of-character guild chat channels. Within the guild, guild chat (/g) is in-character through messenger birds or couriers. Officer chat (/o) is out-of-character. During large events, raid chat will be considered in-character.

3.) Under no circumstance are you to post out-of-character in /say or /yell - as such breaks role-playing immersion. If something must be made clear out-of-character during role-play, send a private whisper (/w) to the individuals involved or invite them into a party or raid to respectively speak in party (/p) or raid (/r) chat.

4.) Lower out-of-character chat during role-playing events. Event participants should try to stay involved in role-play and event hosts should promote involvement between characters. You're here to role-play, right? If you're discussing more out of character than in-character during an event, you should consider why you went in the first place!

5.) Sensitive real-world issues aren't to be discussed in guild chat. Specifically: Politics, Religion, Drug References, Ethnic or Nationality Quips (i.e. racial jokes/slurs), -Tard Slurs, or Sexuality or related slurs. Don’t say anything about someone else that is against Blizzard’s E.U.L.A.

6.) Cursing should be kept to a minimum out-of-character. A certain amount of cursing and playful banter is allowed (Guild chat is rated PG-13), but when it begins to cross lines and make people feel uncomfortable, it needs to stop without remark or question. When in doubt, just keep it to yourself or take it to another private conversation.

7.) Don't be hostile to other members. While everyone has bad or off days, it is not an excuse to take it out on the guild. Members who are found to regularly create a hostile environment which makes members uncomfortable may be removed at officer discretion.

8.) Confront issues, don't trash talk behind others' backs. As is the nature of things, conflict sometimes happens between members of the guild. However, we do have a very low-tolerance policy for perpetuating drama. If you have an issue with another member, it is expected that you try to resolve the issue instead of just complaining to your peers.

However, if you are having problems with a fellow member and don't feel you can speak to them yourself, please come to a higher rank and we will speak with the member with confidence. Sometimes it's easier to have another speak on your behalf to keep emotions down and tensions eased. If you have a problem with a higher rank, do the same.

9.) We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for harassment. If you are caught harassing someone, even if "they started it first", you will be demoted or removed from the guild upon proof given of the transgression. There is absolutely no reason to exasperate a situation with return commentary or action. Just ignore, contact an officer (if necessary), and move on. In addition, harassment found in third-party venues (e.g. youtube, tumblr, alt characters, facebook, skype, etc.) fall under this rule.

10.) Respectful forum conduct is expected. As the guild tries to maintain a professional image of itself to the community, members are expected to reflect that when posting on the Warcraft forums. Members are not permitted to be abrasive towards others or partake in inflammatory drama. Failure to maintain good behavior on the forums can result in member removal.

11.) The regiment does not "blacklist" guilds. We understand the want and need to ignore some players, but we maintain a strong stance of not blacklisting entire guilds. On an individual basis, you are free to use the /ignore function as you deem necessary for your own safety and enjoyment.

12.) Participate in role-playing with the guild. While we don’t expect your main character to join this guild, if you do introduce an alt character to us, be sure that they participate in guild role-play. If you are online and there is a guild role-playing event going on, you are expected to attend unless you have specific permission not to. Inactive characters sitting in roster for more than three months will be removed unless a valid reason is given (e.g. deployments, illnesses, moves). Reasonable notice should be given to the officers of the guild if you plan to be inactive for more than one month.

13.) Do not let in-character issues bleed into out-of-character situations, and vice versa. We are not always what we play. A sergeant character might, for example, role-play punishing your character for an infraction. This is not a slight against you as a player, nor is it a reason to get angry out-of-character. That sergeant's player in this situation would be role-playing his character and in the same vein, you should roleplay yours accordingly. Sometimes it's hard to keep the lines from blurring between in-character and out-of-character; in those instances, we recommend step back from your computer and take a breather.

  • Do not use this rule to legitimize or force roleplay on someone who is uncomfortable with a concept out-of-character. If a player does not want to take part in a questionable concept, they have every right to refuse it. We expressly forbid sexual violence in guild role-play.

14.) Do not involve the guild in complex or "official" storylines without getting officer approval. In order for the guild to run smoothly in our interactions, the officers must review any long-term, intricate, or in-depth story-lines before the guild is involved. It is at the collective officer corps's discretion to decide whether or not a storyline or plot fits within the perimeters of the guild's concept and flavor of play. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the role-play being retconned, or treated as if it never happened. Repeat offenders of this rule may be removed from the guild.

15.) Do not make alliances with other guilds. This is strictly the job of the guild leader unless stated otherwise. If you hear of an interest in an alliance with the guild, let an officer know and they will take care of the logistics with the guild leader. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in removal from the guild.

16.) Have some knowledge of lore and apply it accordingly. While not everyone is expected to be a walking WoWpedia, you are expected to have a basic grasp of game lore. We also require that you exercise an appropriate amount of realism to your character. It's unlikely that a playable character can be the champion of Icecrown Citadel who killed the Lich King or that they would know things that even Prophet Velen has yet to discover. Player concepts need to be in the flavor and premise of the guild. Also keep in mind that this guild utilizes its own fan-fiction and that members will be expected to acknowledge its implementation in events and activities.

17.) Every member of the guild must wear a uniform during guild events. While it is not a requirement for people to be a certain level to gain entry into the guild, most of our uniforms require at least level 25 to equip on a character. Lower level characters will be provided with makeshift uniforms, but lower-level equipment often does not have the same visual appeal.

Our rules are subject to change. They may change based on the change of lore, the server, the game mechanics, the desires and needs of our allies and of course, the change and growth that comes with guilds. If a change is made, the amendment will be posted and the original rule will be stricken. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you do not read the rules, you must still abide by them in every form. Joining the guild makes you responsible for knowing the rules and applying them— whether there is an officer to see over you or not. Anyone caught breaking a rule is subject to demotion, suspension, complete removal from the guild and/or a ticket directly to Blizzard.

The above rule set was originally drafted by Rennali and was adapted for the regiment with permission. It was later edited by Maxen and Jonathan to fit the guild's needs.